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Learn Two Hands Pinch – Grip Sport Training

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Lift More in the Two Hands Pinch

“Napalm” Jedd, John Manna, & Lucas Raymond

Going to the workshop was the best thing I could have done to improve my 2hp. I had no idea how technical, and how much of a full body lift it was. I added pounds to my personal best immediately after correcting small mistakes I was unaware of, and I added almost 30lbs to my best lift in just a few training sessions afterwards.
John Manna

Two Hands Pinch Workshop – 2/22/14

It was a bitter cold day in February.

Snow covered the ground and you could hear the wind whipping around the garage.

But that did not stop one man, John Manna, from making the trip over the frozen terrains of Northern New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

After his 3-hour drive, John blew into his cupped hands, loosened up his sore back and got to work, while an electric space heater buzzed behind him and an occasional snow flake beat against the windows.

By the end of the day, the temperature didn’t matter much to John, nor did his sore back, because he had already exceeded his previous best in the Two Hands Pinch by nearly 20-lbs.

As he drove back home to Jersey, John had a look of confidence and an air of pride about him.

He was now armed with the knowledge to take his Two Hands Pinch even higher…

And you can be too, when you get this DVD.

Get Your Own Copy
Of the Workshop

The Two Hands Pinch is one of the most commonly contested, most popular, and highly regarded events in Grip Sport.

It is also, perhaps, the fairest of all Grip Sport lifts, because the device that is used in competition is fully adjustable to match the hand size of each athlete that lifts on it.

The Two Hands Pinch is also one of the most intensely tracked of Grip Sport events, with competitors readily gunning for the “Top 50 List” and always keeping an eye on “Weight Class Records” whenever a contest is held.

The execution of the Two Hands Pinch is very basic – you grip the plates, you lift them high enough so that the loading bar touches a cross-bar, and you set it back down.

But don’t let the simplicity of the lift fool you…

The Two Hands Pinch is also a very highly technical lift. There is much more to it than meets the eye.

There is more involved than just reaching down, pinching as hard as you can, and lifting it off the ground.

On February 22, 2014, I held a Grip Sport Workshop at my gym in Wyalusing, PA.

One lone person, John Manna, braved the February cold, but after 2+ hours of training and instruction he was PUMPED that he came.

By the end of the Workshop, he was no longer stuck in the 120′s on the 2HP.

He had now broken into the 140′s.

And now you can learn the same information that can help you increase your Two Hands Pinch by 20-lbs or more.

I am making the Two Hands Pinch portion of the February Workshop available to everyone.

TemplateDVDLabel v2

All you have to do is click the order button below and I will ship it right out to you.

Get Your Copy
Of the Workshop

What is Covered in the Two Hands Pinch Workshop DVD?

In this DVD, you’re gonna learn the Two Hands Pinch in an easy 9-point checklist format.

Here is exactly what you will learn in this DVD:

Grip: In this section you’ll learn the ins and outs of getting your grip right on the implement as well as how to figure out your proper width.

This is HUGE for your pinch because the right width can not only help you lift more on the Two Hands Pinch, but it can also keep you from cutting your thumbs as much.

Placement: You’ll learn where to have the device in relationship to your body. This increases your leverage and allows you to put more force into your pinch.

Stance: Now it is time to think about how to position your body for best force production. While it may seem like a small detail, it can be something that helps your pinch blow up, or something that holds it back.

Footwear: Everyone knows I have featured strange choices for footwear in all the years I have been competing. But, there is actually a purpose behind why I choose to wear what I have on my feet, and I will tell you all about some of the best options I have found, so you can make the best choice for yourself as well.

Tilt: This is another aspect of the 2HP that is often overlooked and misunderstood. When to tilt the implement, and how much is enough or too much? When you get this right, you get a better lock on the implement and less slipping. When you get it wrong, your attempt can be doomed right from the instant you start to pull it off the floor.

Aside from why having an angle on the Pinch is so important, you’ll also learn how to keep this angle throughout your pull, so each attempt you take is smooth resulting in fewer thumb cuts.

Arm Angle: You will learn the best way I have found to transmit as much power from the torso and core into the Two Hands Pinch lift. The muscles of the back and chest are some of the biggest and post powerful in all the upper body, and when you figure out how to engage them, your current personal best in the 2HP will feel weightless.

