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Diesel Interview with Dan Cenidoza of Be-More Training

This week, our featured Diesel Interview is Dan Cenidoza. From Baltimore, MD, Dan and I competed against one another in Grip competitions and Strongman contests for years, and along the way became great friends. Now, instead of working to beat one another, we share information and help one another with strength training, product development, and business endeavors. Look for more collaborative efforts from Dan and me in the near future.


Tell us about how you got into serious strength training

I read about the death of the Mentzer brothers in a muscle mag, which at the time was my only source of training info. This led me to Arthur Jones and his writings about HIT and that is when I started to emphasize basic compound exercises, hard training and full body workouts.

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What are your thoughts on isolation exercises, such as leg extensions, and bicep curls for athletes?

Unless their sport demands a high degree of a similar or antagonist movement, most single joint exercises are probably not necessary.

Should anyone do isolation exercises?

Sure, but the focus should always be on multi-joint exercises.

Many of the readers train for Grip strength. Do you have any Grip goals? Ever consider entering a contest?

As you know, we all competed together at our very first grip contest – BFGS. I still pride myself on beating Jedd by .5 a point in that contest 🙂 I also competed in the first two Global Grip Challenges held by the Diesel Crew. After GGC 2005, my training focus changed and grip work got lumped into a maintenance program but now it’s back in the forefront and I have several goals all pertaining to steel bending.

Dan Bending Steel

Ever train for feats of strength? What is the feat you are most proud of?

Probably bending the Red Nail, only because it is the most recent.

You use a lot of tires and other strongman training methods. How often do you incorporate strongman training with your athletes?

Strongman training is included as a variety day or a finisher. Most of my programming for athletes (or anybody else) revolves around basic compound exercises, kettlebell conditioning and flexibility training, as necessary.

What is your best overhead press?

Strict press – 180, Axle push press – 250 x 2, Jerk – 255. Overhead lifts have always been one of the more difficult lifts for me, but I’m working on it, and one of my current goals is to strict press my bodyweight (225). I’ll let you know when I hit it.

What other types of fitness training, besides weights, do you do? Running, jump rope, speed bag, etc.

I’ve got a 1.5 mile neighborhood route that I run regularly. Occasionally I will hit it for 2 laps and sometimes I will run sprints. Besides running I do yoga semi-regularly. I move better and feel better when I do yoga a couple times a month. Yoga is the next best thing to a full body massage.


Check out Dan in action, bending horse shoes.

Do you supplement with protein? When do you take your shakes?

I take a milk, fruit, flax and whey concoction post workout.


Tell us about your website,

I started Be-More Training as a personal training company and I soon began specializing in kettlebells and strongman. The website offers articles, videos, presentations and a few select pieces of equipment to the general public but it is mainly a way for me to connect to the people who are interested in my training and my training services. I have recently expanded my services to include professional strongman shows and motivational speaking.

Any products? Tell us about them.

Yes, I have the presentations I gave at the 2008 & 2009 PA State Strength & Conditioning Clinic available for purchase (just contact me on my site)  and I just started a new website — — hand bent metal art pieces.

There you have it, my friends. Dan is a strong dude that has tried just about every strength training protocol that exists and has experimented with different diet regimens. Thanks for taking the time to speak to the Diesel Universe!


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5 Responses to “Diesel Interview with Dan Cenidoza of Be-More Training”

  1. Jerry Shreck Says:


    I know you use compound lifts, strongman, and kettlebells in your programs for training your athletes; my question is do you use dumbbells in your programs as well and if so what are some of your emphasis dumbbell lifts?

    Awesome shoe bend! I bet your leg hurt like hell.

    Thanks brother!

  2. Dan Cenidoza Says:

    Thanks Jerry. We use dumbbells on occasion and I think they are especially good for training many arm and shoulder movements. They are a little cumbersome to use for clean & presses and I prefer a kettlebell for that, but the dumbbell can’t be beat for heavy 1-arm snatches — a highly underrated lift!


  3. Jay DeMayo Says:

    Good interview Jedd and Dan. For people that don’t know Dan, he get’s it and he’s strong as hell. Always take something away from converstations with the guy. He does a hell of a job.

    Hope all is well guys,


  4. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks guys.

    Dan, one thing that I didn’t ask you about was your diet. Could you tell us about that? Thanks.


  5. Dan Cenidoza Says:

    Thanks Jay.

    Jedd, I’ve been on the Warrior Diet for over a year now. I’ve written extensively about my experiences with this on my blog, but in a nutshell, I’ve dropped about 30lbs from when I was competing and I feel great. I have also maintained all of my strength in the lifts/feats that I still practice. However, as of recently, I have decided to go back to a more traditional eating schedule in attempts to put on some muscle mass over the winter. I eat a lot of meat, vegetables, barley & hops. 🙂

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