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Turn Back the Clock – Diesel Card Tearing 2003


If this is your first trip to the Diesel Crew website, WELCOME. Here at our site you will find some of the greatest free information on how to get strong, fit and muscular!. Before you go, I have a question for YOU at the bottom!

As you peruse the site, you will see countless free articles that Smitty and I have written to help you out. These articles are at no cost because we love providing good solid training information. To check out our articles, click on the MEDIA toolbar above. In addition to the hundreds of articles and posts that we have put up, you’ll also find numerous articles and posts from guest authors who have wanted to help you out as well.

Another thing that you will find is a ton of great free video clips. When we develop new exercise variations, we post them. When we perform cool feats of strength, we post them. Keep coming back to see our videos and subscribe to our YouTube Channels.

Speaking of videos,we were one of the first strength training teams to put out videos on the internet. Back before YouTube was taking the internet by storm, we were editing videos and putting them to hard core metal head banging music, and streaming them off our site.

In fact, we used to get so much traffic and so many visitors downloading our videos, we had to upgrade our bandwidth settings with our providers multiple times! Luckily, these days we don’t need to host locally anymore and there are places like YouTube and Revver to help us out…


Every so often I’d like to turn back the clock and show you one of the classic Diesel Crew videos from back in the day. It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come, but it’ll also show you how long we’ve been doing what we love – providing you with great information and enjoyable entertainment.

So without further ado, let’s take a trip back in time about 6 years.

I took a temporary position working from noon until 9:30 at the plant which enabled me to workout every single day in the morning This was great because I could roll out of bed, go to the gym and hit a hard workout completely fresh, when I was completely fully rested.

First Strongman Competition – Farmer’s Hold for Time

I was training for my first strongman contest and had no specific equipment, no knowledge of the sport, and no idea how to train for it.

Grip Contest – Two Hands Pinch Event

I was also training for my first grip contest and had just learned how to tear a deck of cards in half.

I had just gotten done with a lower body workout where I trained Back Squats, Front Squats and Heavy Zercher Lifts, when I figured it would be a good time to deload my lumbar spine by hanging upside down with the gravity boots and had just recently gotten.

Hanging upside down letting the blood rush to my head in order to deload my spine seemed like it would be a little boring, so I decided to do something else while I hung there…

Please pardon me for the crappy quality of this clip. I made it on a very old and primitive video editing software. But I can ensure you that the graininess of the clip will not take away from the coolness of this strength feat!

That was like one of the first 5 videos I ever posted on the net. If you want to see more of them, check out my YouTube Channel.

So – QUESTION FOR YOU – if you’ve been coming to the Diesel Crew site for a while, is there a video you’d like to see featured on the site in a periodic Turn Back the Clock segment? If so post below in the comments and we may just be able to dig it out for you!

Thanks and all the best in your training,


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8 Responses to “Turn Back the Clock – Diesel Card Tearing 2003”

  1. Rob Says:

    Great post,it’s a fantastic thing to see how far you’ve come to give you next boost to go the extra mile in the future. Nice one Jedd and the gang

  2. Dougf Fioranelli Says:

    Great video brought back memories of when you site was a black background with all of those green links. That feat of strength is still very impressive. Good job Jedd

  3. Jerry Says:

    I remember those videos!! Keep them coming!

  4. Dan Cenidoza Says:

    One of my favorites is the one of Smitty tearing 2 decks at Pat’s house.

  5. Adam Glass Says:


    Post up the plow lift you did with the 45 at the end of the bar.

    Or, the double flip with the 95’er KB while holding the blob (SIIIIICK)

  6. Ab Circle Pro Says:

    Biggups to Jed from Diesel crew .. sick video bro .. thats one way to get a stretch after a workout. Sites coming along! Love it!

  7. Adam L Says:

    I am a new guy around here but that video of Smitty hanging upside down is great, I think its the text that is the best part. After a squat work out, hang upside down and tear cards….Why didn’t I think of that, lol. NICE

  8. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Rob, thanks man.

    Doug, I always used to get carried away with the font colors, that’s for sure!

    Jerry, any specific requests?

    Dan, that’s a good one for sure.

    Adam, I might just have to make that happen bro. Tell me though, was that when I was in a gym or out in the lawn?

    Ab Circle Pro, thanks for the props man.

    Adam, that’s me brother! Not the Smittster.

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