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Cold Weather Training – Don’t Let The Cold Freeze Your Workout

How to Prepare for Training in Cold Environments

A few weeks back, I put up a post about the Possible Benefits of Training in the Cold.

Shortly after that, there was a request on my friend, Elliott Hulse’s YouTube Channel about how to get better workouts when training in the cold.

Now, Elliott is from Florida and camps out in the Palm Trees with crocodiles, so cold weather training isn’t something that he has to worry about too much.

So I wrote him a quick note and let him know I’d be glad to help him out. So I put together a couple of videos for his channel.

Part 1 – What to Wear for Cold Weather Strength Training

Part 2 – How to Warm-up and Stay Warm for Cold Weather Strength Training

If you have any other tips, please leave a comment below. I don’t want anybody’s workout suffering because of these frigid temperatures.

More Resources on Cold Weather Training / Warming Up Better

Article: Benefits of Cold Weather Training

Killer Conditioning Combo for Cold Weather Training

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8 Responses to “Cold Weather Training – Don’t Let The Cold Freeze Your Workout”

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  2. Triathlon race results Says:

    Backwards pulling simply kills the quad muscles. They take a beating as well as many muscles in the hip joint. The core has to remain solid and the hands have to work hard to hang on to whatever you are pulling. Hockey defensemen often move backwards. Although the stepping pattern for pulling is not exact to the “C” cut used in backwards skating, the muscles in the quads and hips are still getting trained while driving the body back against resistance.

  3. Ray Zimmerman Says:

    Hey Jedd thanks so much for the vids on cold weather training last week, I was going through a hard time with my workouts in my garage. 2 thing that helped was a cup of a hot beverage before I went out to the garage and shorts underneath my sweats. I am also doing more reps now which are helping me.

  4. Juha Says:

    I do strongman training outside whole year here in Finland. It is how you
    dress and warm up. I use neophrene sleeves in my back, knees and elbows. Those work.

  5. Frank Pizzo Says:

    Great post as always Jedd. I like to wear my Rehbands underneath my sweats, and I crank the Iron Maiden and Judas Priest up real loud to keep my mind off the cold in between sets. Priest is my “Painkiller”(pun intended)!

  6. john b. Says:

    such a helpful post. no matter what the weather is, people should still be consistent with their workout routines to get desired results effectively.

  7. Frank DiMeo Says:

    Good stuff, Jedd! I grew up in New England and the cold weather was no big deal.
    Later, I escaped to south Florida ( just south of Elliott Hulse) and not hooked on the tropical weather.
    This week, like everyone else , the temperature hit some record lows, even nere. It’s crazy to see everyone staying indoors in Florida because f “cold” weather (upper 30s at night and 45-50 during the day). This would have been T-shirt weather in Mass.
    I have admit the 40 mph wind did chill things somewhat but it was great training outside today.
    The last really cold weather I was in was in Korea in the winter (and I am ‘t going back).

  8. Frank DiMeo Says:

    Excuse the Android spelling errors

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