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Build More Muscle and Burn More Fat with Exercise Groupings

Monday, October 10th, 2016

I used to hit the same exercise for the standard 3 or 4 sets, resting in between sets, and then I’d move on to the next exercise.


While I got decent results from this, with all the rest time, my workouts were getting longer and longer.

Tack on some cardio at the end, and you find your workouts just keep on eating up more and more time.

Once my daughter was born, I felt the need to prune my workouts down, in order to be able to spend more time with her.

I found that grouping 2 or more exercises together allowed me to get just as much work done during my workouts, while saving me a whole bunch of time, and I even began seeing better results in the form of MORE MUSCLE and MORE FAT BURNED.

So, these days, my workouts pretty much always are comprised of exercise groupings, done in back-to-back fashion.

Call them Super Sets, Giant Sets, Circuits, Complexes, Medleys, call them whatever you want, for me, lifting like this is the way to consistently have awesome workouts and enjoy great results.

The Yoketober program is no different. It relies heavily on these exercise groupings in order to make the Yoke grow.

Here’s a sample of an exercise grouping from Yoketober, that I did the other day.

Deltoid Smasher Super Set

This 3-piece grouping is going to hit the deltoids from 3 different angles. In Yoketober, the deltoids are one of the main focal points for getting a wider upper torso, and casting a bigger shadow.

Also, here’s another 2-piece pairing that targets the biceps.

Back to Back Biceps Combination

This one isn’t from the Yoketober program, but it could be easily tacked onto the end of one of the Yoketober Yoke Days, if you’re craving a little extra biceps action.

In addition to the benefits I’ve seen as far as building muscle with these combos, I’ve also seen solid fat-burning results.

I credit this to the way these pairings so violently disturb your metabolism.

I equate this intense form of strength training to jumping rope or running sprints in the way the heart rate is escalated, and how long it takes to recover once training is done. Naturally, you’ve gotta eat right, if you want to cut up, but since I just can’t find the time to do cardio the last year or so, turning my isolation work into groupings is the way I’m going.

Now, I truly thought I was onto something with the way that I was pairing exercises together for the last few years.

Little did I know that Nick Nilsson was actually blowing me away in the intensity department.

I found out last week Nick has a product out that is packed with these combo’s, only he takes it up another notch or two.

His product is called Metabolic Monsters, and you’ve gotta see how he takes one single dumbbell and turns it into a one-piece torture device.

No wonder this particular complex is called the “Single Dumbbell Attack.”

I LOVE this kind of training, and I can’t wait to give the circuit he shows at the top of the page, and many more like it a try very soon.

All the best in your training.


Check Out Metabolic Monsters

Great NY State Fair Grip Contest

Friday, August 26th, 2016



2.5″ Crusher – 4 Attempts for Max Lift – One Hand Tested

Anvil Hold for Time – 2 Attempts per Hand, time is combined

One Hand Pinch – 54mm – One Hand Tested




$35 for the Grip Contest;


$5 for the World Series of Grip – Unlimited attempts to lift the Inch Dumbbell, Blob, 45lb Hub, #3 Gripper.

Training with Paul Knight

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

We’re staying with Paul Knight this weekend of the North American Grip Sport championship.

We did a little Grip stuff last night, and Paul repped out a 158-rated GHP #7.

We also did some speed bagging this morning, and we tried to see how fast we could get going, hitting it Rocky-style.

Be sure to subscribe to my channel. I’ll have more video with Paul Knight.

Thanks, and all the best in your training.


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MISSION COMPLETE: Basics of Grip Training and Strongmanism Seminar

Monday, April 4th, 2016

Man what an awesome time last week, DIESELS.

As you know, on Thursday, I help the Basics of Grip and Strongmanism seminar.

Here’s a pic, with Dr. Jim Wagner on the left, me, and Chris Fritz on the right.


I got this message posted on my wall on Facebook, after the event:

    I got to spend the day at a seminar with the grip legend himself,
    Jedd Johnson. I learned more in 5 hours than I did in the last
    five years
    . It was an awesome day and Jedd is one of the nicest
    guys you could meet! I’ll be seeing you again Brother, hopefully
    at the next contest!

