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Diesel Grip Feat Challenge – Week One


This is the inaugural installment of the Weekly Grip Feat Challenge.

Here are the rules for the Weekly Grip Feat Challenge.

1. Every Sunday, check to see what the Grip Feat is for the week.

2. Shoot a video of yourself by the following Friday completing the feat.

3. In the video, you must include the following phrase: “I’m ____________, and this is my video for the Weekly Diesel Grip Challenge at” Hit the feat and upload it to YouTube!

4. Email me at jedd dot diesel at gmail dot com with the link to the video. I must receive the email with the video link no later than 8PM EST on Friday.

5. I will post all of the videos that qualify here on the Diesel site. My goal will be to post all of the videos I receive by Saturday at 8PM, EST.

6. Viewers at the Diesel site will leave comments, deciding who has the best video and who should win a prize. Voting will continue until Sunday at 8PM, EST.

7. Whoever is voted “Best Video” for the Weekly Grip Strength Challenge, will receive a special limited edition Diesel prize. What is it exactly? You’ll have to take part in order to find out!

8. Videos can not contain anything that may be offensive to Diesel readers. Getting pumped up is fine, but you WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED if you use racial, ethnic, sexual slurs and things like this. We do reserve the right to disallow a video if we deem it inappropriate.

To get this whole process started, we will start with Two-25’s Pinch.

Rules of the lift:

1. Show that they are 25-lb plates.

2. Position them smooth-sides-out.

3. Grip them with one hand with the thumb one side and the fingers on the other.

4. Lift them to the full deadlift position, then lower them to the floor under control.

5. For those who do not have access to 25-lb plates, 10-kg plates may be used as long as they are made of metal and are roughly the same size as 25-lb plates.

Here’s a video showing how it’s done!

Good luck and check back on Friday to see all the submissions.


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12 Responses to “Diesel Grip Feat Challenge – Week One”

  1. Kris Wragg Says:

    For those of us in Europe who’s plates are in kilos? 🙂

    I can loose pinch 2 x 10kg, don’t think I’ve nailed 2 x 15kg yet though.

    PS. Love the idea of weekly grip challenges, keeps people on their toes!

  2. Grip Strength Feats Says:

    10-kg plates are fine for this brother. Thanks for asking.

  3. Rajat Says:

    Hi Jedd
    We don’t have metal plates in my gym…are rubber coated ones ok?

  4. Grip Strength Feats Says:

    No, I am sorry. Rubber plates will not work for this feat. Please be sure to check out the next challenge though, ok!

  5. Eric Frey Says:

    Bummer. I had the same question Rajat had. Both gyms I train at have rubber coated, or lipped metal plates. If I were to invest in some plates with smooth sides to keep at home for grip work and your challenges, would 2 25# be what you recommend? I want to get on board with this!

  6. Grip Sport Says:

    2-25’s would be great. When they get too easy, you can always attach a band or a chain to them through the whole or add magnets to make them tougher to lift!
    Stay tuned for the next challenge, unless you happen to run by some metal 25’s by Friday.

  7. Eric Frey Says:

    Thanks for the reply, Jedd. I checked craigslist and came up dry. I’ll take a look and see if Play It Again has any reasonable plates.

  8. Grip Strength Videos Says:

    Play it Again almost ALWAYS has decent pinching plates bro!!!

  9. scott Says:

    I am new to grip training and i can only manage to deadlift the plates with my right hand since I am right handed. Do you have any advice on how I can work up to this with my left hand?


  10. Jedd Johnson Says:

    You can train up to this feat with time. Try lifting with two hands and holding them aloft with the left. There are more things to do as well. I have a complete program for 1 Hand Pinch Lifting at


  11. Fil Says:

    I vote for big Zac Lister!

  12. Michele Says:


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