Lower Body: Although the Two Hands Pinch is mostly a full body movement, your lower body has to move correctly to get a smooth pull. Do this wrong and the Pinch feels awkward and shaky. Do it right, and you’ll feel like a machine when you lift the plates. This also helps you return the implement to the floor under control, which is a must in Grip Sport competition for your lift to count.

Tension: This is the single biggest aspect of Two Hands Pinch technique that you will learn. Most people can put a minimum of 10 pounds on their Two Hands Pinch in less than 10 minutes just by understanding how to create tension in their upper body, how to transfer it through their arms, and into their grip.

Tension magnifies your ability to create Pinch Power, giving you command over the implement from the instant it breaks the ground, until you pull it through the stick, and return it to the platform.

Training: In this section, you will learn my time-tested strategies for training the Two Hands Pinch. This is where you put everything together and focus on all the aspects of the checklist to maximize your Pinch Strength.

You will also learn 3 of my Favorite Drills for building strength on the implement, drills which have helped me break the world record in the Two Hands Pinch 5 different times since 2009.

It’s all available on this DVD for just $39.95 for a short time.

If you are frustrated with the lack of progress in your Two Hands Pinch, you need this DVD.

You’re going to learn things in this DVD that you haven’t thought of before.

I can’t wait to hear about your training once you get this DVD.

Be sure to hit me up through email or Facebook.

Order Yours Today.

All the best in your training,


Build Grip Strength Faster – Double Blob Carries

Monday, April 14th, 2014

It’s hard to argue with the Grip Strength enhancing capabilities of Block Weight training.

Block Weights make you lift with an Open Hand, so your fingers and thumbs work much harder than when training on regular-shaped barbells and dumbbells, plus they make your wrists and forearms work harder as well.

Most people train Block Weights with just one hand at a time, but if they are so beneficial, why not train with one in each hand (if you have them).

Last week, I posted some video on Blob Block Weight Holds for Time, even showing a cool weight-added variation with chains – SICK!!!

Today, I’ve got a couple more videos showing you how you can take your Blob and Block Weight Training to the next level.

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Double Blob Farmer’s Walk

If you have a nice lawn or a big gym to train in, try picking up your Block Weights and then carrying them as far as you can go, Farmer’s Walk Style!

It has been a very long time since I tried this out.

In March of 2008, I completed this run across the road from the Arnold Classic at Goodale Park.

Double Blob Farmer’s Walk – 2008

Double Blob Farmer’s Walk – 2014 – Part 1

After seeing Juha Harju having some fun with this test of strength recently, I decided that I had to give it a try as well. Below, I for my best distance in a very wet and hilly back yard.

Double Blob Farmer’s Walk – 2014 – Part 2

As good as 83 feet is in this lift, I knew I had more in me. So, a few days later, we carried the Blobs back outside, only this time it was to the front yard, where it was a bit drier and a little flatter. I was very happy with the results, making it over 100-feet 3 separate times.

The carry of 121-feet, as far as I know, is a new “World Record,” insomuch that it can be considered one, since it was done during training and outside of a contest format. Naturally, the tape is not flat either, making the distance somewhat subject, but sometime soon, maybe I will take the Blobs to a track or some other spot where it is flatter and we can get a more accurate measurement of the true distance.

Either way, the main thing is developing more strength. I have no doubt the training that I have been doing has been helping me develop more Grip Strength, specifically better Pinching Strength, which I will need on May 3rd at the Bragging Rights Grip Contest.

For more info on on the May 3rd Contest, go here => Bragging Rights Contest.

All the best in your training,


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Bragging Rights – New Grip Contest Announcement

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Diesel Crew and Titan Strength present:

A Branch of the 10th Anniversary of the Adjustable Pinch Contest

When: Saturday 3 May, 2014

1. Two Hands Pinch Lift
4 Attempts to lift as big of weight as possible. Rising Bar will be used.
The European Adjustable pinch will be used.

2. Two Hands Pinch Lift Hold
4 Attempts to hold the biggest weight as long as possible. Reverse Rising Bar will be used
The European Adjustable pinch will be used.

3. Stub – Hold
4 Attempts to hold the biggest weight as long as possible. Reverse Rising Bar will be used
The Grip Topz Stub will be used

*These are the three events that will factor into the overall world-wide scoring for the 10th Anniversary Mega Comp

Additional Event(s) (Factored into Local Scoring)

1. IronMind Silver Bullet Hold
4 Attempts to hold 2.5-kgs as long as possible.
Men will use #3 or #2 gripper. Women will use #2 or #1 Gripper.
A Brand New #3 gripper will be opened for this event, in order to qualify for the official World Record, should anyone be bold enough to go for it.

