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MMA – Insane Conditioning Workouts


My boy Tom Lawlor is fighting on the UFC100 undercard.  I have been consulting with Tom for his last two fights.  He is a very humble and funny guy and I think we should all be pulling for him this Saturday.

movarrowPart I

Post your fight predictions for the card in the comments below:

Lesnar vs. Mir

St. Pierre vs. Alves

Henderson vs. Bisping

Good Luck Tom!

movarrowPart II

Post your favorite conditioning workout targeted for fat loss OR elite conditioning levels!

The best one will be the exclusive, NEVER-BEFORE-RELEASED MMA routine that I used to train Tom Lawlor for his TUF 8 winning fight.

This extreme routine may never be released to the public so this might be your only chance to get a look at it!  POST YOUR ROUTINE NOW!


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33 Responses to “MMA – Insane Conditioning Workouts”

  1. Joe Hashey Says:

    Predictions – 1. Lawlor. Good guy, has the skills.

    2. Lesnar by an ass kicking.
    3. GSP by decision
    4. Henderson – I hate that Bisbing gets cushy hometown decisions whenever they fight overseas – ie, over Matt Hamill.

    Ill also throw in a pitch for my hometown buddy Jonny Bones Jones trying to stay undefeated.


  2. Alex Says:

    Favorite workout for mma is to actualy train mma. Strength wise would have to be similar to Jon Chaimberg’s stuff who is GSPs strength coach.

  3. Al in Vancouver Says:

    Favourite conditioning workout of my invention:
    sprint 25 metres. Bearwalk out to side 10 metres and back.
    Sprint 25 metres back to start. Heavy sandbag carry 10 metres out and back.
    Continue for 10, 15, whatever minutes makes sense in the context.
    Favourite conditioning workout from someone else:
    Throw and Go from Ross Enamait.
    sprint 25 metres. Sprint 25 metres back to start.
    Pick an object and lunge with it 25 metres.Throw the object back to start using a variety of throws including overhead, from chest, frm side, backwards. (The object can be asandbag, kettlebell, whatever, I often use kettlebells Ross suggests sandbags. I also like a medley of objects).

    Predictions: well I always have to go with my heart so GSP and Henderson. I don’t really have loyalty to Lesnar but I will pick him too.

  4. Stope Ape Says:

    I. Lesnar by KO in round 2.
    GSP by TKO

    II. “10 Tons”: Parallel squats totaling 10 tons (20,000 lbs)of weight for time. ie 50 reps of 405lbs or 40 reps of 495lbs.

  5. Tim Rudd Says:

    Favorite Conditioning workout compliments of Juan Carlos Santana IHP:

    Purpose of circuit is increased density in whatever time is specific to bout ie: 3×5 min rounds etc..So reps will be adjusted for that.

    But this example is for 3 x 5min rounds with only 1 minute rest between circuits.

    Weights used 10-15% bodyweight ie: Monday conditioning 10%, Wed: Strength Power and Friday Strength Conditioning circuit 15% bodyweight

    DB Fighting Matrix: Complete in 90 sec or less

    Overhead cross punches x 6
    Cross punches x 6
    Downward cross punches x 6

    Low Pummell x 6
    Medium Pummel x 6
    exaggerated High pummell x 6

    Shooting forward lunge x 6
    Lateral shooting lunge x 6
    Raotational shooting lunge x6

    Shooting forward with cross punch x 6
    Shooting lateral lunge with cross punch x 6
    Shooting rorational lunge with cross punch x 6

    Medicine Ball Guard exchange x 20

    Inverted clinch pulls x 20

    Contralateral toe touch push-ups x 20

    Superband resisted knees x 20

    Explosive bodyweight pick ups x 10

    All done in 5 minutes and eventually less as density increases.

    Predicitions will be Lesnar, just cause he is so damn fast and big!

    St. Pierre

    Kick Some ass Lawlor!

  6. Jim Smith Says:

    great stuff guys, keep them coming!

  7. Christian Says:

    My hardest might of been the first day of training with parisis speed camp last summer, but here is one I remember doing on my own.

    40M Sprint
    20 Push ups
    40M Sprint
    20 Split Squats
    40M Sprint
    20 Burpees
    40M Sprint


    I did this on the turf, all the exercises were body weight, truly kicked my ass at the time.

