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The Red Nail – No Match for This Guy

Monday, March 31st, 2014

This weekend, we traveled to Johnson City, NY, and Fitness Headquarters.

This would be the locale for yet another Diesel Bender to certify on the Red Nail.

The Red Nail, is not actually a “nail,” but a piece of round stock measuring 5/16″ in diameter and 7″ in length.

In the past Eli Thomas certified on the Red Nail at Fitness HQ (2005) and I did it in 2007 as well.

This time, it was Luke Raymond’s turn.

Here’s the video:

Luke Raymond Slays the Red Dragon

If you’ve been following along, you know that Luke took to bending pretty well. The first time he tried bending, he wiped out a 60D with suede wraps.

The 60D has been considered the benchmark feat of bending strength for quite some time. If you could bend on, you earned the respect of others as someone with potential.

To say that Luke has potential is an understatement. We can only guess what he will be capable of.

If you want to try bending, make sure you get the ebook that has helped several hundred people get their bending career going in the right direction. The Diesel Crew Nail Bending eBook.

No other resource in the world covers the information you need to know as a new bender like this eBook does.

Grab it today, and who knows…maybe we’ll see your name up in lights as a Certified Red Nail Bender sometime in the not-so-distant future.

All the best in your training,


Red Beard Power: Adam Moyers Bends the Red Nail

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Few things make me happier than seeing my students reach their goals.

I know how much work they have put in, the sacrifices they have made, and the battles they have fought.

Today, one of my members at The Grip Authority, Adam Moyers, appears on the IronMind website for his official Red Nail certification.

Here is a picture below. Adam is the one with the Red Hillbilly Jim Beard (blue shirt). My friend, Sean Dockery was his witness, as the feat went down in Columbus this past Saturday night.

What is the Red Nail?

If you aren’t familiar with the Red Nail, it is the primary steel bending certification that is out there.

The Red Nail is actually a cold-rolled steel bar 7″ long and 5/16″ in diameter.

So, it’s not really a nail, as in something you would use in carpentry, but it is still given that name.

In case you are not altogether familiar with steel bending terminology, think of a steel bar about the length of a pencil, but about as thick as a Sharpie marker.

The Red Nail – The Primary Bending Feat

Bending a Red Nail is quite an accomplishment.

When I first started bending back in 2002, there was only 1 person certified for bending a Red Nail.

He did it in 1995 and nobody else did it until 2003!

Since then, on average, only about 6 to 10 guys get certified each year for bending these bars.

So, you can tell, it is quite a legitimate feat of strength.

Red Nail Bending Rules

There are a few rules for the official Red Nail bend.

First, you can only wrap the bar to protect your hands with the cordura wraps that IronMind sells.

These wraps, called IMP’s or IronMind Pads, offer great protection for your skin so you don’t drive a bar through your skin, so that’s great.

However, they do very little in the way of padding.

Using something like suede leather pads the bend and reduces the sting.

Believe me, you EARN your Red Nail bend when you go with IMP’s.

Next, you have to take the bar from perfectly straight to a U-shape with less than 2″ of space between the bar ends in less than 60 seconds.

That means, you have to be explosive in the bend. If you take your good old time bending it, you might miss the 60-second cut-off, and have to try to bend another one.

You also have to perform your bend before a witness of IronMind’s choosing.

IronMind will assign you a witness, and then you must contact them to line-up the specifics of your certification attempt.

Of course, the bar also has to be an official Red Nail from IronMind. They send 3 of them to your witness for the official attempts.

Red Nail Bending Technique

Naturally, just like any other sport or execution of strength, there are rules for how you bend it.

For the Red Nail bend, no bracing is permitted. Do so, and you get disqualified.

So, you have to know the ins and outs of proper bending technique.

That’s where I come in.

Instructional Bending Resources

Before 2005, there was very little information on bending. I decided to fix this by publishing my Nail Bending eBook in December of that year.

This eBook covers everything you need to know to bend the Red Nail and other challenging bars, nails and bolts.

Of course, some people learn better from video than still-shots like are in my eBook. So, by popular demand, I put together another resource called the Nail Bending DVD in 2010.

I would estimate that over 50% of the people who have certified on the Red Nail did so after studying at least one of my resources on bending.

Naturally, having the how-to information in front of you isn’t going to guarantee an instant Red Nail certification.

You still have to hone your technique.

You still have to develop your strength.

You still have to put the work in.

But, one thing is for sure, all other things being equal, those who utilize at least one of these resources will have a much easier time of accomplishing their goal, than the person who just tries to figure everything out on their own.

