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Diesel Crew – Taking Over On-line Strength Media

I hope your training is going well this week, and you are getting ready for a fantastic Halloween.

I am still riding the waves of momentum from this past Saturday’s Grip Training. My hands are feeling great and after the high volume on Saturday, I know I am just a few sets away from a gigantic PR!  If you want to reathe workout report from this weekend, check out my blog:  Napalm Jedd’s Blog.

For years, Smitty and I have been working our asses off to bring you the best information we can for building grip strength, building muscle, and performing at a high level in athletics. But the last couple of years we have kicked it into high gear by utilizing all the forms of media we can!

Smitty and I with our buddy, Pete Aagard, back in 2003

Ya know, I found an archived image of what our site used to look like the other day
and I couldn’t believe how far we have come. It used to look so much different, yet still very similar. In a way, although our site used to be just a simple html page, our site has always resembled a blog, the format that is so very common on websites these days.

About a year and a half ago, we updated the site from a simple html page to a true WordPress blog so that the site was easier to navigate. Complete with drop-down menus at the top and quick reference links to some of our biggest and best content along the right-hand-side, we have done a lot to make our site some place you can stop at and always find something good to take away.

Right around that time, we also put up a forum. Our member numbers continue to grow and we are working to keep it the highest quality possible, keeping the discussions professional and rewarding and keeping out spam and trolls.  To check out the forum, click on the forum button at the top of the page.

As you know, we were some of the first to post videos up on the net.  We started doing it back in 2003.  We continually put up new free videos on our YouTube Channels that are useful for everyone: strength enthusiasts, high school, college and professional athletes, strength coaches and iron history buffs. Check out our channels and subscribe today: Jedd’s Channel, Smitty’s Channel.

You’ll find us all over the web at various social sites, like MySpace, and Facebook. Lately I have been most active on Twitter, even holding Twitter Chats from time to time. If you’d like to join in on a Twitter chat, make sure to follow me and I will let you know here at Diesel what the hashtag is that will be used for the chat. The hashtag is the identifier for the current Twitter Chat. It has to be included with each phrase you put in, like at the end. For example, when Joe Hashey and I released the Home Made Strength Online DVD, we held a Twitter Chat and used #hmsvid for the hashtag.

To participate in Twitter Chats
, add us on Twitter so you don’t miss out. Just click this link right here ==> Jedd’s Twitter Page. If you want to friends us up on the other sites, just click on the icons in the right-hand side bar…

In recent years, we have also been taking steps to dominate even more means of on-line media.

We have dabbled in on-line radio for many years, ever since partnering with the Dave Depew Network at Grip Strength Radio, offering up interviews covering various grip strength topics. We’ve talked about training with hand grippers, conducted interviews, and discussed grip contests.

As recently as this weekend, you’ve also seen that we have participated in streaming live video over the net by way of We’ve streamed live workouts and training sessions as well as this year’s National Grip Championship.

What’s cool about UStream is that there is also a chat feature right there beside the video, so if you have questions for us, you can type it in and we can respond or hold a conversation with others on the stream, making our live streams very interactive.

And now we have entered another form of live stream – this time live on-line teleseminars. A buddy of ours, Ryan Magin, has been interviewing big names in the muscle building world, and last week spoke with Smitty about how to set up complete muscle building routines.

On Wednesday night at 8 PM
, Ryan and I will be talking about building home made strength equipment in order to build major strength without having to spend a fortune by putting together equipment yourself.

If you’d like to listen
to the seminar or ask me a question, just go to this link: Ask Jedd a Question. I’m looking forward to finding out what the Diesel Universe wants to know so sign up right now.

I hope you are enjoying each and every visit you make to our website. If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us . Also, feel free to leave a comment below any post we make. Ask questions, tell us what you think, and join in on the discussion. We love to see it and welcome the feedback.

Thanks and all the best in your training.


Click on the bird with the BIG GRIP STRENGTH above to follow Jedd on Twitter

P.S. If anybody can guess what the original name of our website address was, I will send you a free copy of the Home Made Strength DVD! Just leave a comment below.

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6 Responses to “Diesel Crew – Taking Over On-line Strength Media”

  1. Dan Cenidoza Says:

    Yeah man, the website looks great and I think we’re all impressed with how much you guys are doing in the strength game. Kudos fellas. Keep up the good work!

  2. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Dan. I appreciate that dude!

  3. Jerry Shreck Says:

    Jedd & Smitty,

    I personally want to thank you both for all the help and information you two have given to the strength world. Keep up the great work!

  4. Jay Says:

    I think the original name was “big grip strength”.

  5. Jedd Says:

    Jerry – thanks to you too man. Good luck with the launch of your new site soon.

    Jay – sorry bro. Not even close. I’ll leave this challenge up for 24 hours. A free DVD is still on the line!


  6. Thomas Says:

    Hi Dieselcrew,

    Big thanks for your work. I love watching your videos on youtube and learn some more things to improve my training in gym and at home.

    To your question how your webside was called:
    Im not sure i think i was not training to that time but was it: ?
    Only guessing.

    Whish you, the whole dieselcrew, all the best.
    And keep up your good work.

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