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CRUSH DVD 24-Hour Contest

I am running a 24-hour contest to choose a winner of my new DVD, CRUSH: Total Gripper Domination.

You can enter the contest for free, and there is no purchase required.

All you have to do is write out an essay of 100 words or more telling me why you should win the free copy of the DVD and I will make a selection and announce the winner tomorrow, during Monday Night RAW.

This video will describe the process in more detail.

You must post your comment in the comment section below.

Thanks and all the best in your training.


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40 Responses to “CRUSH DVD 24-Hour Contest”

  1. Doug Bowerman Says:

    Why should I win the Crush DVD?
    I bought the Blueprint for Grip Stength. I watched it a few times. I got some motivation. I bought the Card Tearing ebook to get some knowledge. I bought the Gripmasters Manual to get more knowledge. I might not be the most dedicated gripper guy, but I have been gripping since 1998 when I got my first Captains of Crush. I am the only person I know that grips anything. I even went around to fields and got the rocks the farmers left on the edge of their fields that were big and awkward. I implemented a ladder of bricks chained together and I picked them up to strengthen my hands. I bought one of those hubs to lift weights. I always wanted to get a blob, and I’m not sure why they are so expensive. Why can’t they just make a mold of the York 50 and make new ones. Are they like fossils or something. I am not really sure why I do these things. I like having strong hands. That is why I should win the Crush DVD. If I don’t win then it was fun writing this little essay.

  2. Adroes Says:

    Grippers will always be my first love in weight training, the first
    Tool in power I ever used was grippers. Right away their potential for power was evident. My guitar playing got better, my day to day chores and duties got easier and even my school work got better (no more hand cramps in class). I’m 34 now and grippers are still the nucleus of my training. And the benefits just keep coming… Never have I had any RSI related injuries (16+ years in retail), I’ve had next to zero injuries in my wrists and hands, my elbows rarely give me trouble and I heal quickly if I ever have a problem. Life begins with your hands. Life is lived with your hands. The gripper is the tool of life, what you use to interact with others. Every freaking day.

  3. Dennis Phillips Says:

    I would like the crush DVD however I am not a true grip “guru”. I am a student of strength and fitness and have been since I met a powerlifter when I first joined the military. I have implemented many different training protocols over the years and kept some things from just about every routine I have tried. Right now my training is a combination of many different disciplines that I combine into the shortest amount of time possible to get the maximum results. That being said, I wish I had more time to spend training, but my Wife and Kids come first. I believe that gaining the information in your DVD will help me to learn lessons the right way and tricks of the trade that could take years on my own. I have still yet to close a #3, but it is not for a lack of effort. I have been a big fan of the Diesel Crew ever since I discovered you a few years ago. I really enjoyed Combat Core and the Stone Lifting fundamentals DVD’s. I’m sure the CRUSH DVD will not disappoint.

  4. Russell Panick Says:

    Most people in the game have been training for years and years and years. I have not, however been surrounded by it for many years as my father was a competitive bodybuilder and my mother owned a fitness and supplement shop. I found my love for grip strength and bending this year through a long time friend, Matt Hunt. The first person he pointed me to was no other than Jedd Johnson. In high school they told me I couldn’t play ball anymore because of my knees, in 07 i fractured my t11 in my spine in a car wreck, in January 2011 I was a fat, drinking, pot-head and self medicating with pain killers. I was unemployed and worthless in my eyes. In march I was a total of 265 lbs standing at 5’7″. Through the strictest dedication and my own ignorance (lol) I said screw the doctors and what everyone told me and my new challenge became the weight room as I couldn’t barely pick my ass up off the couch. I went back to school for cardiovascular technology and I am graduating next month and am currently holding a 3.6 GPA, I started training like no other. I have defied carpal tunnel syndrome through grip strength training and bending. This year I have received my certification from ACE as a personal trainer, dropped 50 plus pounds, now bench 275, squat 375 and deadlift 405. I can close a #2 and bend a red nail with ease. I find more satisfaction in closing a new gripper or bending a new grade than any amount of weight I can put on the bar. You can see life through your eyes, you can feel life with your hands! ~Russ

  5. Logan Says:

    Cains Maximus, an early roman emperor, could reportedly crush stones into dust with his crush grip. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I damn sure want that kind of power!

    I began grip training about one year ago to date.I have gone from being able to close a store gripper calibrated at 60lbs with difficulty(roughly 85% 1RM) to more recently closing a CoC#2. Achieved this, along with other grip training goals in under a year! Regardless to say… I’m motivated and plan on closing the #4, with time.