  8. Greg Says:

    Great Day Of Conditioning:

    Picture this: a perfectly flat narrow parking lot, with a culdisac (who knows how that is spelled?) at the end, a jeep wrangler, with a thick rope attached to the hitch, a sledge hammer, an old tire, about 45lbs. in chains and a 16lb med ball. Here’s the set up, pull the jeep all the way to you, then drag the car the rest of the way to the culdisac, push the jeep around the circle (brutal, and so much better than a straight away). as soon as your done pick up the chains and over head lunge back to the starting point when you get there sledge hammer 2 min alternating sides swinging downard on the tire. Rest 1 min. Overhead lunge the chains back to the jeep and push it back around circle and pull it back to start, upon return rotational shot puts with med ball 1 min each side. Grab some water and get your ass in the jeep so the next guy can go.

    – GR

  9. Spida Hunter Says:

    My predictions,

    Here’s what I put my fighters through on Tuesday, they have a fight comming up on 25th July.

    This is Day 1 of 2 programme split!

    Warm up 15min (Stationary movement (star jump circuit) to stationary dynamic (lunge squence) to dynamic movement (high knees/butt kicks/russian walks/walking lunges) to muscle activation floor work (hip extentions/lying leg raises/superman’s etc.) to Dynamic mobility.

    Metabolic Power Endurance:
    1) DB Matrix 6 per side (total 72reps)
    2) Iso hold + knee tucks (30sec)
    3) Sprawling burpees (20)
    4) MB Rotation slams-seated (15 per side)
    5) Flying arm bar on rope (10)
    6) Multi direction chin ups (10)
    7) lift “tiny tim” gym stone (5-10)

    Aim between 5-7mins x 3sets

    ESD: 20/10 of Bodyweight Power cleans with partner = x 8

    Yes, it’s brutal BUT more importantly it YIELDS awesome results and that’s what matters!! I vary everything according to the person and fatigue so they are smashed but rewarded! Mostly the feeling of smashed 🙂

  10. Mike Brower Says:


    Here is a great conditioning workout i did yesterday for my off day.

    21-15-9 of air squats and push ups for time.
    Run 200m 10 squats 10 push ups 5 rounds.
    10 Handstand push ups and a 200m run 3 rounds.
    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Burpies and Sit ups.
    handstand 30 seconds and 20 air squats, 5 rounds.

    Kettlebell Snatch (55) 5 left 5 right
    Ring Pushups
    85lb Sandbag Hang Power Clean
    Ring Pushups
    Sandbag Push Press
    Ring Pushups
    Ring Pushups
    Kettlebell Clean and Jerk (2 x 44)
    Ring Pushups
    12-10-8 for Time
    3 Rounds for time

    10 Single Arm DB Press (55 Lb DB all exercises)
    10 Single arm DB Snatch
    10 Single Arm DB Bench
    10 Single Arm DB Swings
    10 Medicine Ball Slams
    10 Burpees
    Plank Circuit 3 rounds
    20 Front Plank with Band Punch-out (band around feet/hands)
    20 TRX Plank Up-Downs
    20 Plank T-Rotations Weighted
    20 TRX Body saw with pike(on elbows)
    20 Plank Renegade Row Dumbells
    45sec TRX Rollouts on Hands

  11. Santiago... Says:

    just what the florida gators need to do under billy donovan before they can train with the team….15 suicides in 15 minutes

    thas…sprint to the free trhow and back, to mid court and back to the other free throw and back, full court and back…

    a good time for that is around 24 seconds…you you would be sprinting all out for about 30 seconds, resting 30 sec an repeating for 15 rounds….

    thats why they can run full court press all game and all season long


  12. Coach Mike Says:

    Do 50 sets of v02 from rkc kennth jay’s vo2 work out in the 36/36 format! It will break most guys who think they are in shape. your body ends up numb and your lungs burning! Good luck!

  13. John Says:


    1:3 work( max effort 30-45sec) to rest (rest=any core activity/medball work(if you can)) 2-4 sets (whatever you can get in under and hour)
    Count distance or reps and try to do more next time around

    Sled drag sprints (or bungee cord sprints)
    Sled drag rope pull/rows
    Tire Flip
    Sand bag clean and horizontal press or squat and horiz press, kneeling sandbag horizontal toss
    Slosh Pipe Walk
    Sand Bag Vertical jumps or KB work, keg snatches
    KB Bell (upright Position) military press (or Keg presses)
    *if time is available (and you can stand upright/not dead) finish with push-ups,pullups and mountain climbers.
    That’s about and don’t puke

  14. Brad Nelson Says:

    Best Conditioning workout…

    “The Sissy Test”
    Inverse Ladder
    25 KB Swings 1 Burpee
    24 KB Swings 2 Burpees

    go until you’ve done 1 swing and 25 Burpees with as little rest as possible. This is a crusher.

    Crank it!

