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Diesel Grip Feat Challenge – Week 1 Submissions

Below are the submissions for the Weekly Diesel Grip Challenge.

Week 1’s feat of strength was Pinching Two 25’s.

To vote, please watch each video and leave a comment below for the one you think is the best video.


Zac Lister

Josh McIntyre

Matt Hunt

Darrin Shallman

Jason Steeves

Warren Morgan

Mike Rojas

Mark Hargo

Derek Girven

Thanks to everyone who put in a submission, and thanks in advance for voting!


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52 Responses to “Diesel Grip Feat Challenge – Week 1 Submissions”

  1. Brian Says:

    It was close between Darin Shallman and Derek Girven But I have to give it to Darin Shallman

  2. Cathy Says:

    Paul T….Paul gets my vote!!!

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