So, if the thought of bending steel interests you…

If you’ve ever wanted to try feats of strength…

Or if you want to see your name up in lights, like Adam Moyers, John Manna, Trevor Lainge, Adam Glass, Carl Donati, and many of the other benders who have tackled this elite feat of strength, your best bet is to get my products.

Nail Bending eBook

Nail Bending DVD

I look forward to seeing your name on the Red Nail Roster sometime soon down the line.

Happy bending,


Arnold Classic Survival Guide

Friday, February 28th, 2014

This weekend is the Arnold Classic and counting this year, I will have gone 6 out of the last 7 years. I love the atmosphere and it always triggers a spike in my training.

There’s something for everybody at the Arnold Classic. Let me paint a picture for you.

The Arnold take place in a HUGE convention center covering I don’t know how many blocks in the city of Columbus Ohio. The event started out as mainly a bodybuilding deal, but it has expanded over the years to include Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, and Strongman contests as well as Martial Arts, Fitness and other competitions.

This year, they are also including their first ever Grip Contest on the main stage, called Mighty Mitts. I was lucky enough to get an invite and I am honored. I have been training hard and am geared up to get on the stage.

Now, here’s the deal. If you’re not prepared for the Arnold Classic weekend, you won’t maximize your experience, so here’s a few points to consider to get the most out of the Classic.

Take Water

It is extremely dry in the event center. They do sell water there, but it is like $8 a bottle, so pack your own and bring it with you.

Take Snacks

There’s very few places to eat outside the event center in the hallways, and it’s kind of expensive. There’s tons of free samples of hundreds of different supplements like shakes and bars and powders, but you can only handle so much of that stuff and some of it tastes like a pencil eraser during the SAT’s. So pack some good stuff to take in with you.

Bring Your Camera

There are lots of photo opportunities at the Arnold. There are Bodybuilders, MMA Fighters, Pro Powerlifters and Strongmen, Pro Wrestlers and dozens of Fitness chicks. They will often let you get a picture with them for free, but sometimes they do charge. Either way you’ll have photos that will last you a lifetime.

Wear Comfortable Cargo Pants

Get yourself a pair of loose fitting cargo pants with lots of pockets. This way you can easily carry your water, snacks and camera among other things. Make sure they are loose fitting and not a set of butt huggers. There are plenty of feats of strength to try in the event center, and you don’t want the seam in your ass to tear while trying to do them.

Bring a Back Pack

You may get the opportunity to get some free shirts and other swag while you’re at the Arnold. You’ll turn around and see some fitness model throwing them all over. Fight for the free shirt and stuff it into your pack. Aside from free stuff, you may want to buy shirts and stuff at the seemingly thousands of tables that are there, and the last thing you want to do is carry that stuff around in your hands all day. Now, if your back pack has the Care Bears on it, leave it at home. Some booths will hand out free plastic bags if you need them.

Try the Grip Gauntlet

Each year I have gone, the GNC booth holds the GNC Grip Gauntlet featuring IronMind Grippers, IronMind Rolling Thunder, and the Blob. If you lift the Blob, 207 on the Rolling Thunder, and close the #3 Gripper, you get a real nice gift certificate – I think it’s like $50 or $100! What’s a Blob? Check out this article = = > What is the Blob?

Bring a Towel

A lot of greasy sons-of-guns get their hands on the Blob over the course of the weekend. I mean THOUSANDS of people try this thing. The Blob is hard enough with the ultra-slick stove paint they put on it. It will just be harder if it is covered in hand sweat, so bring your towel to wipe it and the Rolling Thunder off before you make your attempt. A trip through the Gauntlet is worth just the opportunity to meet and shake hands with the Gillingham brothers.

Bring Some Cash, but Take a Deep Breath

You will have opportunities to buy a lot of cool stuff at the Arnold, so bring some cash or a credit card, but take it easy. Don’t just buy on impulse, because you could end up going off the deep end. If you are going with a friend, tell them to monitor your spending. Know what you want to look for, but set your limits.

Bring Your Diesel Shirt

When you walk through the event center, if you see me make sure to give me a holler, and wear your Diesel shirt so I can spot you easier.

Check out Mighty Mitts

Mighty Mitts will be taking place between events at the Arnold Strongman Competition on Friday Afternoon and Saturday evening. I will be competing with 10 of the top dudes in the world. Many, I have competed against in standard Grip competitions. Others, I have met before, but never competed against, and still others I have never met and never competed against. Some of these guys have tremendous Grips on them and have done awesome things Grip-related in the past, just never competed in standard contests before. With this event being all thick bar, it is going to be something to behold!