  6. Bill Long Says:

    I first started training with grippers in 05-06 when I was strong enough to deadliest over 375lbs but my hands was not. I started searching for ways to get my hands stronger and found the Diesel Crew. I have used every thing I now know to help spread the word on grip strength training to my Soldiers under me and my friends. I have many grip training tools from a Anvil to a vulcan gripper 2. I’m trying to get more knowledge so I can finally get to close the #3 CoC as I’m hitting a big wall lately in my training and need some new training tips to get me over this ledge. I probably won’t be able to close the #3 until I get to Afghanistan next year but why not be the first guy (that I know of) to close it while deployed. Good luck to everyone and hope who ever wins uses it to crush everything they see!

  7. Jerry Tennant Says:

    Why should I win a free DVD from Jedd?

    I feel I have always had a love for working with my hands. My father was a mason and I learned the trade from him. Being so small as a teenager got me big time into lifting weights because I needed to be stronger for the hard physical labor I was doing. I remember when I was 17 and buying Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding and I still have that book till this day with pages all beaten up! I lifted for 6 years and then stopped in my middle twenties because I had a full time job and my own window cleaning business. After a hiatus of 3 years I got back into it when I moved out to Las Vegas and happened by chance to find Jedd’s diesel crew site.

    From watching Jedd’s site I found my calling. I never really liked the unrealistic look of bodybuilders and was more into strength and not so much looks. I bought a couple DVDs off Jedd on making your own equipment and have quickly regained some of my strength that I had when I was in my early 20’s. I met Jedd not too long ago at his strongman workshop and I really admire him. I am hear to watch, listen and learn since he knows what he’s talking about!

    It is time to CRUSH what I previously thought was impossible. Thanks Jedd for what you have done for the strength training community.

  8. Sayer Says:

    I really would love to win this!!! This has been a long journey living at the gym, slowly gaining the respect of others and learning the mental game of weight lifting. Over the past year I have consistently presued stronger hands and it has payed off in big dividends. When I started leaving my wrist straps in my gym bag all the guys started scoffing. In time my hands have gotten a lot stronger and I know that they can grow stronger still with the correct applications. The video clips I have seen of you and the diesel crew are awe inspiring and very helpful too. This dvd would be greatly appreciated and I am sure that soon all my gym rat friends will want their own copies! Let me be the first to make them jealous!

  9. Joe Ross Says:

    Do to a major illness a few years ago I lost a lot of weight, size and strength. After a long recovery time I am back in the gym training again. I found the Diesel Crew website and became very interested in grip training. I am lucky enough to be able to build a few of the training pieces I seen on their site but I can not build grippers. Due to my illness and that I have a wife and three kids money is very tight. I would like to get some grippers but then I wouldn’t be able to afford the video and if I buy the video I wouldn’t be able to afford the grippers. It would be great to win the video to help further my grip training. Thank you for your consideration in this contest.

  10. PITT Says:

    I deserve the free copy of CRUSH: Total Gripper Domination for a number of reasons. First off I am somebody that will put it to good use. I work out constantly and love training grip. I’m not an average joe looking for a better grip, I’m a strength athlete that trains for total domination anyway. Whether it’s wrestling, strongman, weight training, grip training, I’m willing to keep pushing myself to see what the human body can tolerate. So I will put the knowledge to good use.
    Secondly I’m broke, I normally can’t afford to splurge to buy dvd’s. I work hard 50-60 hours a week, barely making over $12.00 an hour. Supporting myself and family on that sucks, my only splurge is my gym membership. However I keep pushing myself and pushing the weights in order to become a monster and hopefully one day be able to earn a living through either wrestling or strongman feats.
    Thirdly I have made some impressive improvements since finding doing the grip challenges, reading articles, following advice on the Nail Bending DVD I have made gains and I am very close on conquering the Red nail and the COC #3. As well as gains in my wrestling career and from here I’m only looking to move up and onward. I’m looking for total domination, and the DVD CRUSH: Total Gripper Domination will help move me one step closer.
    Also next time you’re down in the carolinas, I can set you up with a free training day with the infamous Millennium Wrestling Federation, stars of the documentary “Fake It So Real”. Oh Yeah Brother!!!

