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Diesel Gear in Action – Carl Donati Jr

Hello DIESEL’s!

Check out this video of a hardcore Diesel Bending Maniac putting his Diesel threads in ACTION!

This is Carl Donati Jr, and he is putting a serious hurtin’ on an FBBC Golden Bastard with single IMP’s in less than 30 seconds.

Notice the killer Diesel Shirt that Carl is sporting! There’s at least one PR in every shirt, GUARANTEED.

In case you are not familiar with all of the terminology included here, I will explain.

Bastard – 7″ Bar from FBBC. Once bent, you attain the title, Bastard. This bar takes roughly 480=lbs to bend, as measured with the recognized method that was designed (to the best of my knowledge) by Eric Milfeld.

Golden Bastard – 3/8″ Diameter Brass Bastard Bar. Once bent you attain the title Golden Bastard.

IMP’s – Iron Mind Pads (the blue cordura wraps from IronMind Enterprises that must be used for their Red Nail Certification)

Single IMPS’s – This is to show that only one IMP is used per end of the bar. IMP’s are about 12-inches wide and are usually folded in twice before wrapping. Despite this “layering” of these “pads”, they give you very little actual padding – there is still a significant pain factor going on.

As you can see, Carl knocked this out of the park and surely qualified for the certification list at FBBC.

There are actually many, many (MANY) lists that are kept all over the internet for bending, nails, bolts, and various types of steel, stainless, and brass bars, among other things. It’s crazy how much the sport has evolved in the last few years.

Nail Bending isn’t just about wrapping the nail, bar, or bolt with as much padding as possible and bending it. There are many recognized methods, each varying in difficulty, pain tolerance, and other factors.

If you want to get started with Bending like this, then here is how you can do it…

  • Nail Bending eBook: The most compelte reference on Bending that exists. Quick easy download for just $39.97
  • Nail Bending DVD: Learn the Three Major Techniques with step-by-step video instruction, as well as wrapping demos, Injury prevention, Warm-up and more – Just $59.

Also, to pick up your own Diesel shirt, check out this post: Diesel Crew Tee Shirts. They actually do come with sleeves. Carl’s guns tore threw them in a previous bending PR and they have since vaporized.

All the best in your training,


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2 Responses to “Diesel Gear in Action – Carl Donati Jr”

  1. Carlos Rodriguez Says:

    Awesome bend!!! real hard-core!!!

  2. Carl Donati Says:

    Thanks man! This bar stopped me cold a week-or-so before. On this day, I wanted to DESTROY it!

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