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Chuck Sipes – Intense Bastard

Chuck Sipes

I got a review copy of an ebook package on Chuck Sipes called Chuck Sipes Power Storm this week and I must say the guy was impressive. Here are a few pictures I found of him showing some of the awesome stuff he did.

While a lot of the oldtime bodybuilders are cool and all, I haven’t found a great deal of evidence that they bent steel on top of hitting the iron relentlessly, but Chuck Sipes did. In fact, he doubled as a regularly performing strongman during the 1960’s while maintaining a world-class physique, reportedly all drug-free.

Text-book reverse bending technique, above. Check out the location of the nail in relation to his thumb .

Here he is crushing down what is most likely a 60D (60-penny) spike. It looks as if he just wrapped them in a small towel. Bending 60D’s with minimal wrapping like that involves a tremendous amount of pain tolerance. Chuck was obviously an intense dude.

Sipes didn’t just do the short non-braced bends, he also did the long braced feats. While I don’t know how far he went with the finish, whether he just put a U in the bar or if he “fished” them wrapped them into a scroll, above it shows he had some massive arm and shoulder strength to be bending bars in this way.

I can’t even imagine how many magazines must have featured Sipes back in the day.

My bouts of research on Chuck Sipes have been very impressive. My biggest take-away from it all was his work ethic. Maintaining his physique would have been much easier if he were not employed as a lumberjack, working long shifts, with less-than-optimal meal conditions, I’m sure, yet he managed to make it happen, keeping himself as hard as the mountain rock that he walked on. Keep that in mind next time you are feeling run-down after a day’s work.

For more inspiration, you can read more about Chuck Sipes,one damn intense dude, right here: Chuck Sipes Power Storm

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4 Responses to “Chuck Sipes – Intense Bastard”

  1. Dave L. Says:

    And unlike you, he has leg development.

  2. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Oh darn. Someone claiming to be Dave Lemanzcyk is picking on my legs. Even Dave L isn’t that sad.

  3. Steve Prater Says:

    As a youth I knew MR Sipes through my dad as they worked at Preston youth correction facility in Ione Ca together. I was blessed to watch him preform at my dads second job/business grand opening. What an awesome monster of a man Chuck Sipes was.

  4. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Thanks for posting Steve. Very cool! I’d love to post a story on the blog if you wanted to put one together.


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