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Diesel Classic Video – Day of Strength

The year was 2004 and the month was March. I believe the day was a Thursday and that we had wings for dinner.

The only pic I can find of my buddy Rick: Rick Walker, Don Pope, and Napalm

On this awesome day in DIESEL history, Smitty and I went to Rick Walker’s place the day before the Arnold Classic
. We were going in order to attend an event called Night of Strength, sponsored by Atomic Athletic. We had no idea what to expect at Night of Strength, so we hit stuff hard at Rick’s.

We didn’t realize that Night of Strength would end up being the biggest 3 hours of Grip and Bending ever known to man.

I distinctly remember the pain in my left hand from carpal bone misalignment was killing me by the end of this session. I still get this pain occasionally, but I know how to fix it now, so it doesn’t affect my training. Also, from all the wide pinching, both of my thumbs were throbbing and wanting to fall off. They were so tired I don’t think i could have hitch-hiked a ride home if my life depended on it, but it was worth it to enjoy the day with good friends and train grip hard.

We did so much Volume on this day that by the time Night of Strength rolled around the next night, I was destroyed. I distinctly remember failing miserably over and over on the Original Fatman Blob repeatedly while watch guys like Sean Dockery bust it off the floor repeatedly. It’s hard to believe it would be over 7 years until I would take a try again at the Fatman.

So here is the video. The music is by Systematic and it is called “Beginning of the End.” They had an album that came out in like 2000 or something like that. I saw them open for Cold, Stain’d and Godsmack and picked up a two-song disk with this and the song, “Dopesick” on it and played like every day for like 6 weeks.

Tim Narducci in the Captain Morghan Pose

I remember the lead singer, Tim Narducci, looked about 7 feet tall with a big bald head and played the entire set with his foot up on an amp, sort of like Captain Morgan. Dude looked so freakin big I bet he could lift the Inch Dumbbell.

Back to the video… Let’s look at some of the stuff you are going to see:

  • Lots of failures on the Inch Dumbbell – horrible, embarrassing failures
  • Lots of stuff with Five Tens – both loose and with a loading pin
  • a little bit of Six Tens – hideous failures and loading pin lifts
  • 8 Fives (I think we were the first ones to do this because at the time there was debate as to whether it was even possible)
  • 37.5-lb Blob – Not sure why I put that in the video
  • 50-lb Next Generation Blob – Rick and I made this thing look like a little bitch
  • Two-35’s Pinch (tried doing a clean lefty – my left hand was a better pinching hand at the time, but I had epicondylitis so bad in my forearm that I just could not make the clean happen)
  • Double Anvil Step-ups (each about 110 to 120-lbs)
  • Windmill Lift where I anyhow’d a barbell with about 100-lbs overhead and then reached down and picked up a Blob

Most of the feats in the video are marked, but if there’s anything I missed, just leave a comment below.

All the best in your training.


Fat Gripz

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2 Responses to “Diesel Classic Video – Day of Strength”

  1. Rick Walker Says:

    Just seeing this. OLD SKOOL stuff right there…I miss you bastards! We need to get together for a session before our kids are old enough to get together and out lift us!

    Wish my hands were half as strong as they were then.


  2. Jedd Johnson Says:

    I know man. It seems like there is always something going on. We need to try to plan something.

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