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Classic Strongman Feats Tournament – Week 2 Submissions


Partially torn deck of cards

Week 2 of the Classic Strongman Feats Challenge is in the books! Last week the challenge was to rip a deck of cards in half and then quarter one of the halves!

This week’s winner is Cameron Bailey.

Check out how the tournament rolled out for this past week:

Scores from This Week:

  • Bailey – + 3
  • Reinard – + 1.5
  • David Wigren – + 1
  • McLean – + 1
  • Steeves – + .5
  • Rinderle – + .5

Scores from Last Week:

  • 1 – David Horne – 3 Points
  • 2 – Mike Rinderle – 1.5 Points
  • 2 – Jason Steeves – 1.5 Points
  • 3 – Richard McLean – 1 Point

Standings after Two Weeks:

  • Cameron Bailey / David Horne – 3 Points
  • Richard McLean / Jason Steeves / Mike Rinderle – 2 Points
  • Daniel Reinard
  • David Wigren – 1 Point

As you can see, the standings are VERY CLOSE!

Even if you have not submitted a video yet this month, with three weeks left to go, it is not too late to start submitting!

Don’t have the hand strength to rip a deck of cards? I’ll show you how to build the hand strength to make short work of any deck standing in your way. Check out the Card Tearing eBook.

Click the image below…

Check out last week’s submissions for quartering a deck of cards!

Daniel Reinard

Richard McLean

Darrin Shallman

David Wigren

Jason Steeves

Mike Rinderle

Adam Glass

David Horne

Cameron Bailey

Next week’s challenge is Phone Book Tearing.

If you don’t know how to do this feat, then you should check out Phone Book Mass Destruction.

All the best in your training!


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