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Guest Blog Article – More Combat Core Training

More Combat Core

By Doug Fioranelli


Just like you reading this post I am a huge fan of the Diesel Crew. Their vision of the strength training world has helped me grow tremendously as a trainer. One of my favorite products is their Combat Core DVD. It is the description and application of real-world abdominal training.

I am sure Smitty and The Crew could have made a DVD that would take a week to watch; filled with the entire amount of core exercises crammed in their brains. That would be a lot work. So I am going to do the work for them and add a few more Combat Core exercises into the mix.

Tire Farmer Walks

Honestly I was a bit surprised not to see this exercise in the DVD. There are a ton of tire exercises and a variety of farmer walks but the combination of the two was absent. I really like this exercise because it not only trains your core, it also trains your grip isometrically in a unique position. I use this exercise frequently when I am training my judo and jiujitsu athletes because they need both the core and grip training.

Find the middle of the tire on each side and pronate your forearms so you can grab the tire in the middle. Once your grip is secure; deadlift the tire up. With your shoulders down and back and your chest up; walk the tire towards your desired distance.

Kettlebell Figure 8 àUppercut

I saw a trainer having his clients do this exercise at a commercial gym and I thought “hey that is a great exercise for coordination and the core; I am going to steal it.” It’s proof that not all things that go on at commercial gyms are bad. This is a great exercise for martial artists, wrestlers, and boxers who need to learn to transfer energy through their core so they have effective punches and take downs.

With your back flat, pass the kettlebell through the front of your legs towards your opposite hand. Grab the kettlebell with the opposite hand behind your legs and with your hips and core drive the kettlebell up and across towards the midline of your body as if you were throwing an uppercut. Stop the kettlebell with the free hand out if front of the midline of your body. Repeat with the other side.

Blast Strap Fallouts

This exercise falls in the category with the ab roller where your core has to brace. This is also a tough shoulder exercise so it is advised that you start small with the range of motion and progress as you feel more comfortable with the movement.

You can also do this exercise with rings or you can hang some chains from your rack as well. The lower you start with the straps, the more range of motion you will have and the harder the exercise will be.

Get up on your toes and set your shoulders down and back. Stay tight in your core and glutes while you are moving and extend out as far as you feel comfortable. Give a hard contraction of the hips and glutes to bring you back to the starting position.

Lying Donkey Kicks

Many people don’t like training their core because the exercises tend to be difficult; however I have not met a single person who didn’t like this exercise. The only drawback is that you need a partner to perform this one. Use a medicine ball that bounces or preferably a Dynamax ball. This is a great dynamic lower body and core exercise.

Lie on your back while your partner stands three to five feet away from you. Have your partner throw the ball towards your feet in a low line-drive fashion. When the timing is right kick the ball back to your partner as if you were kicking through the ball. The kick back should be in that same low line-drive manner that your partner threw it to you.

A more challenging version can be done using alternating single leg kicks.

You now have four more Combat Core exercises to add to your training arsenal. Go out and train hard.

Doug is a strength coach and owner of Rise Above Performance Training where he helps athletes develop and increase their athletic performance by teaching correct body positioning and proper lifting mechanics through carefully structured strength and conditioning programs.  You can find him at or on his gym page


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  1. Glenn Says:

    Great post. great exercises. Well timed, too, as I have to keep reminding myself to work this area lately when time is short. Whether it’s your body or sports team, you can always point to a strong core when the goal is achieved.

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