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Dana White Working Out

Leave your comments – how does Dana’s form look?  Any technique adjustments?

Check out this video:


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4 Responses to “Dana White Working Out”

  1. John Stamos Says:

    You’d think for a guy that is raking in the bucks he’d have a real olympic bench instead of one with those pins.

  2. Neil S Says:

    I really don’t see the point of the 20 reps with the bar as a warm-up for the bench press.
    I thought people had realised by now that there are more efficient ways to prepare yourself for the heavier lifting in the latter part of the workout.
    Cardio before strength training?
    I think Dana needs to hire himself a trainer

  3. Will Says:

    Good to see he does a bit!! No posterior chain, kettlebells would fit better into busy lifestyle. Portable, very effective and better results.

  4. Angela W-B Says:

    Hey! Pretty heavy…good work. Yes I don’t think he’s maximising his results by warming up with cardio or 20 reps before benching that amount of weight – he could have pushed out more because he would have more creatine in his muscle cells. Anyway, I was looking at his running technique at 2min25s and it looks like Dana needs to stretch out his external hip rotators because his foot kicks out/externally rotates in the recovery phase after the foot strike. Otherwise I could be wrong because of the camera angle. Have a great day!

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