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Canadian National Hand Strength Challenge


This holiday weekend, Labor Day Weekend, I am on a Mission to spread the word of Grip Strength.

On this Sunday Morning, I will be traveling to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to assist with the running of the Canadian National Hand Strength Challenge, which is being run in the same locale as the Canadian National Armwrestling Championships.

In many chats, David Horne has told me that he always thought arm wrestlers would be a group that would really excel in Grip Sport. I am gearing up to see about that this weekend!

Details about the event are below, but what I am asking today is for you to take just a couple of minutes and help me promote this event via Facebook, Twitter, and any other forums and miscellaneous platforms you might use.

On top of running the challenge, I will also be speaking to the arm wrestlers about Grip Sport, how Grip Training can improve their game at the arm wrestling table.

If you could help me spread the word about this, it would be great. For Facebook and Twitter, I already have tools installed on the post in the upper right hand corner, so you can use those. For other sharing methods, you can simply copy the address of this specific post.

Thanks for the help. Check out exactly what we will be doing, below, in this excerpt sent to me by Eric Roussein, who is organizing the entire event.

Canadian National Hand Strength Challenge

On the evening of September 4th, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the inaugural Canadian National Hand Strength Challenge will be held.

This will be a medley-type event, in which competitors will try to complete as many challenges as possible among the 35 on hand.

A variety of objects will test different aspects of grip strength, which should keep things interesting for both athletes and spectators.

Participants will compete one at a time and each have six minutes to accumulate as many points as possible (each successfully completed challenge will earn 1 point).

Two separate divisions are offered: a small hands division (hands measuring 7.75″ or less from wrist to tip of middle finger), and a large hands division (hands greater than 7.75″ in length).

There are nice trophies for the top three finishers in each division. In the event of ties, gripper strap holds for time will be used to determine the winners.

The event is being held in conjunction with the Canadian National Armwrestling Championships, which should expose grip sport to many people who already have strong hands and wrists.

The action will take place following the armwrestling tournament in the ballroom of the Albert at Bay Suite Hotel in downtown Ottawa.

This competition is open to all Canadian residents. Interested participants can register at the event venue between 8 PM and 8:45 PM on the Sunday night (cost = $20). The challenge will start at 9 PM. Jedd Johnson will be driving up to officiate the event.

Event Venue:

The Albert at Bay Suite Hotel
435 Albert Street
Ottawa, Ontario

For more information, contact Eric Roussin at 613-837-1724 or [email protected]

So, if you are in the neighborhood, I hope to see you there!

The top three performers in each category will also be featured in David Horne’s Top 3 that he maintains at his World of Grip website.

All the best in your training.


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