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Diesel Stone Lifting DVD

Today is Labor Day and that means the 3-day introductory sale of our new DVD is LIVE!

You have until Wednesday to take advantage of this offer – $24.97 for this 45-minute DVD, Stone Lifting Fundamentals.

Here is the table of contents:

    Chapter 1: Warm-up
    Chapter 2: Stone Basics
    Chapter 3: The Stance
    Chapter 4: The Grasp
    Chapter 5: Grip & Lap
    Chapter 6: Loading Phase
    Chapter 7: Common Questions
    Chapter 8: Returning the Stone
    Chapter 9: Placing the Stone
    Chapter 10: Special Considerations
    Chapter 11: Stone Variations
    Chapter 12: Other Starting Positions
    Chapter 13: Gym Lifts
    Chapter 14: Max Effort Lifting
    Chapter 15: Clean-up

Click on the image above to get your copy of Stone Lifting Fundamentals.

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