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Results of the Silver Bullet DVD Drawing

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

Silver Bullet DVD Contest

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

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Heavy Back Training with Thick Bar for Grip Strength

Monday, November 23rd, 2015
rt pullups

This past Thursday, Luke and I used Thick Bar Handles for just about everything on our Back Day, please we went pretty darn heavy, as well.

Here’s how the workout went:

Rolling Thunder Pull-ups with Weight Added – 3 sets of 3

Luke (203lbs) went with a 24-kg kettlebell added

Jedd (255lbs) went with 90lbs in plates added

I had to re-grip for all my 3rd reps. We also threw in some holds at the top of some of the reps.

Narrow Handle Thick Grip Pull-downs

We worked up to 305lbs and did 6 to 10 reps per set. These were extremely heavy, and resulted in some partial reps, as well as holds. We focused on controlling the weight, not throwing it.

Thick Handled Loadable Dumbbell Rows

I used a plate loadable handle with a 2.5″ grip. I started with 165lbs, then dropped it down to 150lbs.

Luke used the 120lb shot loadable dumbbell. Aimed for 5 reps per hand. We did 3 work sets.

Banded Straight Arm Lat Pulls

These might have a different name, but I’m drawing a blank. They hit your lats, teres major, posterior deltoids, rhomboids, and your glutes & hamstrings as well. They’re VICIOUS. 4 sets. 2 with black bands, 2 with purple bands.

All the best in your training.


Want to Explore Thick Bar Training?
Check Out the Inch Dumbbell DVD

Sean Cashman Results with CBT

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Here is some feedback from Sean Cashman on my Gripper training program, Cadence Based Training. CBT treats Gripper Training just like the powerlifts, the Bench, Squat and Dead, as you train to become not only as strong as possible, but as fast as possible, and convert every aspect of the Gripper Range of Motion from a weakness into an asset.

Results from Cadence Based Training

I just finished the Cadence Based Training program so I thought I’d post up my results and brief thoughts.

1. I suck at grippers in general and have never been able to train them consistently or with any purpose. My 7.25” hands are not ideal especially with wider sets. But that’s what I wanted to focus on. So during the 8 weeks of this program I used a credit card set for everything.

2. This program gave me structure and I loved that. The fact that this program has you doing grippers twice per week was the key for me as it allowed me to continue to train multiple different aspects of general fitness.

3. I started out testing my baseline CC set week 1 and just missing a CoC #2 rated 103lb

4. After 8 weeks I finished out just missing a Ghp 5 rate 115lb and also slamming shut with ease the #2 rated 103lb and another #2 rated 109lb. So I am really happy. I know my set is still very rough but it is feeling more and more comfortable.

Here is my baseline attempt at the start of week 1

#2 rated 103

Here are the video’s of max test after 8 weeks

#2 rated 103

#2 rated 109

MISS on a Ghp 5 rated 115

Thanks Jedd! I really enjoyed the program. Might start a new cycle now based off of 115lb.

-Sean Cashman-

Sean, awesome results. Thanks for sharing them!

As you can see, guys, Sean was able to go from missing on a 103lb rated #2 gripper to smashing it in 8 weeks. He also was able to equally easily smash his 109-lb rated #2.

You’ll also notice when you watch the videos, he doesn’t just “try to close” his grippers now, he attacks them, driving them to the closed position, instead of grinding through the range of motion.

Plus, he is only a fraction of an inch, maybe 1/16th, from closing that 115-lb GHP #5, which means, he probably increased his gripper strength by at least 10 lbs.

There’s people at Nationals who close just about the same gripper every single year who I’m sure would love to gain 10lbs of CRUSH strength in a year’s time, and Sean did it in just 2 months.

The bottom line is this: Cadence Based Training works.

And it’s not about extremely high volume.

Every single repetition you do serves a purpose.

Every session, you’re getting stronger where YOU need to, specifically.

Do you think you could handle a 10-lb increase in Gripper Strength?

Then pick up Cadence Based Training TODAY.

All the best in your training.


Get Serious with Your Gripper Training with CBT, TODAY!

New All Time PR on Deadlift – 550lbs

Monday, September 14th, 2015

It’s been since January of 2004 since I set a regular Deadlift PR, when I lifted 545-lbs. 11+ years.

I was 26. I’m almost 37 now, so it’s been a lengthy drought, you might say…

2004 is when I started experiencing routine back injuries that would sideline me for days or even a week at a time.

Unfortunately, my young, idiotic brain, just wanted to keep pushing harder and harder, and that meant the pain I’d experience would get worse and worse.

I’d hobble around for a week after my Strongman contests.

I’d literally limp through the hallway at my old job, after hard weekend workouts involving Deadlifts and Squats.

Finally, in 2008, I think, I had enough.

Since Squats and Deadlifts were so bad for me, I decided I wouldn’t do them anymore.

From 2008 until 2012, I rarely did heavy Deadlifts or Squats.

Of course, I continued to do Axle Deadlifts, because it’s a staple in Grip Sport competition, and I’d dabble every now and again with Squats and Deads, but never got back into them seriously until June of 2013, when I decided I was finally ready health-wise to get back under the bar and pull some weight off the floor.

For Squats, I literally started with the bar, hitting sets of 10. That’s how much I lacked confidence and stability.

For Deadlifts, I decided I’d guard my back by only doing Double Overhand grip (I was afraid of tearing a biceps anyway).

The Coan Philippi Deadlift Program

This Summer, I decided I was ready to finally train the Deadlift with some conviction, and I started a run through the Coan Philippi Deadlift Program.

I gotta say, it was AWESOME to push myself on Deadlifts! It was the first time I’d EVER followed a Deadlift Program in my life.

When you start the Coan Philippi program, it asks you for your starting max and your goal max at the end of 10 weeks, and then it computes everything for you.

I stayed a bit conservative and put in a 500-lb Max to begin with and a 550-lb Max for the end. My partner, Luke Raymond, started out with the same numbers, and it worked out really easy training with him, because we didn’t have to change the weights around at all.

The weights at the beginning of the program were super light, so Luke and I started on week 3 or 4. Everything went smooth until like Week 7. That’s when the volume caught up with me.

I struggled through to Week 9, when I hit 535-lbs, but my body just wouldn’t cooperate with me for Week 10, and I decided against going for a new PR on 3 separate Saturdays, until this past week.

The conditions still weren’t optimal, as I was up at 2AM to take my parents to the airport, and I trained at 5:30AM with my buddy, Brad Martin, but my back felt fully recovered after the 3-week layoff from heavy work, so I went ahead with the Week 10 plan.

And, I’m happy to say I was successful in my 550-lb lift, with potential for probably a few pounds more, although I didn’t push it.

Here’s the video:

Jedd Johnson All-Time PR Deadlift – 550lbs

What an awesome sensation, to FINALLY feel somewhat strong again.

Thankfully, after staying patient, working back slowly, and using my brain instead of my ego, I have been able to break one of my longest standing PR’s.

I must also say, I LOVE the Coan Philippi Program. It made me feel like a monster, and sometime this Fall, I plan on running through it again, once Luke’s schedule evens back out and we get train it together again.

Look for more updates, especially on my YouTube Channel, once I start the program up again.

All the best in your training.