  11. Chase Says:

    The first time that I ever saw a Captains of Crush gripper was on a Diesel Crew video. As soon as possible, I purchased a few grippers. After a lot of training by trial and error, I was able to close the COC 2.5 with both hands. In the last year I have suffered a broken left hand which required surgery and almost two months ago I had surgery on my left shoulder. At this point, I can barely close the #2 with my left hand. My goal is to close the COC #3 not only with my right hand but with my left also. I still have a few weeks before I can go back to work and I have no doubt that this dvd will be awesome since Jedd has yet to put out anything less than the best. Thanks to Jedd, I can now tear a deck of cards, bend a Grade 5 bolt, and tear phonebooks.
    My motivation is high, even though the money is low right now. So, I can tell you, I will be buying the DVD, even if I don’t win. A small sacrifice, for a big result.

  12. Josh M Says:

    I pick things up and put them down, I pick things up and put them down, I pick things up and put them down, I pick things up and put them down, I pick things up and put them down, I pick things up and put them down, I pick things up and put them down, I pick things up and put them down, I pick things up and put them down, I pick things up and put them down, I pick things up and put them down, Occasionally those things are plates or grippers. This is exactly 100 words.

  13. Josh M Says:


  14. Isaac Says:


    With the way my mind, body, and spirit have responded to my new passion and rejuvination at 39 and almost 40…. I WILL set a standard for the 40+ gang in our world! With where my functional strength levels are at and the direction they are planned to go, YOUR DVD will truely get worn out fast!!!! I so wished I had the room to express to you how my posistion of helping others becoming the BEST VERSIONS of themselves!!! Doors I never thought would open are and widely I might add! I live in an area of miners, farmer,hunters and down home strong ass rednecks that passion for strength and MMA! To be able to be the one to make Diesel Crew, Jedd Johnson, and Jim Smith on the map here will be breathe taking to say the least!!! For the record I plan on entering a variety of different muscle and strength related compatitions as long as my vessel holds up. Thanks for your time bro.


  15. Dave Says:

    Why me?

    It’s an excellent question. For me, I think the information on the dvd would be an excellent addition of options as part of my recipe for stronger and healthy hands and wrists.

    I have the tools to make the most of it. Grippers, a CoC T and #1 that I can mash any time of the day and a Vulcan V2 that gives me problems. An open mind, that is willing to try and test almost anything if it will give me what I want. And probably the most important thing, a desire to have a punishing grip and to be able to mash the equivalent of the CoC 2, 2.5 and 3.

  16. Victor Says:

    My grip stregth is pretty weak, and I had that for many years now. Right now I don’t have a lot of money to buy this DVD. I had the chance to buy this I would but I dont because of lack of money. but if I had the CRUSH: Total Gripper Domination DVD that would be crazy but I never win anyway.

  17. Mike Says:

    Why should I get this free DVD.

    First off i need help getting my grip power up for wrestling. I love wrestling more then anything, and nothing has been able to stop me from doing this sport, which i love. The key things you need in wrestling is: grip, neck strength, speed, technique and endurance. Each part is very important, grip is essential for performing moves and starting off in the match. I have wrestled in japan for almost 3 years before i had to come back to the states. This sport means the world to me. It keeps me out of trouble, keeps my grades in check, keeps me fit and keeps myself disciplined. People can talk about why they want it, but they don’t live and breathe something everyday. If you love something as much as i do, you would understand why i want help with my grip. Wrestling isn’t a sport, you don’t play wrestling. Wrestling is a lifestyle and you respect your opponent and yourself. It isn’t a game its life, and life isn’t something you play with.
    Thank you for your time to read this I hope I get this DVD would help me in my wrestling career in life.

  18. Andrushka Says:

    I must admit that I am not physically gifted like other guys here. I came to strengthtraining real late, so I have to work on my skills and everything takes really long. Several injuries based on my martial arts background come back while the weights get heavier and all my friends can bench, squat, deadlift, row much heavier than me. Perhaps this DVD will help me to become the best one in that area! Please let me win it!

  19. Rob Says:

    I am a physical education teacher and I love to pass on information about all types of physical fitness to my students. I am in a constant quest for knowledge and purchase DVDs and books all the time to improve my weight training classes. I have grippers sitting around the weight room for them to use but have no real direction for use other than to fill in time between sets. If I get the DVD the info will not only benefit me but all of my students as well.

