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This Week in Grip Episodes 9 & 10

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Allen Heineck and I have been chugging along like a steaming locomotive with This Week in Grip.

Unfortunately, I fell behind in posting them on the site.

So, let’s get caught back up! Here’s episodes 9 & 10.

This Week in Grip – Episode 9

This Week in Grip – Episode 10

We will most likely be taking a week off this weekend, as I will be traveling back from FitCon 2017. I’ll be trying to get as much video as possible, so be sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel <= Click That Link and Subscribe Today.

Grab Your Tickets for Big J’s FitCon 2017:

All the best in your training.


Diesel Crew Grip Shirts

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

I want to say thank you to everyone who has asked about getting Diesel tee-shirts! I really appreciate the support.

What I thought I would do right now is post a pic of a couple new shirt designs.

My Gripper’s Bigger Thank Yours Shirt

Rub your crushing grip strength levels into the face of your friends and training partners with the “My Gripper’s Bigger Than Yours” shirt. There’s nothing wrong with taking credit for all the strength you’ve built every now and again, so wear this shirt with pride.


Choose Size

How Many Inches Can You Handle?

The Inch Dumbbell is one of the most widely renowned grip strength challenge items. To lift it is to take your place among some of the strongest handed lifters in history. Lift two, and it’s truly beastly.


Choose Size

Pinchin’ Ain’t Easy

WWE Superstar, the Godfather, used to say “Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy.” Well, anyone who’s spent any time with their hands on a Euro, trained to lift the Blob, or tried to pinch 6 tens, knows that “Pinchin’ Ain’t Easy” either, brotherrrr.


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Thank you for your support!


Mace Swinging Benefits and Purposes

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Today’s question comes from Norm, and it is about Mace Swinging.

    “Hi Jedd
    I picked up your Home Made Strength Online DVD. I’m very happy with the product. My only question is whether the exercise where you swing the mace around your head should be used as a warmup, main strength move, or finisher? -Norm-“

Thanks for the note, Norm. Mace Swinging is a lot of fun, plus is is very versatile, so I put together a quick article for you.

In addition, I just talked with Ryan Pitts, and he just set up a special discount code just for my subscribers.

From Ryan Pitts at Stronger Grip Enterprises:

    “I have been making the handles on some of the maces loadable at request of customer. I will give this upgrade to anyone who uses your diesel5 code. They get 5% off and a bonus $25 value of loadable handle, giving the mace an extra 10-16 lb capacity depending on what kind of media and length of mace they order. -Ryan Pitts-“

To get your own Mace with the custom adjustable-weight handle, use this link:

Special Diesel Crew Link for Custom Handle Maces

Be sure to use the code => diesel5 <= when you check out to get 5% off and get a cool adjustable handle.

The Benefits of Mace Swinging

Maces: Multi-Purpose Tools, Perfect for Warm-up, Strength Work, or Finishers

Is the Mace best used as a Warm-up device, a Strength Movement, or as a Finisher?

The Mace can actually be used for all three of these purposes. Allow me to detail each one…

Mace Training as a Warm-up

When done with a light weight, Mace Training can be a great warm-up for the upper body.

The shoulders, biceps, triceps, and the lower arms get used under light loads very fluidly with Mace Swinging, and this promotes blood flow to the area, lubricating the joints, making them feel good, especially after a long day where you are stuck in a chair or something like that.

In addition, the over the shoulder and behind the head movements of Mace Swinging open up the thoracic region of the torso, which can help you lift heavier later on in the workout.

Maces as a Strength Movement

You can also test your strength and coordination with heavy mace swinging.

I had a giant mace / club made several years ago that I call the Demolition Club.

Here’s a post on the Demolition Club.

It’s literally a giant artillery shell with a handle and it weighs 89lbs. The handle is super thick and there is no ball at the end of the handle, you not only must get your core, torso, and shoulders ready to go in order to swing this thing, but you grip must be ON too.

So, you can load a mace up heavy, especially shot-loadable ones like Ryan Pitts makes here, and keep the repetitions lower for a very challenging strength movement.

Maces as a Finisher

I, generally, use my mace training as a “finisher” of sorts the majority of the time.

During periods where I have no contests to train for, or if I am looking to burn some extra calories, I use Mace Swinging as “Upper Body Cardio,” at the end of the workout, doing a handful of sets for maximum repetitions.

Generally, I will wear some kind of gloves with these, in order to prevent blisters. Plus, my hands have to work a bit harder, so I get a good Grip Strength Challenge out of it.

I even like to do some “Sprint-Style” Mace Swinging, where I try to rip off 20 repetitions as fast as possible for 4 to 6 sets.

So, really, depending on what you want to go for, Mace Swinging can be a great multi-purpose form of training.

I like the shot-loadable Mace that I have, and you can also buy plate loadable ones too.

Good luck with your Mace Training, Norm.


P.S. Don’t have a Mace? I gotcha covered:

You can buy a sweet shot-loadable mace here.<= Use code Diesel5 to get 5% off

Pinch Block Curl – New NAGS Event

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

This year at the NAGS Championship, the annual championship for North American Grip Sport, there will be a new event introduced, the Pinch Block Curl.

This event is a hybrid event, meaning it will test more than one discipline of Grip Strength.

It primarily tests wrist strength, just like a Plate Curl does.

It also tests thumb strength in having to pinch lift the Pinch Block Curl apparatus and keep it steady in the hand throughout the range of motion, and finger strength to support against the leverage.

On top of that, there is a requirement for a strong and mobile forearm.

With all of these facets of ability being tested, this event will be very interesting to watch indeed.

Diesel Power Products, my new equipment branch, is supplying the Pinch Block Curls for NAGS Championship, and they are now in production.

In fact, you can buy one here in my store: NAGS Pinch Block Curl.

This piece of equipment, while sure to become a hit within Grip Sport, just as the Sledge Hammer Choke has, will also prove to be useful in training for one of the most enigmatic feats of Grip Strength that is out there – The Plate Curl.

The Plate Curl is just like what it sounds – you pick a weight plate up by the rim and attempt to curl it, just like you would a dumbbell, with bicep strength. This lift, of course, demands tremendous wrist, finger and thumb strength in order to complete it, especially when moving beyond the 25lb/10kg plate to the 35lb/15kg and the 45lb/20kg plate.

For a quick demonstration of how the lift will be performed at NAGS, watch the video below.

Demonstration: How to Perform the Pinch Block Curl

For a quick video on how a Plate Curl is performed, watch the video below, a demonstration from the Grip Strength Challenge I used to hold here on the site.

How to Do Plate Curls

To get your Pinch Block Curl shipped to you as quickly as possible, order today => Pinch Block Curl (PBC)

All the best in your training,


Arm Yourself for the Cold with a DIESEL Beanie

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather…

With the recent cold snap, I sent out an email to my subscribers about training in the cold.

Of the dozens of people who have written me through email and Facebook regarding the cold, perhaps Guy Hall’s email said it best.

    Hey Jedd. When I was cold weather training with the Canadian Forces they had a saying,There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing and tools.” -Guy-

I couldn’t agree more brother!

You are never properly dressed without the right lid on your head.

And if you are hitting your workouts outside or in an unheated garage, and are wearing some silly trucker hat or baseball cap, it’s time for an upgrade – and I’ve got you covered.

Now in stock, new DIESEL CREW beanies


The price is $16 plus shipping and I’ve got about 10 in stock.

Orders in the United States:


For orders outside the US, please contact me through email, and I will get you an accurate quote.

All the best in your training. Stay WARM, DIESELS.


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