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Hardest Core Exercise EVER – Part 1

Hardest Core Exercise EVER

Part 1

I am starting a new series on Diesel to really jack up your core training.  It is titled the “Hardest Core Exercise EVER” series.  It will contain some of the hardest core training exercises ever created.  Most are used with the athletes or bodybuilders I train at Diesel.  Needless to say, there are very tough.
Here is the first installment.

But it comes with a warning.  This, as the title of the series suggests, is an advanced core exercise.  Do not attempt unless you or your athletes have a serious amount of core strength.  This is not your average crunch.

Sit-up and Press

The first variation we filmed on Diesel of the Sit-up and Press was done on the floor.  This basic version released tension on the eccentric because it was done on the floor.  By raising up the athlete onto a GHR or Roman Chair, the athlete never releases tension.

Benefits of Sit-up and Press

  • strength endurance of the entire torso
  • strength of hip flexors and abdominals (rectus abdominis)
  • shoulder and upper back stability
  • deceleration of the hip flexors
  • mental toughness

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4 Responses to “Hardest Core Exercise EVER – Part 1”

  1. Jerry Shreck Says:

    Those are hard. I do one very similar to that with a kettlebell also. Take one kettlebell and lie back off the GHD until just above parallel. Then stay in that isometric contraction and do one arm presses. This will produce insane contra-lateral contractions through the entire torso! Enjoy!!

  2. John Cortese Says:


    Those look brutal!! I always am in need for better exercise variations for myself and my athletes!

    This one will surely be used!


    -John Cortese

  3. Yavor Says:

    This looks kickass. Thanks for sharing it!


  4. Ross Says:

    Oxes are the hardest core exercise ever.
    They are performed with a safety squat bar on the back,held steady by a partner while the exerciser deadlifts another bar.

    I dont know who came up with this idea,but its absolutely insane.And it probably works like crazy too.

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