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Results of the Classic Strongman Feat Tournament


Check out the results of the Classic Strongman Feats Tournament…

Week 5 Bracket Video

Ending Score Totals

David Wigren – 7 Points * WINNER – $100
Cameron Bailey / Darrin Shallman – 5 Points – * WINNERS – $50 Each
Mike Rinderle – 4 Points – * WINNER – $50 worth of Steel from
David Horne – 3 Points
Richard MacLean / Jason Steeves – 2 Points
Daniel Reinard – 1.5 Points
EJ Livesey – 1 Point
Christopher Smith – .5 Points

Winners, please send me your paypal addresses so I can get your prize payments to you!


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3 Responses to “Results of the Classic Strongman Feat Tournament”

  1. Daniel Reinard Says:

    Congrats Wiggy the Machine and all the winners!

  2. Mike Rinderle Says:

    Well deserved win for the modern day ARN!!! Best all around steel bender on the planet.

  3. David Wigren Says:

    Thanks guys! This was a badass challenge. I was lucky in the draw that all the events fit me perfectly. I’ve been bending shoes for almost 4 years now, reverse bent a ton of steel and back in 09 I probably ripped several hundred deck of cards. Had the events been more grip dependent, like grippers or pinch, I would’ve lost

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