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Battle of the Grip – Syracuse, New York

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Battle of the Grip

Up coming Grip Contest in Syracuse, New York

Date: March 26th
Entry Form: Click Here
Entry Fee: $30, made out to Jedd Johnson – PO BOX 806 Wyalusing, PA 18853
Events: Blob Hold for Time | Anvil Hold for Time | Wrist Wrench Lift to Lockout (Max)
Weigh-ins: 8AM to 10AM
Warm-ups: 9AM
Rules: 9:30AM
Contest Begins: 10AM
Rules: Below

Event 1: Blob Hold for Time

The Blobs used will be half 75lb York Blobs and 25lb Power Pills. Lifter will take a Grip on the Blobs and lift to lockout and hold for as long as possible. The Blobs may not contact your legs/thighs/body. Time continues until a Blob(s) falls out of your hand, or you set one/two of them down. You must get at least 5 seconds for your time to count. If you can not get 5 seconds with the half 75’s, you may take a second attempt with the 25lb Diesel Power Pills. Any holds of at least 5 seconds with the half 75s will beat holds with the 25b Power Pills.

Event 2: Anvil Hold for Time

The Anvils used will weigh 118lbs and 55lbs. Each lifter will get 1 attempt right-handed on the big anvil and 1 attempt right-handed on the small anvil. Lifters must get at least a 5-second hold with the 118lb Anvil for their attempt to count. Time begins once the Anvil breaks off the floor and goes until the Anvil slips out of your grip or until you return it to the floor. If you do not get a 5-second hold with the big anvil, you will get a second attempt on the small anvil. Any 5-count hold or longer with the big anvil beats holds with the smaller anvil.

The same process takes place left-handed for all competitors. You will have a combined score based on your performance on each Anvil.

Event 3: Wrist Wrench for Max Weight

The Wrist Wrench will be gripped so the strap crosses on the thumb side of the implement. The lifter gets one pull per attempt, and you must lift the Wrist Wrench so that your knees, hips, and off-hand shoulder are locked out. “Good lift” will be called, at which point you must return the implement back to the ground under reasonable control. If you drop it or if it pops out of your hand, your attempt will not count. One hand (strong hand) is to be used on all 4 attempts. This is a Rising Bar event, meaning once weight is added, it won’t be taken off, so make sure that you don’t start too high. Get on the board with a good lift and then make smart jumps up in weight. Smallest increments will be 2.5lbs. If you are unfamiliar with the Wrist Wrench, it is MUCH HARDER than the IronMind Rolling Thunder. As an example, 85lbs is a very respectable lift, and 100lbs is almost unheard of.

Scoring: Strongman Scoring will be used for all 3 events. You get points based on your placing, and low points at the end wins. Example: First Place = 1 point, Second Place = 2 points, etc.


Looking forward to seeing you at the Tilted Kilt in Syracuse, New York.


One Day Grip Training Seminar

Monday, March 14th, 2016

By request of the Diesel Universe, I was asked to hold a 1-Day Intensive Grip Training Seminar.

I have set this up for Thursday, March 31st, starting at 9AM in Wyalusing, PA

We’re covering the 3 main areas of Grip Training: Grippers, Pinching, and Thick Bar.

These are the foundations of developing a Mighty Grip, and you’ve gotta train them right to build your Grip right.

The goal is make sure each person there is setting Grippers correctly, and knows the ins-and-outs of Plate Pinching, Thick Bar Training, and other Open Hand methods.

We’re also gonna get into the basics of Card Tearing and Steel Bending, because these feats make up the foundation of Strongman feats.

There’s going to be a BIG EMPHASIS on hands-on training.

After all, you learn by doing, not by hearing me talk.

This is going to be an AWESOME session for a small group of 5 individuals.

However, there’s already 2 slots filled.

Which means if you want to grab 1 of the 3 available slots, you’ve gotta act fast.

Click Here to Join the Seminar

It’s gonna be a sweet, comfortable and intense 5 hours of learning on March 31st.

Get ready to learn a ton, have a bunch of fun, and get your hands chalky.

All the best in your training.