  20. tobiasz Says:

    i’ve been interested in building a strong grip since i saw the movie cliffhanger. i don’t expect that i’ll eve be in that situation but it made me think that it is better to have a strong grip and never use it then not to have it and need it. besides that a strong grip is useful even if just carrying a heavy suitcase or even to give a strong handshake. grippers are my favorite grip exercise and if i was grown up and didn’t have to have permission then i would probably buy it but unfortunately that is not the situation. i don’t know if this is enough to be picked but if i didn’t try then i would never know. (if i made any mistakes then i’m sorry but i’m polish).

  21. Demond Thompson Says:

    I am new to the greatness of hand strength training. I’ve learned tearing cards, and bending steel, thanks to your great ebooks. Superior hand strength begins with a great crush grip and grippers. Your DVD will help me get there. I have decided to fulfill my loves of performance and being of service by becoming a performing strongman and perform primarily at schools. My core message is that anyone can become a super hero , and at 5’4”, and 165 lbs, smaller than most middle schoolers, I’m the guy. My success is guaranteed with CRUSH.

  22. PITT Says:


  23. Peter JackTheGripper Says:

    I live to train but with three little children and a wife I can’t afford that much stuff.
    I eat, sleep, breathe and live training = money depleted.
    I’m going to save up the money to become a member of the local powerlifting gym so that I can break my fathers record lifts.
    This DVD would aid me in getting stronger than my hard working father.
    He can close the CoC2,5 even though he has never done any grip training.
    Mechanics wielding sledgehammers seem to develope extra ordinary strength.
    I want to do that too.
    I think this DVD could help me close the #3 so I can be stronger than my father at something!

  24. roger (sid) weeks Says:

    i think i deserve to win a copy because i don’t have any copies of any training on grippers, i’m 56 years with some arthritis in my hands but i’m strong enough to do grippers and tear cards but i need better technique and ideas on how to advance because it seems i might not be doing the grippers entirely right and i need to get better. i think your the best and i want to learn from the best. Probably most of you followers are younger and are able to follow ways better and i think this dvd or cd will help me tremendously with new ideas, i’m recently separated and i need all the help i can get and doing some other gripping techniques will help with my lonliness by doing more gripping. thanks for the offer whether i get it or not

  25. Jano Says:

    well, I’m not expert in gripping but because Diesel Crew I got my first CC a few years ago. I been practicing the exercises and I can see the difference. But I know that something is missing in my practice. Instruction. Is not just copy movements and get random stuff. I think that the dvd can really help to reach my goals. I want to be strong and express this strength, so when I saw the opportunity to get the dvd that can improve my performance I decide to write this even if is in English! hahaha…another probe that I really want to learn! Thanks anyway to open this opportunity for everyone! all the best.

  26. Dave Morgan Says:

    Jedd- Research has shown that grip strength is directly related to athletic success in the combat sports. My client base is heavy on combat athletes.I want the best for my clients. I am a 63 yr old raw lifter- at present- 505# DL,
    290#BP, 390# Sqt, COC #2 closed- You know I am serious!I am not crying about if I can afford it! If you want something bad enough you will find a way to get it. I will promote and use your product. Your products have been useful before and I am sure CRUSH will elevate gripper training to a new level. I have paid my dues in training- make my day and share your wealth of knowledge with and old veteran of the iron game. Thanks

  27. joseph broda Says:

    CRUSH, the word crush brings to mind, with it so many association. Somehow, at this time of the year the translucent colors of the Fall season- especially on tthe East Coast to the memory of my inner vision, my imaginatiom- It stirs recalling my deep desire to emmulate my father – a viciously man of strenth and quiickness.
    The crush of the colorful leaves as I walk along the California fall sidewalks – crushing the colors together creating a rainbow of beautiful angel dust; and me at over seventy years – still trying to be so strong and meet with my long gone father,
    CRUSH, is it to defeat the enemy , to defend the homeland, to crush aman’s hand so that he walks away and thinks,” I aien’t gonna mess with this guy,’ or is it to tap into the deep human potential that exists at our very depths as humanbeings?
    I will go for all of the above , and contine in my efforts to meet the challenge of always futher growth and development .
    Any bit of help will do especial,” Crush.

  28. Andrew Says:

    Hey, Jedd.

    The area of grip strength that I am most interested in is what I call “dynamic grip strength.” I train in jiu-jitsu and boxing and hand/grip strength is a huge part of those arts.

    I want to develop all qualities of my grip: max strength so that when I grab someone they get scared, quick strength to quickly engage an opponent, and strength endurance to never let go.

    Grip is an integral part of my training, and I think that your new DVD will help me CRUSH my current PR’s. I hope you agree.

