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Build Bigger, Stronger Arms and Wrists: Scale Weight Curls

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Build Big Arms and Strong Wrists

Superstar Billy Graham

One of my overall goals is to build my arms up to 20″ cold (no pump).

The way I see it, if you are going to get big, you might as well build strength to go along with it.

And if you are going to be strong, then by all means get as big as you can.

With these things in mind, I give you Scale Weight Curls.

A Scale Weight is a block-shaped weight that is used in industrial settings where scales are used.

These weights are calibrated to specific measurements and have handles so that they can be placed on the scale quickly and easily in order to test that a scale is reading accurately.


How to Perform Scale Weight Curls

Scale Weight Curls can be done like any other curl. They can be done free-standing or braced, and can be done in alternating style or both at the same time.

For me, performing them standing has gotten too easy, so I have been doing them in more of a Preacher Curl style, off my Glute Ham Machine. This allows me to keep the movement more concentrated (although cheating is not completely eliminated).

Also, what I look for is to try to keep my wrist in a neutral position throughout the full range of motion. This strengthens the wrist a bit more.

I can usually get up to 3 extra reps per set if I let my wrist buckle, so once I feel that I am losing my neutral position and breaking into ulnar deviation, I generally just stop the set.

Here is a video showing some recent Scale Weight Curls.

Scale Weight Curls

Scale Weights are somewhat hard to come by, because they are a specialized tool, sort of like anvils, and they can be cheap, but I have been lucky enough to score a couple over the years.

Believe me, the collection of grip tools I have amassed has taken me literally years to develop, tons of time to research, and of course, big expenses in order to build.

If you can’t find Scale Weights, another alternative is to try and curl your Kettlebells. Since the kettlebell handle sits out away from the rest of the bell, they will actually be much tougher to curl, and the weights will drop, but you will still get the Leverage Curl effect.

Still, I like the Scale Weight Curl a little better than Kettlebell Curls, just because I can use a bit more weight to challenge the biceps more, while also challenging my wrists.

To take it even further, you can attempt to curl your Scale Weight or Kettlebll in a supinated position. When you do this, you will have to CRUSH DOWN on the handle BIG TIME, or else you won’t be very successful.

I hope you enjoy this variation of Curls.

For more sinister ideas on how to build crazy arm strength, check out Call to Arms.


All the best in your training,


Rest in Peace Ultimate Warrior

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

WWE Tribute Video to Ultimate Warrior

rip warrior

I woke today to find out that one of my childhood heroes, Ultimate Warrior, passed away.

He was 54. He has a wife and kids. It’s a terrible thing, and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Crazy enough, he just reconciled with WWE last year, was featured in their latest video game, and was not only inducted into the Hall of Fame this past weekend, but also appeared on RAW this past Monday. Unfortunately, I totally fell asleep and did not see it. I will have to watch it on WWE Network.

He had also signed a multi-year deal to be an ambassador for the company, so the plans were to make him somewhat of a fixture within the company.

The picture posted above is one I got off Facebook.

I feel, he was in his best condition ever at the time of this picture, plus, he was rocking the serious mullet.

I have used the original picture (without the text) in a couple of my power points that present with at workshops and seminars.

Despite the fact that pro wrestling is a scripted event, you can still resonate with a character, and I definitely did with Ultimate Warrior.

I think the biggest thing about him that really connected with me was his INTENSITY.

Everything that the Ultimate Warrior did was INTENSE. He sprinted his ass to the ring, his interviews were crazed, emotional, and would pump you up, his training was balls to the walls throughout his career and even long after he was done as a full-time wrestler.

And even the way he cared about the fans and the way he strove to give them their money’s worth, whether in matches, or at autograph and meet-and-greet sessions, he did these things with an INTENSITY well beyond most other wrestlers.

To this day, that is how I approach everything I do, whether it is a training session, a business meeting, a lesson with my daughter, or writing a product. I put everything I’ve got into it – mind, heart, energy, blood, and soul.

Thank you Ultimate Warrior for the lessons you have taught me.

“Load the rocket ships with the fuel. Load it with the Warriors!”

All the best DIESELS.


Misses Are Just Warm-ups: Old School York 45′s Pinch

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Last night, I accomplished one of a handful of primary goals I set for myself this year.

The Old School York 45′s One Hand Pinch

If you think these plates look thick, you’re right. That, plus the rarity of the plates, is why only two other people I was aware of, had ever completed the feat before.

Here is a video that shows their thickness.

Thickness of York Plates

Misses Are Just Warm-ups, Diesels.

NEVER Give up after just one miss.

All the best in your training.


New Project in the Works – Steel Scrolling with Bud Jeffries

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

I will have a new product coming out very soon with Bud Jeffries on Steel Scrolling.

Scrolling is a form of bending usually very long bars into many different angles, shapes, and even art forms.