2. Double Blob Lift Hold for Time
4 Attempts to hold 50-lb Blobs off the ground as long as possible.
Two Next Gen Blobs will be used.

Classes: Open

Venues: Various Clubs
David Horne, England
Juha Harju, Finland
Jedd Johnson, USA
Jon Umpherville, Canada

Entrance fees: $20

Trophies: There will be medals for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the Open, sent by David Horne after the event.

Competitors will sign a release/waiver and pay entry fee prior to the event.


Titan Strength
352 East Franklin Street
Horseheads, NY 14845

All the best in your training,


What Are You Willing to Give Up?

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Will You Pay The Price To Attain Your Goals?


All the money in the world can’t buy what it takes to attain your goals.

Dollars do not buy desire…

Bank rolls do not build biceps…

…and the world does not sing your praises because of C-notes…

Reaching Your Goals comes at a tremendous cost – SACRIFICE.

Sacrifice is the bottom line.

What are you WILLING TO GIVE UP?

How much are your goals worth to you?

What price are you willing to pay?

I wish I could say I composed this message, but it was actually molded from a promo by the Ultimate Warrior.

Check this out:

What Are You Willing To Give Up?

So what if these ideas came from a Wrestling Promo?

Do they not still not make perfect sense?

What Are You Willing to Give Up????

The way you answer that question will dictate how quickly and to what degree YOU will reach the goals you are shooting for.

How important are your goals?

How badly do you REALLY want to attain them

You can’t buy your success with money, but you can damn well sure bet that you will HAVE to give something up in exchange for your goals.

You will HAVE to sacrifice time with your friends.

You will have to miss out on staying up to date with what’s happening out at the bar.

You will HAVE to miss some of the parties.

You will HAVE to give up some of the trips out to the stuff-your-face-with-garbage restaurants.

There are no shortcuts.

You NEED to put the time in, no matter what your specific goal is: Strength, Muscle, Fat Loss, it doesn’t matter.

Nothing is going to come easy, BUT it is going to feel SO GOOD when you do reach them.

Start the week out right, beginning with today, brotherrrrr.

All the best in your training.


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Hands Across the Sea Videos

Monday, February 10th, 2014

This past Saturday, I held the only US leg of the Hands Across the Sea Grip Mega Comp.

The events were Two Hands Pinch, Grip Topz Stub Hold for Time, and Silver Bullet Hold for Time.


Below are the videos from the competition.

Next contest will be May 3rd, 2014 in Horseheads NY. More information to come.

Two Hands Pinch – Part 1

The Two Hands Pinch was contested in the normal way, 4 attempts, going for a max lift. The Two Hands Pinch is STILL one of the most popular events in all of Grip Sport. David Horne actually set a new all-time world record in this lift, at his location in Europe.

Two Hands Pinch – Part 2

Stub Hold – Best Lifts

For the Stub Hold, 6 weights were available: 7kg, 10kg, 13kg, 16kg, 19kg, and 21kg. You could start out at the heaviest weight and take an attempt to lift and hold it for at least 5 seconds. After that, you could try the same weight again, or drop to the next lowest weight. Heavier weights lifted for the minimum 5 seconds would beat longer holds at lighter weights. This was a very intense event.

Silver Bullet – Best Times

The Silver Bullet Hold has been contested many times over the last few years, but I had never seen it live, only on videos on the Net. I always thought the event was boring as sin, BUT when it is a part of the contest, it makes the atmosphere electric.