  29. joseph broda Says:

    CRUSH, the word crush brings to mind, with its so many associations somehow, at this time of the year the translucent colors of the Fall season- especially on the East Coast -to the memory of my inner vision, my imaginatiom. It stirs recalling my deep desire to emmulate my father – a viciously man of strenth and quiickness.
    The crush of the colorful leaves as I walk along the California fall sidewalks – crushing the colors together creating a rainbow of beautiful angel dust; and me at over seventy years – still trying to be so strong and meet with my long gone father’s approval.
    CRUSH, is it to defeat the enemy , to defend the homeland, to crush aman’s hand so that he walks away and thinks,” I aien’t gonna mess with this guy,’ or is it to tap into the deep human potential that exists at our very depths as humanbeings?
    I will go for all of the above , and contine in my efforts to meet the challenge of always futher growth and development .
    Any bit of help will do especially,” Crush.

  30. Josh Mac Says:

    Jedd, I don’t deserve your DVD more than anyone else, I vote for PITT. But I have to say though since this seems to be the place to finally write it, Thank you. Those weekly grip challenges pushed me to do lifts that I would have never tried before and it’s really kept training fresh. I took to the hub and shallow hub the most, although grippers and plate pinches come in a close 2nd and 3rd. I would have liked to have made it to Nats but the $ and travel prevented me. I don’t own any training DVD’s and I don’t subscribe to any newsletters since I kinda like to figure shit out for myself. I don’t like reading directions or taking instructions, I’m pretty stubborn in that regard. But what I’ve learned over the past year is that mentality kept me from getting better and growing as a lifter. Opening my mind, listening to others and taking ques from others hard learned lessons have put me on a fast track to success. I’d like to think that you and your site are to thank for that. The nail bending E-book you gave me showed me that I really don’t know what the hell I’m doing when I just jump into another discipline. That probably saved my wrists. Every entry above seems worthy in their own way, I don’t envy having to choose. I would probably pick the one with the most words. It’s a good thing it’s not up to me. Your next contest should be most epic beard so me and Shallman can go at it.

  31. BMl 67 Says:

    Im a 44 year old personal trainer living in Florida. Ive been a strength athlete all my life. A little over 2 years ago I was diagnosed with kidney failure and they said I would need a transplant soon. I was instructed to lose wt (for the transplant) and put on a modified calorie and limited food diet. The result was me going from a strong and capable 210 to a much smaller and weaker 172. I was depressed and hated my new weak and smaller self. Then I stumbled upon grip training on youtube in one of your video’s. I watched everything I could and began training grip the next day. It made me feel strong again and has been my “happy place” ever since. The dvd would add to my collection of your dvd’s and help me continue on my journey of strength regardless of my circumstances.

  32. Don Says:

    hey Jedd!

    Im still fairly new to the world of grip training, ive only even know its excised the past 12 months! i got into it because i train Brazilian jujitsu(also alot of kettlebells and strength & conditioning) I read an article posted about grip training to improve your control of an opponent.. i played with some wrist curls tick bar stuff but never relay committed to the routine.. then i bought myself some grippers. I LOVE THEM.. i know there tools, but i treat them cherished toys. they have there own spot on my shelf away from any danger of being kicked around r stray plates that could crush the knurling. Im working on closing the CoC.2 at the moment. i spend alot of my free time running around the internet trying to find and piece together useful bits of information about all things grip!! Id love to get the new DVD “Crush” i know it would put me on at least the right path to closing that number 2 … hopefully before my target date of the new year !!

  33. Thomas Says:

    Hi Jedd,

    Would be cool winning that “Must-have” DVD ;-). I´m taking action, like the over 30 brave man bevor me. Writing 100 words to get your new dvd is a small price to pay for the lucky one.
    Getting the COC 2.5 is my next goal, but unfortunately i´m stuck on the number 2 since 4-5 months.
    Your dvd would really help me accomplish my next goal.. i have enough from the “warm-ups” with the number 2.5 ;-)68
    Nailbending dvd was awesome and helped me getting startet and i´m looking forward to bend the red nail soon. Progress is on my side.
    Hammering horseshoes was fun watching, BUT i can´t get some beginner´s shoes here in austria, the don´t sell them in shops. I´m still searching, and don´t give up. Maybe i have to try me through some shoe´s.
    No excuses for gripper training. The Trainer Nr.1 Nr.2 Nr 2.5 and Nr. 3 are lying on my desk;-)
    Mybe furtuna will be with me, but in case she is sleeping i will but some money away to get your dvd 😉
    All the best for your training!! Jedd 😉

    OF topic:
    Hey Jedd, i´m missing a video about you doing that muscle up which you where targeting a year ago! Did i miss that??