  15. Adam Says:

    Lesnar – TKO
    St. Pierre – Decision
    Bisping but not sure about this one – Decision

    And Lawlor!

    Elite Condition…
    Our home made (USMC) style conditioning
    -2 minute strike bag drill combos
    -buddy drag or firemans
    -2 minute kicking / knee drill
    -star jumps or lunges
    -2 minute strike / sprawl drill
    -buddy sits (like wall sits but use each others backs)
    -buddy situps
    -shrimping guard drill
    -push-ups/air squats
    -defence / offence drill 5 min
    This cycle with tweaks here and there 30-45 minutes and you will be smoked. That is what we are doing today at least 🙂

  16. Adam Says:

    Lesnar – TKO
    St. Pierre – Decision
    Bisping but not sure about this one – Decision

    And Lawlor!

    Elite Condition…
    Our home made (USMC) style conditioning
    -2 minute strike bag drill combos
    -buddy drag or firemans
    -2 minute kicking / knee drill
    -star jumps or lunges
    -2 minute strike / sprawl drill
    -buddy sits (like wall sits but use each others backs)
    -buddy situps
    -shrimping guard drill
    -push-ups/air squats
    -defence / offence drill 5 min
    This cycle with tweaks here and there 30-45 minutes and you will be smoked. That is what we are doing today at least 🙂

  17. Doug Says:

    In regards to the fights, I’ve been too busy to really review the fighters’ recent stats. However, I feel the Mir and Lenser fight could go either way and I’m a big fan of GSP and Bisping, so I would like to see them end it w/ a KO. Either way, its gonna be one hell of a UFC. I’ll be at the station that day. We’re more than likely going to order it, but hopefully the EMS/Fire gods are merciful that night.
    Recently, I have reconstructed my whole training program to prepare for an upcoming RKC cert. I decided to go back to the roots of the RKC system w/ ETK: Program Minimum and Rite Of Passage. I rewrote each program to better suit my needs as a fire fighter as well as prepare me for the intense cert. course. Below is a sample of one of my Program Minimum workouts. The concentration in this workout is the swing mixed with bodyweight, other kb work, and odd objects to give my body the conditioning it needs for the job and the cert. Whether you’re fighting a fire or Lesnar, I feel that this has everything you need to condition your body for success.

    SWING FOR YOUR LIFE: 30 work/15 rest 3-5 Rounds w/ 1-3min rest b/t rounds. (I did 3 rounds of this yesterday in the Texas heat w/ a total of 237 swings w/ a 27.4KG KB. I’m gonna do it next week w/ the 32KG)

    Figure 8 To A Hold
    Parallette Push Ups
    Super Burpee
    Super Plank
    Fire Hose Waves

  18. Kelly Says:

    Lesnar-referee stoppage
    Alves-ko I like the underdog

    This circuit is done for time by 3 sets. Depending on your current condition this circiut can last anywhere from 4:30 to 6 minutes.
    250lb tire flip x 20 reps
    90lb stone carry x 150 ft
    Tire Drag w/120lb semi tire flat on ground x 150 ft
    Hand over hand 100Lb sled pull w/inch and half rope x 100ft
    Overhead Sledgehammer strikes 20 each side
    20lb med ball forward throw 10 each side

  19. MMariner7005 Says:

    Lesnar, St. Pierre, Bisbing to win the fights. The toughest conditioning workout Ive done was from Crossfit Football. “Kalsu” every minute on the minute do 5 burpees. With the remaining time do 135# Thrusters for as many reps as possible. Continue with burpees and thrusters until you accumulate 100 total thrusters…… absolutly brutal.

  20. J.B. Says:


    prowler push 40m
    80lb sandbag zercher carry 40m
    5/side kb snatch to tgu (snatch, get down, get up=1)
    10 rounds
    2:1 rest:work

  21. Jim Smith Says:

    Wow, tons of awesome workouts. There are so many cool and innovative combinations!

    Keep them coming!

  22. Mark Raynsford Says:

    Lesnar, unless Mir who is intelligent, can take him to the floor.
    GSP, unless Alves catches him flush (obviously!)
    Bisping!! Bring it back for the UK buddy!!

