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Dennis Rogers and Pat Povilaitis Bending Steel at the Arnold Classic

Footage via amuricankb on YouTube

Above, you’ll see Dennis Rogers (who happens to be a Diesel Iron Master) and Pat Povilaitis performing prior to the Mighty Mitts competition at the Arnold Strength Expo from last weekend.

Bending Foot Position

As you watch, take note of Pat Povilaitis’ stance while he bends the short steel (30 seconds into the video). This is exactly the stance I suggest in my DVD, Nail Bending – How to Melt Steel with Your Bare Hands.

That stance enables you to generate better power into the steel as you are bending it, regardless of the wraps being used or the length of steel.

This stance is very similar to the stance used in Baseball for Power Hitting as well as Boxing / MMA for transferring punching power.

Other Feats Shown

Steel Bending Technique

If you are a steel bender, the absolute biggest thing you can do to increase the level of steel you are bending is to maximize your technique. Technique is the number one thing I focused on when filming my Nail Bending DVD. Technique is almost always the reason people struggle to move up on bigger steel.

Steel Bending Strength

If you feel your technique is solid, then your next issue might be your strength. The strength needed for bending steel is different from other types of tests of strength because you must put your hands, arms, and shoulders at might different angles than, say, lifting weights, lifting stones, pulling things with ropes, etc.

I also include plenty of information on building strength for steel bending in my DVD, so check it out.

Underlying Injuries / Prevention

If your technique is golden, and you feel you are set in the strength department yet you are still having a hard time kinking steel bars or finishing nails off, then you may have an underlying issue there, as well, and I cover several things you can do for Injury Prevention and Recovery in my DVD.

Steel bending is highly technical and within each of the three categories I mention above, there are dozens of sub-categories. If you need help in figuring out what exactly is holding you back, I have dozens of articles here on the site and all over the internet, or you could just pick up my Steel Bending DVD and you will instantly get 30-days of email support so that I can help you accomplish your goals.

Pick your copy up today and start wreaking serious havoc (click on the image to the right).

All the best in your training.


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