Wear Comfortable Shoes

You spend a lot of time on your feet at the Arnold and there is almost nowhere to sit down except on the floor, so make sure your shoes are comfortable or else your feet will be screaming by the end of the weekend.

Steal a Seat

It is a cut-throat process getting a chair in front of the stage. You basically have to swoop down immediately once someone stands up. This may mean if you are traveling in a group that you might get split up. The seat is worth it to give your feet a break, so steal your buddy’s seat if you have to.

Cell Phone on Vibrate

If you get split up from your crew, it’s very hard to meet back up, and it is so loud that it is almost impossible to hear a cell phone ring, so set the thing on vibrate and put it in your hip pocket so you will feel it.

Wallet in Hip Pocket

Not sure what the crime rates are at the Arnold Classic, but there are pick-pockets everywhere. it is slightly harder for someone to pick your pocket if you stick your pocket in your front hip pocket than your back pocket or leg pocket. Don’t stick it in a zipper pocket in your book bag. They are too easy to unzip by someone else while you walk and you will never know it. It’s a shame this tip even has to appear here, but it is a sad truth. Awareness is preparedness.

Alright, my friends, it’s just about time for me to hit the road and be on my way to Columbus, Ohio. If you have any more tips for the better of the order, then please leave a comment in the comment box below!

Thanks a ton and have a great weekend, especially if you are at the Arnold.

And if you see me and I don’t see you, yell, shout, hit me with a rock, poke my eye or something to get my attention. It’ll be nice to meet everybody.

Read about last year’s Arnold Classic = = > Arnold 2009

Arnold Classic Weekend Special on the Card Tearing eBook = = > 33% off on Card Tearing eBook Just $19.97!.

Welcome to the Jungle – The Ultimate Form of Steel Bending

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

In November, Bud Jeffries and I met up for about 6 hours of some of the most intense training I have ever done.

We started a little after 11 AM and by 6PM, we had shot several hours of footage on one of the most challenging, and yet still most addicting forms of steel bending there is – Steel Scrolling.

As I got the gym ready to film and bend, I played some Pandora Radio on one of my favorite channels – Guns n’ Roses.

For once, a steady stream of songs from the band I actually wanted to listen to got played, and right before Bud arrived, Pandora kicked out the absolute classic Guns n’ Roses hit, “Welcome to the Jungle.”

And while Bud Jeffries was here, the one thing that kept going through my head was…

Welcome to the Jungle, We’ve Got Fun and Games,” the first two lines in the song.

At first thought, that’s a strange comparison – a Jungle and Fun & Games…

If you think of the literal words, you have to wonder how a deep, dark jungle could ever be considered fun and games at all…

Of course, figuratively, the song is describing the vices you can be exposed to, which can be so thrilling while you experience them, yet they also pose the risk of all-out addiction, some of them, you are hooked for life, the first time you try them.

Ironic, how that describes Steel Bending perfectly as well.

Now, obviously there’s very little risk of being bitten by a poisonous spider or snake, when bending steel like there is in a jungle…

But getting “bitten” by the bending bug and feeling the cold hard steel bar buckling from your strength…

That can be as intoxicating as any drug or drink you can possibly be given.

The pump you feel in your arms and shoulders as you craft a straight bar into a crazy design with no tools and no heat – just your strength.

And the glory you feel when your battle with the bar ends and you stand victorious.

Bending nails into U’s.

Twisting Horseshoes into S’s.

These kinds of “Fun and Games” make you tougher both mentally and physically.

But they leave you wanting more.

And for people like you, me, and Bud, the only sensible next step is Scrolling.

Scrolling Steel is the ULTIMATE form of Bending.

The ultimate Feat of Strength.

And if you want to find out why, then grab this free video:

Why Scrolling Steel is the ULTIMATE Form of Bending.

Welcome to the Jungle – Click the Link Above

Jedd Johnson & Bud Jeffries

The Art of Scrolling Steel – Almost Here

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

I am really getting pumped up.

The project that Bud Jeffries and I have been working on for a while now, our DVD on Scrolling Steel, is almost complete!

I have a pile of them in stock. They look awesome!


Now, we are down to the last few behind-the-scenes things and we will be ready to put this thing out for you all.

Don’t miss this. Grab it right when it comes out so you can get it at the best price possible.

Sign up for the update list today, so you get notification RIGHT when it is available.

Thanks and all the best.