  23. phd hashey Says:

    Mir by tko
    Henderson by wrestling around all fight
    alves TKO

  24. jeremy Says:

    for the fights:
    St. Pierre
    a conditioning workout i do today for AMD conditioning is done with sprint front then backward and 10 reps of various:

    50yd sprint….burpees…50yd running backwards…burpees 10 rep
    40.same…sanddbag toss (same rep) if w/ partner toss back and forth
    30….push up then roll

  25. Luka Hocevar Says:

    This is a conditioning workout I did with Jason “The Punisher” Perry before his northwest title fight (amazing fight he won by KO in 2nd round) around 10 days out. His title fight was 5 x 3 minute rounds. Each station lasted 3 minutes and we had a minute break in between:

    Round 1 (3 minutes):
    Barbell Complex: Deadlifts x 6
    Bent Over Rows x 6
    Cleans x 6
    Front Squats x 6
    Jerks x 6
    Baack Squats x 6

    Round 2 (3 min.): Alternate non stop between
    KB Duck Unders x 8/each
    Chin Ups x 8

    Round 3 (3 mins.): Heavy Bag Combos + Sprawl (2 combos then sprawl)

    Round 4 (3 mins.): Alternate non stop between
    D-Ball Slams x 8
    Bear Crawls x 20 yards

    Round 5 (3 mins): Non stop
    KB Swings x 10
    Push Ups x 10
    Shuttle Run x 60 yards

    We ran through this with the athlete group to help Jason out with motivation, here is the video of a round:

  26. Mark Says:


    All lifts are done with a 24kg (53lb) kettlebell or 25% of bodyweight.

    Do all exercises in order using the prescribed reps and rest as little as possible between rungs/sets, completing the circuit (ladder) as fast as possible.

    Exercise 1 – KB Swing

    Exercise 2 – KB Press (per side)

    Exercise 3 – KB TGU (per side)

    Exercise 4 – KB Goblet Squat

    Exercise 5 – KB Snatch (per side)

    Rung/Set E1 E2 E3 E4 E5

    1 8 3 1 8 2
    2 13 5 2 12 4
    3 18 7 3 16 6
    4 23 9 4 20 8
    5 28 11 5 24 10
    6 23 9 4 20 8
    7 18 7 3 16 6
    8 13 5 2 12 4
    9 8 3 1 8 2

  27. jeremy Says:

    im sorry i didn’t finish the workout my cpu froze
    30 push up then roll
    20…jump lunges (jump side to side landing in lunge pos)
    10…sit up to push up pos as fast as possible may load/deload object to add resistance
    repeat round til set time is finished

  28. Brandon Says:

    Lesnar, Alves, Henderson – All KO

    Stolen from Mike Mahler

    Wrecking Ball Bag / Tear Drop Bag
    54 lb Kettlebell
    Bucket to Puke in

    5 – 12 Rounds

    Rouund 1
    2 – 4 Min Muay Thai / Kickboxing
    10 KB Swings L, R
    Rest 30 Seconds – 1 Minutes

    Round 2
    2 – 4 Min Muay Thai / Kickboxing
    10 KB Clean and Press (Long Cycle) L, R
    Rest 30 Seconds – 1 Minutes

    Round 3
    2 – 4 Min Muay Thai / Kickboxing
    10 KB Snatch L, R
    Rest 30 Seconds – 1 Minutes


    If the fight calls for grappling add some 1/4 Turkish Get-Ups (Scott Sonnon – lockflow or youtube) and switch the bag work up with some ground and pound and submission dummy work.

  29. jamie Says:

    fights are over so i wont make any predictions

    tyre deadlift x 5
    tyre farmers walk x 20m and back
    band side outs x 5 L/R
    sled push x 20m and back
    sandbag TGU x 5 L/R
    sled push x 20m and back
    2 x 24kg KB bear walk
    band runs x 5
    KB cleans x 10 L/R
    tyre deadlift x 5
    tyre farmers walk x 20m and back
    KB bracing/ striking pads x 1 min L/R

  30. Jedd Says:

    It was great watching Lesnar pummel Mir’s face.

  31. Elliott Hulse Says:

    I loaded a 225 lb. stone to 54″…. 100 TIMES on Friday, this was my “conditioning” routine. Took about 80 minutes!

  32. Sgt. Fitness Says:

    Set-up whatever you want on each end of a football field: weights, kettlebells, sand bags, ropes, odd objects, jump rope, sparring partner, body weight, sledge, car to push etc… Do whatever on one end, sprint to other side do whatever sprint back, and repeat. Keep going back and fourth. You get the idea.

  33. Stephanie Says:

    Don’t know if it is too late to add my conditioning workout…but give it a’s a good one if you challenge yourself! Also, you can sub KB for sandbag if necessary.

    5 ROUNDS – 30s on / 10s transition

    Burpee Pullups
    Sandbag Swings
    Sandbag Snatches
    Sandbag Zercher Squat to Good Mornings
    Sandbag Deadlifts

    3 Rounds of 12

    Ab Wheel ROllout
    Sandbag Twists


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