Final Results, per David Horne:

Open Class results (22 competitors)

1 David Horne (102.35k, 51) 5pt
2 Jedd Johnson (104.89k) 6pt
3 Juha Harju (123.5k, 40) 7pt

4 Cesare Ricchezza (117.7k) 16.5pt
5 Matti Harju (97.9k, 34) 20pt
5 Eli Thomas (128.18k) 20pt
7 Josh Henze (97.65k) 25.5pt
8 J.T. Straussner (102.19k) 29pt
8 Petri Partanen (98.5k, 36) 29pt
10 Luke Raymond (92.85k) 35pt
11 Juha Lehtimäki (92.3k, 25) 36pt
11 Rob Scoonover (104.34k) 36pt
13 Alex Horne (92.9k, 22) 37.5pt
14 Frank Deluca (97.99k) 39.5pt
14 Elizabeth Horne (80.5k, 30/Female) 39.5pt
16 Mike Hagios (145.19k) 45.5pt
17 Juha-Matti Höglund (156.7k, 28) 48.5pt
18 Chris Andrade (112.4k) 52pt
19 Yvonne Häkkinen (79.4k, 34/Female) 55pt
20 Tuomo Anttila (92.4k, 34) 55.5pt
21 Amber Edwards (77.99k, Female) 60pt
22 Andrea Diez (47k, 25/Female) 61pt

Womens results (4 competitors)

1 Elizabeth Horne (80.5k, 30/Female) 3pt
2 Yvonne Häkkinen (79.4k, 34/Female) 6pt
3 Amber Edwards (77.99k, Female) 10pt
4 Andrea Diez (47k, 25/Female) 11pt

Event 1 Two Hands Pinch Lift

1 David Horne 122.91k
2 Jedd Johnson 110.49k
3 Juha Harju 100.6k
4 Eli Thomas 96.74k
5 Josh Henze 94.44k
5 Cesare Ricchezza 94.44k
7 Matti Harju 91.88k
8 J.T. Straussner 90.79k
9 Rob Scoonover 87.75k
10 Petri Partanen 82.43k
11 Mike Hagios 81.21k
12 Tuomo Anttila 80.96k
13 Luke Raymond 79.47k
14 Alex Horne 76.45k
14 Elizabeth Horne 76.45k (Female)
16 Juha Lehtimäki 76k
17 Frank Deluca 66.35k
18 Chris Andrade 58.36k
19 Yvonne Häkkinen 54.22k (Female)
20 Amber Edwards 39.56k (Female)
21 Andrea Diez 31.95k (Female)
22 Juha-Matti Höglund NL

Event 2 Stub Hold

1 David Horne 21k for 17sec
2 Juha Harju 21k for 11sec
3 Jedd Johnson 21k for 8sec
4 Matti Harju 19k for 10sec
5 Juha-Matti Höglund 19k for 6sec
6 Cesare Ricchezza 19k for 5sec
7 Petri Partanen 16k for 11sec
7 Juha Lehtimäki 16k for 11sec
7 Luke Raymond 16k for 11sec
10 Elizabeth Horne 16k for 10sec (Female)
11 J.T. Straussner 16k for 8sec
12 Eli Thomas 13k for 20sec
13 Josh Henze 13k for 16sec
14 Rob Scoonover 13k for 13sec
15 Alex Horne 13k for 12sec
16 Mike Hagios 13k for 9sec
16 Frank Deluca 13k for 9sec
18 Chris Andrade 13k for 8sec
19 Yvonne Häkkinen 10k for 14sec (Female)
20 Andrea Diez 7k for 20sec (Female)
21 Amber Edwards 7k for 12sec (Female)
22 Tuomo Anttila NL

Event 3 Grippers Silver Bullet (2.5k)

1 Jedd Johnson #4 for 30.77sec
2 Juha Harju #4 for 22.86sec
3 David Horne #4 for 19.19sec
4 Eli Thomas #4 for 14.69sec
5 Cesare Ricchezza #4 for 12.99sec
6 Frank Deluca #3 for 23.12sec
7 Josh Henze #3 for 21.53sec
8 Alex Horne #3 for 18.14sec
9 Matti Harju #3 for 17.25sec
10 J.T. Straussner #3 for 16.55sec
11 Petri Partanen #3 for 16.32sec
12 Juha Lehtimäki #3 for 15.11sec
13 Rob Scoonover #3 for 14.36sec
14 Luke Raymond #3 for 10.03sec
15 Elizabeth Horne #3 for 8.23sec (Female)
16 Chris Andrade #2 for 21.06sec
17 Yvonne Häkkinen #2 for 12.26sec (Female)
18 Mike Hagios #2 for 9.9sec
19 Amber Edwards #1 for 12.29sec (Female)
20 Andrea Diez T for 4.57sec (Female)
21 Juha-Matti Höglund NL
21 Tuomo Anttila NL

Again, next competition is May 3rd in Horseheads, NY.

Who’s in?