    Chris Fritz

Here’s how the day’s content rolled out:

    9:00AM Start, meet and greet

    General to specific
    – General Full Body: Mobility / Activation / Light Stretching
    – Move to Weights
    – Move to Specific
    Magic Formula for Success

    – Placement
    – Gripper Angle
    – Wrist Angle
    – Tension
    – Set to Close
    – Skin Stretch
    – Hit
    – Thumb Strike
    – Roll the Dice
    High Impact Drills
    Other Considerations

    Chalking Considerations
    Plate Pinching
    Block Weights
    Odd Objects
    Euro Pinch
    High Impact Drills

    Thick Bar and other Open Hand Training
    What is Open Hand Training? Is Thick Bar “Support Grip”
    Support Specificity
    High Impact Drills

    Intro to Feats
    Beginner Conditioning

    Card Tearing

    Steel Bending

    Individual Based
    Setting up YOUR Program
    Formulating Workouts – Think Energy Economy
    Specificity of Grip Training

    Injury Prevention & Recovery Methods

    2:00 / 2:30PM Close

Man, I’ll tell you what, I absolutely love talking GRIP with people.

As an added bonus, before we called it a day, Dr. Jim Wagner got out his Hawk Grips, a special set of soft tissue massaging devices, and worked on us a little bit.

We got EVERYTHING on film, and I’ve already begun editing the footage, and will be making it available on DVD.

If you want to be the first to add this information to your library, add your information to the box below:

It will be ready as absolutely fast as I can get through all 5 hours!

In the meantime, Make it a Great Week.

All the best in your training.


P.S. Sign up for notification as soon as this seminar becomes available.

Battle of the Grip – Syracuse, New York

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Battle of the Grip

Up coming Grip Contest in Syracuse, New York

Date: March 26th
Entry Form: Click Here
Entry Fee: $30, made out to Jedd Johnson – PO BOX 806 Wyalusing, PA 18853
Events: Blob Hold for Time | Anvil Hold for Time | Wrist Wrench Lift to Lockout (Max)
Weigh-ins: 8AM to 10AM
Warm-ups: 9AM
Rules: 9:30AM
Contest Begins: 10AM
Rules: Below

Event 1: Blob Hold for Time

The Blobs used will be half 75lb York Blobs and 25lb Power Pills. Lifter will take a Grip on the Blobs and lift to lockout and hold for as long as possible. The Blobs may not contact your legs/thighs/body. Time continues until a Blob(s) falls out of your hand, or you set one/two of them down. You must get at least 5 seconds for your time to count. If you can not get 5 seconds with the half 75’s, you may take a second attempt with the 25lb Diesel Power Pills. Any holds of at least 5 seconds with the half 75s will beat holds with the 25b Power Pills.

Event 2: Anvil Hold for Time

The Anvils used will weigh 118lbs and 55lbs. Each lifter will get 1 attempt right-handed on the big anvil and 1 attempt right-handed on the small anvil. Lifters must get at least a 5-second hold with the 118lb Anvil for their attempt to count. Time begins once the Anvil breaks off the floor and goes until the Anvil slips out of your grip or until you return it to the floor. If you do not get a 5-second hold with the big anvil, you will get a second attempt on the small anvil. Any 5-count hold or longer with the big anvil beats holds with the smaller anvil.

The same process takes place left-handed for all competitors. You will have a combined score based on your performance on each Anvil.

Event 3: Wrist Wrench for Max Weight

The Wrist Wrench will be gripped so the strap crosses on the thumb side of the implement. The lifter gets one pull per attempt, and you must lift the Wrist Wrench so that your knees, hips, and off-hand shoulder are locked out. “Good lift” will be called, at which point you must return the implement back to the ground under reasonable control. If you drop it or if it pops out of your hand, your attempt will not count. One hand (strong hand) is to be used on all 4 attempts. This is a Rising Bar event, meaning once weight is added, it won’t be taken off, so make sure that you don’t start too high. Get on the board with a good lift and then make smart jumps up in weight. Smallest increments will be 2.5lbs. If you are unfamiliar with the Wrist Wrench, it is MUCH HARDER than the IronMind Rolling Thunder. As an example, 85lbs is a very respectable lift, and 100lbs is almost unheard of.

Scoring: Strongman Scoring will be used for all 3 events. You get points based on your placing, and low points at the end wins. Example: First Place = 1 point, Second Place = 2 points, etc.


Looking forward to seeing you at the Tilted Kilt in Syracuse, New York.