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Diesel Burpees – Various Modifications for Athletes

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Today, we are looking at ways to modify Burpees to make them more challenging for athletes.

I train Baseball Players here at my gym, and I have used many variations of Burpees with them.

The Burpee can be very challenging as it tests the athlete or trainee’s conditioning as well as upper and lower body strength, power, and flexibility.

Burpees are interesting enough, but with some imagination and creativity, there are almost endless ways to kinetically modify the burpee, intensifying it for various parts of the body or emphasizing specific portions of the movement itself.

These modifications make it possible to tailor the Burpee to match the energy pathways and movement patterns of their sport.

In the video below, you will see several different ways to modify the Burpee.

These are just a few ways Burpees can be changed up to make them even more INTENSE!

If you work with Baseball Players, then you can make the Burpee even more Baseball-specific. To see how, check out my new baseball strength training website, Advanced Baseball Training.

Don’t train baseball players? Check out a bunch of other ways to modify burpees at Synergy Athletics.

What kind of ways have you done Burpees in the past to make them more fun and challenging either in your own workouts or with your athletes? Leave a comment below.

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6 Responses to “Diesel Burpees – Various Modifications for Athletes”

  1. Todd Says:

    Sweet. I HATE burpees, but they will make your heart rate skyrocket. I like the dead stop idea, killing all the momentum; I’ve got to try that. I’ve done sets of heavy KB swings (set of 20 or whatever) then burpees, that will humble you, also.

  2. jamie Says:

    cool variations, like the one leg and dead stop varietys

    have a couple more variations on my you tube channel “douseys” channel that i reckon are pretty sweet

  3. Mike Says:

    This is how you make burpees intense

  4. Jack Says:

    Great stuff–some wicked stuff. Burpee-Clean and Press is a winner for sure. Kudos to your demonstrator.

  5. vicente Says:

    Hi Jedd!
    burpees are a really fun exercise that can also be very challenging
    Check these ones out

    Have fun!


  6. Ian Says:


    Awesome variations. I especially like the dead stop and burpee to clean and press variations.

    As if a simple burpee wasn’t hard enough!

    Thanks for your post,


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