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Gripmas Carol 2017

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

Gripmas 2017

The Gripmas Carol 2017 took place over the weekend in Crooksville, OH. It was run by Chris Rice with assistance from his wife, Teresa, and his son, Josh. It was a great time.

Hats off to Andrew Durniat, who took back the title of Gripmas Champion. I took second, and the Chez took 3rd.

My performance across the board on all 4 events was hindered tremendously by an injury to the A2 Pulley Tendon on my right ring finger. I was forced to close the Ivanko Super Gripper left-handed, the Two Hands Pinch hurt the instant it broke off the floor, I also had to skip a number of the heavier narrow pinch lifts and the campus board feats in the Medley.

Starting from behind with only 6.5 points when the leaders have 9 or 10 is hard enough, let alone when your finger won’t concentrate. It made for a very frustrated Napalm.

Here are some clips from the contest, although not everything is done yet, due to limited time to edit video.

Ivanko Super Gripper

My left hand isn’t as good on grippers and felt particularly terrible on the day of the comp. To make matters worse, the light fixture on the gripper would not light up for me, for some reason, until the last attempt. I ended up finishing near the middle of the pack with about a 230lb close. I do not have any clips for this event, at this time.


You’ll see I was sailing pretty smoothly until the end, when I got to the narrow pinch stuff. I purposely left that stuff to the end, because it’s usually gimme weight, but the injury to the finger made each lift BURN, and I lost many of the points I desperately needed.

Double Sledge Lever

A very exciting event, the Double Sledge weighed between 30 and 33lbs. My goal was 20 reps, because it wasn’t bothering my finger. I thought this might bump me up a bit to catch the leader, Durniat. Unfortunately, he had the same number in his sights. He was successful in getting it, but I only knocked out 18, and missed my 19th.

Thank God, despite the poor finish, I didn’t worsen the injury, and nothing else went wrong.

In fact, I’d honestly say my Thick Bar and Wide Pinching strengths are really really good right now.

After the contest, while others were eating, and before & during the awards, I hit a bunch of random feats, many of which involved combo lifts with the Inch Dumbbell. Many of those are up on my YouTube already, so you can check them out there. I’ve still got a small handful that require more editing and I just haven’t had the time to do it all yet.

We covered Gripmas in the most recent episode of This Week in Grip also, so I will post that below.

This Week in Grip – Episode 37 – The Gripmas Carol

Also, I put together a complete playlist of all the Gripmas videos, and I’m going to post the link to it below.

Complete Gripmas Video Playlist

Complete Gripmas 2017 Playlist of Videos

Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for some big announcements about upcoming 2018 Grip Competitions.

All the best in your training.


This Week in Grip – Episode 36

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

This Week in Grip

Episode 36

In episode 36, we talk about Gripmas, the LA Fit Expo, and many of the other competitions that are set to close out 2017 and get 2018 rolling with plenty of Grip Power! We also look at some of the biggest feats that went down in the past week, including a deep set #4 close by a gripster named Artur Tumaguzhin.

Next week, we plan on covering the Inch Dumbbell. What questions do you have on the Inch? Leave your questions below, or in the comments section on YouTube.

Thanks for watching and all the best in your training.


Catching Up on This Week in Grip

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

This Week in Grip

Let’s finally get caught up on all the past episodes of This Week in Grip.

Episode 33

Got totally skipped by accident, and we’re not gonna go back and re-do it!

Episode 34

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Episode 36

Thanks for watching and all the best in your training.


Some More Episodes of This Week in Grip

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

This Week in Grip

Still playing catch-up on the episodes of This Week in Grip that I’m behind on.

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I hope you enjoy them.

All the best in your training,


horseshoe bending

International King Kong of Grip 2017

Monday, October 30th, 2017

This past Saturday was the 5th Annual International King Kong of Grip Challenge.

king kong of grip

This year’s competition took place at 18 different venues in 9 different countries, and saw 170 competitors hit the stage.

I have been training very hard for this competition, because I wanted to get my title back.

I won it in 2015, and think I would have had a pretty good chance to repeat as champion last year, but I hurt my back a week or two before the contest and was in severe pain, which hurt me very bad on two of the events.

This year was my chance to become the first person to ever win it twice.

Unfortunately, despite my best training efforts, putting together 6 to 8 weeks of excellent work, and having one of my best competition days ever, especially for these events, I was not successful in getting my title back.

I did manage to get 5th overall, 2nd in North America, and 1st in my individual weight class.

I also was able to break the World Record in the 1 Hand Pinch Lift, and set all time PR’s on the 2.5″ Crusher and Stub.

Alas, the 2″ Vertical Bar, an event that has severely injured several people, proved to be a big limiting factor for me, and my overall placement suffered because of it, especially.

Despite the positives, I’m still rather disappointed because the ultimate goal is to win the Overall and take the Title of King Kong of Grip.

And at the same time, even though I’m disappointed, there are a ton of things to be happy about.

My Dad was there for yet another competition and got to see me break the record, and my wife and daughter got to be there for the first time to see me break a pinching record, too

I am blessed with a family that is extremely supportive, and that is a huge difference maker.

Also, got the chance to watch my partner, Luke have an awesome day on the platform, as well, setting multiple PR’s. If a couple more lifts went his way, his placing could have moved from 12th overall to 10th. That’s how close these multiple venue competitions can be!

In addition, my long time friend, Mike Rinderle put together a fantastic day after getting some pretty bad news about an injury he recently sustained, plus not having trained grip since last year’s King Kong.

My friend Chris Andrade, from Connecticut, also made the trip down for another King Kong, and he has no lost over 80lbs. It was his first time making the 93kg class. Watching his 11-year old son, “The Ace Cowboy” compete over the years has been awesome as well, and I’m looking forward to many more. I’m hoping Chris’s wife, Amber, feels better next time so she can join us in the chalk dust.

It was great seeing my friend, Joe Sullivan, compete for the first time as well. If he sticks with it, I think he will be force to be reckoned with. Dude is just so strong.

I really appreciate everyone who made some pretty long drives down to be at the competition. Brothers John and Peter Nickless both came down from the Syracuse area. It was John’s first time competing, I believe, and it was Peter’s first time competing since a nasty foot injury he had.

Big RT, Ryan Thomas also came down from the Syracuse area, and looked very confident on all the events. I think he could be very good at Grip if he concentrated on it, for sure.

And a big thanks to brothers, Mike & Jeff M, who are still new to grip, but made the trip from Rochester and got some good quality comp experience as well as some good work on various grip tools after the event.

I’ll be working on video editing throughout the week, and Allen Heineck, Riccardo Magni, and I will be recording a King Kong episode of This Week in Grip, tonight. So, if you’re not subscribed to my YouTube Channel, do so right now: Jedd Johnson on YouTube – so you don’t miss any of the awesome content that’s coming your way!

And if you competed in King Kong and would like to share the story of your day in the heat of competition, feel free to send me a write-up. It might get read on the King Kong show.

Thanks for the support, and all the best in your training.