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Dec 22 – Strength and Fitness Newsletter

Did you check out this week’s Strength and Fitness newsletter brought to you by Diesel Crew and If not, you missed out big time. Here’s what appeared this week:

Article: How to Make a Rack-Mounted Wrist Roller by Rory Hickman
Rory details the process of making a rack-mounted wrist roller. Brilliant thing.

Article: Weight Training: Starting Out – What to Expect by Girlwith Noname
Has weight training caught your eye? Feeling intimidated about getting started? GWNN has a few thoughts.

Featured Video: Levering the Giant Hammer

Featured Site: Training Rings

Recommended: Scott Sonnon’s Tacfit

From the Archives: Blast from the Past: Teeth, Hair, Ears and Elbows by Scott Bird
& Real Stone Lifting by Max Shank

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