P.S. I’m also looking to set up the cameras to capture everything on film. Gonna be awesome.

Grab Your Spot Now: Click Here to Join the Seminar

Empire Classic Grip Challenge Spokane Washington Entry Form

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

I will be running a Grip Contest on May 7th as part of the Empire Fit Expo, in Spokane Washington.

Download the Entry Form Here

Empire Classic Grip Challenge

PROMOTER: Jedd Johnson

CONTACT: Email: jedd dot diesel at gmail dot com or call (607)857-6997

DATE: 5/7/16

TIME: Pinch width testing at 9AM, Rules briefing at 9:30am, Start time 10am

WEIGH-IN: Saturday, May 7th beginning at 8AM until 10AM

LOCATION: Spokane Convention Center (Hall 100ABC)

HOTEL: Hotels available upon request.

DIVISIONS: Men: 59kg / 66kg / 74kg / 83kg / 93kg / 105kg / 120kg / 120+kg; Women: Open

EVENTS: 20mm Block Set Grippers for Max (4 attempts)
Two Hands Pinch for Max (4 Attempts)
Axle 60-second Grip Rush (1 Attempt)
12-lb Hammer Sledge Choke (4 Attempts)

ENTRY FEES: $50 to compete. ENTRY DEADLINE: 4/22/16

PO Box 806
Wyalusing PA 18853

Cold Snap Classic Grip Challenge

Friday, January 22nd, 2016


brads group

NAGS sanctioned Grip Contest with Crushed to Dust Certification


PROMOTER: Jedd Johnson, Diesel Crew

EVENTS: 20mm Block Set Grippers, Two Hands Pinch on Euro, Double Overhand Axle Deadlift, Front Pickaxe for Max Weight

ADDITIONAL EVENTS: Crushed to Dust, Inch Hold for Time with Cans on Globes, 2HP Hold for Time, Inch Unbraced Lift to Platform

DATE: February 13th, 2016
WEIGH-IN: Any time after 8:00am (scale is spot-calibrated)
: 9:00am
RULES: 9:30am
START: 10:00am
LOCATION: Jedd Johnson’s Garage Gym

DEADLINE: Day of Contest

Events subject to change without notice
Events order subject to change without notice


PO BOX 806

Available upon request. Please contact me.

AIRPORTS (all three are about the same distance from Wyalusing, 1.5 hrs)
Scranton/Wilkes Barre PA
Binghampton NY
Elmira NY

Gripmas 2015

Monday, December 14th, 2015

On December 5th, Luke and I competed at Gripmas, the yearly December contest in Crooksville, Ohio, hosted by Chris and Teresa Rice.

This has quickly become the biggest and most prestigious single-location contest of the year, aside from the NAGS Championship. Many athletes from the Central United States and East Coast came this year, and over the years countless people from outside this region have made the trip, because of how important this contest has become.

There were 4 events for this contest. First was the Ivanko Super Gripper. The unit is held opposite the direction torsion spring grippers are held. There is a small flashlight mounted at the bottom of the gripper, and the objective is to close the handles together and make the flashlight button click, while changing the off/on status completely.

Ivanko Super Gripper – Various Competitors

Here are some of the attempts I got on film of the ISG event.

At this point, I sat in 3rd place behind Kody Burns and Andrew Durniat.

The next event was Two Hands Pinch, with the adjustable pinch apparatus. The first heat of lifters to go were the ones who used the thinnest setting, 52 millimeters. Next came 54mm, 56mm, and 58mm. The adjustable device is used so that lifters can match the width of the implement to their hand size, and produce their best lifts.

If you’re interested in buying an adjustable two hands pinch device, watch this video: Napalm Pinch Devices.

Here are some of the attempts from the contest.

Two Hands Pinch – Luke Raymond and Chris Rice

Luke has been competing and training at 58mm for several months, but switched to 56mm for the contest, and ended up getting a new contest PR!

Two Hands Pinch – Kody Burns Sets New All-Time World Record

Kody set a new All-Time World Record on the Two Hands Pinch, with 274lbs and change!

