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Diesel Grip Strength Challenge – Week 2 Submissions

What craziness will we see this week in the Diesel Grip Strength Challenge???

The Week II submissions are posted below. Please vote for who should win for best video by leaving a comment below. Voting is open until 8PM EST on Sunday.

Week 2 Submissions

Zach Lister

Darrin Shallman

Dave Depew

Paul Thompkins

Mark Hrko

Adam Oswalt

Josh McIntyre

Aaron Newman

Derek Girven

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73 Responses to “Diesel Grip Strength Challenge – Week 2 Submissions”

  1. Doug Says:

    Josh McIntyre for the win

  2. Nadine U Says:

    Paul Tompkins has my vote!

  3. Emylee Says:

    Paul Tompkins has my vote

  4. Donna Says:

    I vote for Paul Tompkins

  5. Wade Says:

    My vote is for Paul Tompkins

  6. Marie Says:

    Paul Tompkins Gets my vote

  7. Kent Says:

    Paul, Good Luck! Paul Tompkins gets my vote

  8. Jessica P Says:

    Josh McIntyre can multi task while shopping 🙂

  9. shawn aka 6lbs soft Says:

    Josh McIntyre

  10. chris schroeder Says:

    Josh McIntyre

  11. shawn Says:

    Josh McIntyre

    og lakehurst stumpjumper

  12. Athena Rayburn Says:

    Josh McIntyre gets my vote!

  13. melissa m Says:

    Josh McIntyre.. if he was going up against a doberman, I’d say no- but he def has my vote

  14. hanna Says:

    Josh “red beard” McIntyre, hands dowm

  15. Jason Says:


  16. Freddy Says:

    Josh McIntyre FTW.

  17. Joe Steuber Says:

    Josh Mcintyre. He needs to win cause all that hand play he does in the bathroom would be for nothing if not.

  18. Buck Valley Bill Says:

    Paul Tompkins all the way

  19. chris g Says:

    Im voting for Josh McIntyre

  20. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Darrin Shallman FTW!!! Great job to everyone!

  21. Ljt624 Says:

    My vote is for Paul Tompkins

  22. Nadine U Says:

    I voted for Paul Tompkins a few hours ago..where did my vote go, but anyway, I vote for Paul!

  23. J Says:

    Paul can diesel grip both hands.

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