Bud is great at this, and we are teaming up to put together the definitive product on Scrolling so that you can learn how to do it safely and correctly.

Be sure you sign up for updates about this new product as they come about.

All the best in your training,


Blob Mania is Running Wild – Customer Feedback and Videos

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Two weeks ago, I released my new ebook called, “Lift the Blob.”

Since then, I have been receiving near daily emails and facebook messages containing training updates, PR’s and other strides and breakthroughs that people are experiencing.

Today, I finally got the time assemble some of them together to share them with you.

Check out some of these awesome reports from new and future Blob Lifters who bought Lift the Blob:

Brand New Blob Lifter: Ivan Ribic

Here is Ivan’s initial run-down of the Lift the Blob ebook:

“Just wanted to mention: Burned through the blob info. GREAT stuff. Back story/history on the blob was awesome, tips, tricks and program look killer. I’m starting back on blobs next week and there were several small things you mentioned that had never occurred to me but I was doing wrong all along. I’m convinced that I very well may have the strength to pick it up right now if I break some bad habits and change just a couple little things you pointed out in the ebook. But blobs aside, what I wanted to say is the info on radiant tension was a HUGE help in other avenues of strength. I applied it to my grab on atlas stones the other day (which I suck at) and flew through reps like I was throwing styrofoam balls. I’ve also found it to make a huge difference on my axle work. Even if I never touched a blob again, that one piece of info is worth the price of admission. Great work on a very well put together ebook!”
-Ivan Ribic-

Ivan has since lifted the Blob for the first time, as well. Here’s the message I got:


“I had a pretty limited training session today because my thumbs are still pretty raw from last week. After a really short warm up and playing with the chalk a little I finally got a full lift with the 50.6lb blob. Managed 5 attempts with my left hand and 1 with my right. I decided to call it quits there before I tore any more skin but am JACKED that I finally manged to pick the damn thing up.

I fought with blobs for 5 months and couldn’t even budge a 45 pounder. 2 weeks of training with the “Lift The Blob” book and I’m picking the 50lb. Kind of weird but I’m almost starting to think Jedd just might know what he’s talking about.”
-Ivan Ribic-

Congratulations, Ivan! I knew that there would be some monsters lurking around who were already packing the heat to be able to Lift the Blob or were VERY CLOSE, but just had to refine their technique a bit in order to get it. Nice job, my friend.

Stop Messing Around. Get Lift the Blob Today. Click Below.

Opening Eyes to New Training Ideas

“Jedd. The right hand has very little feeling since the stroke. I can feel hot and cold (to a point), hard and soft but most importantly I can feel pressure. So if I’m dropping a weight I can feel that and know to “hit the deck” especially on military presses. I gauge the pressure in my thumb by looking at the color of it. Too much “white” and I know I have an uneven grip or holding the weight too tight. Still at the beginning stages of my open hand grip strength but your blob course really gave me some good ideas on how to train my hands. I find that those ideas in the blob course carry over to a lot of things I’m doing.”

Increased Confidence Right Away

“I’ve finished the first week of your blob routine and I’m loving it, I am really confident I’ll be lifting [the Blob] soon.” -Tom Scibelli

“Great job on the Blob eBook bro. Awesome! Dude, that fatman clone lift is unreal. I was lucky enough to buy one of those. That lift is unreal then again so are you. I almost fell over watching that!!! Thanks Jedd!”
-Michael Sheehan-

Hand Positioning – SO IMPORTANT in Blob Lifting

There is substantial technique to Blob Lifting. Just as Ivan was able to coordinate his tension production in order to make strides in his Blob Lifting, this gent below now understands proper hand positioning…

“[I] purchased your E-Book on Blob Training. Particularly liked the part on hand position (I really was doing this wrong). You certainly put a great deal of time and thought into this project. Thanks again for the information.”
-Gary Gray-

The Blob Posse: Gang Mentality in Lifting the Blob

In the Blob Posse, the closed group only for those who have purchased Lift the Blob, there are new reports of improvements with Blobs and Block Weights every day.

For instance, Mike “The Shark” Sharkey is posting new PR’s and ground-breaking feats almost every day in the Blob Posse Group. Here is some training he did during a break from work when he went home to walk his dog for a bit:

“I am recommending your book to everyone!”
-Mike Sharkey-

Ladies Are Entering the Fray Too

And don’t think that if you’re a woman you have no place in the Blob Posse! Here’s a video of our own Gabriela Beckmann lifting two of her first Blobs on her way to Lifting the Blob…

What are you waiting for? Get Lift the Blob and clean up your approach, technique, force production and mindset that will help you Lift the Blob.

Who knows – you may already have the strength needed to Lift the Blob. The only thing you might be missing is direction.

It would be a shame to put this off any longer.

Lets do this!