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A SAVAGE Saturday Session

Monday, January 8th, 2018

Big Goblet and Grip Feats Go Down on 1/6/18

Few workouts in the past six months have been as incredible as this past Saturday’s session.

It started off rocky, though brother. I’ll be honest.

I was in a rush to get out of the house and get downtown, and as a result, I took my mind off the ball and forgot to grab the empty propane tank for the heater I run during my sessions.

Call me a pussy for running a heater. That’s fine. But I’m not training to lift the Housafell stone in freezing temperatures. I’m training to keep myself sane. So I run a heater.

So, I made an extra trip downtown to get it, and it made a huge difference. The temperature outside was below 0, and the temp inside was freezing. The propane cooking helped make Saturday’s Savage Session one that probably won’t be topped in a while, at least as far as the strength feats that I pulled off are concerned.

Here’s a rundown of the highlights.

236lb Goblet Squats for a Double

It’s been a while since I pushed the envelope with Goblet Squats, and these Death Grip Bells, with their sharp edges will WRECK your hands, but I decided it was time to step it up. I attached a 50lb Scale Weight to my 186lb Homicide Bell. Getting it into position was an absolute NIGHTMARE, but with some redneck ingenuity, I got her done!

Blobzilla Plus 5 Pounds

This is a mark I’ve been working toward for a while now. I first started this hike back in October of 2015, but have not trained it consistently until the last quarter of 2017. I’ve been breaking it off the ground for a month or so, and came really close a week ago, but I made it a no-doubter on Savage Saturday.

Blobzilla Clean

Some people know this already, but not many. At the AOBS Dinner in October of 2015, after my performance, I successfully did an ugly Clean with Blobzilla. A combination of feeling amazing for several months, my training being locked in, and the adrenaline of having so many people around allowed me to get it done. But I hadn’t done it again since until Savage Saturday.

One of the goals that’s been on my radar, but still on the backburner is lifting the Blobfather (half 140lb York Legacy Blob). My hands feel very strong right now. I feel I am on my way, and if I can keep things going, Blobfather will be coming off the ground sometime this year. It will really come down to how much time I can put into it, as I also have some other goals I’m focused on, in addition to getting my right ring finger rehabbed in time for Nationals in June.

Stay tuned and come along for the ride.

All the best in your training.


Training to Lift a Big Block Weight?
Then Grab These Resources:

Napalm Pinch – Adjustable Pinch Device

Monday, November 4th, 2013

The Adjustable Pinch Apparatus, originally designed by David Horne, has been a staple of Grip Strength Competitions since 2005.

The Two Hands Pinch world record is the most coveted World Record in Grip Sport, and now the One Hand Pinch is increasing in popularity faster than probably any other record in the sport as well.

To truly perform your best in competition, it is IMPERATIVE that you own and train on an actual adjustable device.

Sure, you can use a ghetto 2HP device using 2-45’s, but you will never have optimal training that way because you will never know the perfect width for your hand size. That is, after all, the beauty of the Two Hand Pinch and One Hand Pinch that we contest in Grip Sport – the apparatus is full adjustable to fit any hand size – man, woman, teenager, big hands, average hands, and small hands.

Having an apparatus to train on is imperative in order to perform at your best and put up the best score possible. This has been proven over and over, as all of the record holders and perennial top performers own their own device.

In the past, the only way to get your own set-up in the United States was to purchase one from David Horne and deal with exorbitant shipping charges and long wait times.

But not anymore. I have begun sourcing the materials to produce adjustable pinch apparatuses that I call the Napalm Pinch Device. It is just like the original device designed and sold by Horne, but instead of having rubber inserts, it has inserts made of expandable PVC with tabs on them to make them easier to adjust widths for multiple trainees and competitors.

Until now, I have only made these devices available to members of my grip strength coaching site,, in order to get them ready for their upcoming contests.

Now it’s time to make them available to everyone else.

I currently have one device in stock. I will have more by the end of November, so you will definitely have yours by Christmas.

napalm-pinch-unit-front-small napalm-pinch-unit-side-small
You will receive the outside steel plates and the red & grey inserts

You can order yours using the button below. This button will add $25 for shipping to your order. This is an estimate and if it is not enough to cover the shipping, I will get back with you to make up the rest. If it is too much, you will be refunded. All devices ship out USPS Standard Shipping with Tracking and Insurance coverage.

The Last Napalm Pinch has sold out. Please add your info to the box below to be notified when more are in:

Once you have your own Official Two Hands Pinch device, prepare to watch your numbers explode, since you will finally be able to identify your appropriate width and get to practice on a device that is the same as what is used in competition.

All the best in your training,


Feedback on the New Two Hands Pinch DVD, Napalm Pinch

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

I am PUMPED to have already gotten awesome feedback on Napalm Pinch: How to Dominate the Two Hands Pinch.

This is from Robby Sparango:


    “Kiiiiick assssss. Thank you Jedd for another invaluable DVD for the collection! Scrutinized it frame for frame, took notes and will watch it again before Monday night’s session. Napalm Pinch answers about 26 questions I didn’t know I had.
    Your Vids are about to pass up my Pavel collection, hell yeah!”

Thanks a lot Robby. Can’t wait to see some of your videos as you put some of those bullet points into action!

DIESELS, if you want to improve your Two Hands Pinch, you need this DVD: Napalm Pinch: How to Dominate the Two Hands Pinch.

This DVD is going to pack pounds on a LOT of people’s Two Hands Pinch. Will you be one of them?

All the best,