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Went to the gym today and everything felt heavy and I felt beat up. We’ve been hitting it pretty hard recently and needed to take a break. There is an ebb and flow to stimulation and restoration and we still hadn’t recovered from the last series of training sessions. It is very important to listen and be aware of the signals to know if you need a longer break or if you need to dial down the intensity for the session.

Important Signals of Overtraining

– weights feel cold

– after a thorough warm-up you still feel stiff

– the warm-up weights feel heavy

– short tempered, cranky

– sensitivity to lights or sounds

– feel like you’re getting a cold

So we talked about it and worked on some other important areas:

– hip mobility

– ankle mobility

– dialed in our squat form

– glute activation

Here is what we did to tackle glute activation and grip strength at the end of the workout:

Two KB RDL’s / Shrug Superset

The sequence was performed non-stop without setting down the kb’s

10 RDL’s – narrow stance

10 RDL’s – shoulder width stance

10 RDL’s – wide stance

10 Shrugs, hold for 5 seconds

10 Shrugs, hold for 5 seconds

10 Shrugs, hold for 5 seconds

10 Shrugs, hold for 5 seconds

10 Shrugs, hold for 5 seconds

Done! At the end our grip was fried and we got some important posterior chain work in.

Try it out!


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4 Responses to “Deloading”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Hey, it is good to know that I am not alone with my overtraining and zealousness. I am always pushing past the max and I pay for days. Unfortunately this cuts into my progress. I guess it is all about learning my boundaries and finding the balance.

    Thanks for the article.


  2. Buck Says:

    Somewhat off topic (hope you don’t mind), but do you guys have any videos pinching 2 45’s off the ground? Searched a bit but didn’t see any.

    Rock on

  3. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Cindy.

    Buck – we do have old videos of Jedd performing this feat on the old server. I will check and try to get it uploaded to one of our youtube sites.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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