  34. Brandon Says:

    As I began to respond to this question, I realized how much I need your expertise. Seconds after I typed the first word while holding my iPhone, my grip on it began to weaken and soon after failed. I need your help in being able to control the things I try to hold in the future. I will not let you down if you choose me. Your training from this DVD will not only help me but all the other dead fish handshakes I encounter from here on.

  35. Duke Says:

    Jedd, grip training caught my attention about 6 years ago when I first saw you and Smitty speak at the Juniata Clinic. From the moment you showed videos of sledgehammer feats, phone book and card tearing, I knew I had to join the ranks of those who could transfer such power through their hands! I can now readily tear phone books and quarter decks of cards. As a new Dad in october, my training took a little hit with the birth of my son, so I am now squeezing in sesions in my garage with sandbags, shotputs and the biggest logs I can get my hands around. Sledgehammers, Heslep squeezebox and “Napalm’s Nightmare” are also in my toolbox. I have been gaining knowlege of grip sport, and have worked my way up to a CoC #2 which I can now do some rep work with. My goal is to certify on the #3. As an athletic trainer/strength coach at a high school, it is my job to inform and demonstrate to my athletes the importance of grip. My athletes are figuring out that every time you lay your hands on somene you send a message, and it is your choice what you want that message to be! Your new dvd will help us all reach our goals.

  36. Duke Says:

    P.S. I still need to defeat the Blob!

  37. Jim Harbourne Says:

    First reason I should win is that it will arrive in time for my 48th birthday next month. I have competed in strongman, powerlifting and plan on doing a grip contest next June. My strength is already there but I always feel improving the grip improves all strongman events. 2012 will most likely be my last year competing and I want to go out in style

  38. Kit Laughlin Says:

    Why should I win this free DVD?

    One reason is that I run the Monkey Gym, located in the Australian National University; another is that our strength classes attract a lot of students; if you go to my site and click on the Monkey Gym YT clips, you will see that grip strength is a big focus of our work—and your DVD will only help that.

    Presently, we do use the COC grippers, and the one with the two springs across the frame (I forget the name), but most of our grip training comes from single and double bodyweight hangs for time from ropes slung over chin-up bars, and using towels for the same purpose. But the device that has proved the most effective in sheer grip strength is what we call the “phat” rope: it is about a large beer bottle in diameter—and most strong guys simply do not have enough thumb strength to create enough friction on the opposing fingers to climb it.

    So, in short, we will use your DVD for sure to learn more approaches to developing grip strength, and what’s more we will advertise it on our site, too: what a deal! TIA, KL

  39. Jan Sekeres Says:

    With strength comes also great sensitivity. I have always been a grip enthusiast. Unfortunately, a few years ago there were no grippers available in Central Europe. Every gripper I ordered was therefore a valuable piece of training equipment. I was one of the first to start with real grippers and am the first one to introduce them to our market. I still have a lot to learn and even more to try, but I am contributing my part to the grippers in my society. How am I different from the other guys out there? I don’t aim for the strength itself. Instead I am trying to show that a hand so strong can also do neat wire jewelry. As a physical therapist I apply various pressures to help. As an amateur dancer I use grip strength for lifts and aerials without any harm to the partner. Call it fine motor skills or balanced thinking… How are you different Jedd? How will you amaze the crowd this time? New dvd, great summary as usually?

  40. David B. Says:

    Nine eleven…Columbine…Virginia Tech…Tucson…What if a man with a strong grip had been in just the right place before things jumped off….

    Last winter I found myself positioned just to the right of a guy who had just shown the outline of his pistol in his right jeans pocket to the boyfriend of his ex-wife. A few feet in the background of the boyfriend was a row of glass doors leading to the foyer of a middle school gymnasium. A basketball game was in progress, so the foyer was filled with students, parents, and school personnel, including the principal, who is my wife.

    I’m not a brave guy, but if the hand in front of me had twitched toward that pocket, I hoped I had the courage, the favor from God, and the grip strength to stop that piece from ever being pulled.

    Prayers were answered and the hand didn’t twitch in that direction. The situation ended safely. But the point is this: When I train my grip, I’m having fun, but I ain’t playin’.

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