Two Hands Pinch – Kody Burns’ 3rd and 4th Attempts

Kody then bumped up to roughly 279lbs and got it off the ground each time.

Two Hands Pinch – Jake Sahlaney’s Attempts

Jake is one of my members at, and is showing improvement at every single competition he does. I’m very proud of him, and hope he continues to train hard and smart, and stay healthy.

Two Hands Pinch – Jedd Johnson’s Attempts

I was able to get my highest lift since 2011 at Gripmas this year, 261lbs. I’ve been in a slump for a very long time. I then made the decision to go to 276lbs and try to break the record, which proved to be foolish, because I barely broke it off the ground, BUT, I was hoping for a big adrenaline boost. I felt pumped, but it just wasn’t enough. I wish I would have just gone with something like 266lbs and then 271lbs, to go into the 2nd place ever, in competition. I think I would have had a good chance at completing 271, because I broke that off the ground in training, prior to the comp. Oh well, can’t go back in time!

he next event was the Double Overhand Axle Deadlift. My goal was to 1st come in second place in this event, behind Andrew, and 2nd, to pull 400lbs. Unfortunately, the 400lb pull didn’t happen, but I did tie for 2nd, so that helped me out with points, big time.

Double Overhand IronMind Axle – 325lbs and above

These are all the attempts I got. The weight starts out around 325 or so, and ends with Andrew’s HUGE attempt at like 460+!!! What a phenom that guy is!

Following the Axle, was the 4th and final event. There was a 4-minute time limit to lift as many items as possible. There was a series of light items and a series of heavy items. If you lifted the lighter item, you got 1 point. If you lifted the heavy item you got 2 points. If you lifted both, you only got 2 points.

Additionally, there were some implements with only one option, and if you lifted them, you got 2 points.

it might seem kind of confusion, but just think the maximum points available was 50.

Medley – Luke Raymond

Luke got 33 points in his Medley run.

The contest would come down to how Andrew, Kody, and I did in the Medley, just like Nationals this year. Going in, the points spread looked something like this: Kody – 38 points, Andrew – 37.5 points, Jedd – 37 points. As you can see, it was crazy close.

Medley – Jedd Johnson

I was the first to go out of the final 3, because I was in 3rd place. I got 46 points.

Medley – Andrew Durniat

Andrew got 36 points.

Medley – Kody Burns

Kody got 36 points as well.

By finishing 10 points ahead of the other two leaders, it enabled me to pull ahead by a very, very slim margin – INCREDIBLY CLOSE!

    1) Jedd Johnson – 37.704
    2) Kody Burns – 36.630
    3) Andrew Durniat – 36.223
    4) Jake Sahlaney – 32.322
    5) Lucas Raymond – 31.281
    6) Chris Rice – 29.461
    7) Josh Henze – 27.638
    8) Nathanial Brous – 24.645
    9) Andrew Pantke – 24.550
    10) Bob Sundin – 23.260
    11) Josh Koenig -23.064
    12) Jor-el Koenig – 19.291
    13) Anthony Clarino – 19.085
    14) Nick Applegate – 17.247
    15) Barrett Henze – 16.749
    16) Chris Andrade – 16.045
    17) Rich Cottrell – 14.047

Gripmas 2015 Placings and Prizes

I really want to send out my thanks to Chris and Teresa Rice for putting this competition together, as well as a huge digital high-five to Brent Barbe, Nick Rosendaul, and Sean Rice, who all helped with set-up, loading, and records keeping for the event. Guys like this are why contests run so smoothly.

Someone pointed out my victory is sort of a Triple Crown, in a way, as I won the NAGS Championship, King Kong International, and Gripmas all in the same year.

I never thought about it that way, but I’m happy to be the first one.

For now, it’s back to the drawing board. Despite the victories, I’m still not happy with the numbers I’ve put up. Luke and I have already begun making adjustments to match our goals.

Stay tuned for more posts coming later this week. Although I’ve posted all of the contest footage, that ain’t all that happened in that small garage in the little town of Crooksville.

I’ve got lots of other cool clips from the post-contest feats of strength.

If you’re not on my free email newsletter, be sure to sign up in the box below.

All the best in your training.


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