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Chris Rider Lifts My Inch with His Hair

Here, Chris Rider lifts my 172-lb Replica Inch Dumbbell with his hair.


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5 Responses to “Chris Rider Lifts My Inch with His Hair”

  1. Super-Trainer Says:

    Thataboy Chris! So I guess 172 is your hair deadlift max

  2. zach even - esh Says:

    ha ha

    where do i get an inch replica Jedd? I wanna order 1 for my gym

    I’m impressed when some1 can lift it, then again, u freaks have pressed it, i love that!

  3. Jim Smith Says:


    The Thomas Replicas are out of production, not even Ironmind or Sorinex carry them anymore. You have to look on ebay or other equipment auctions.

  4. Andy Says:

    Wow. Strong hair. Looks like potential endorsement from a shampoo company. Only way to top that will be to have someone lift it with there “wang” like the monks do.

  5. Jedd Says:

    Zach, Good luck brother. They are scarce as hell.

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