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Build Strength, Power and Mass for Triceps


If you are talking about pressing power, you are talking about the triceps.  Building massive triceps, does not necessarily mean you are improving their ability to move weight.  And if we are  talking about power, we are talking about moving the weight quickly.

If you really want more pressing power, you can’t be messing around with skull crushers and tricep kickbacks.  You have to perform compound movements.

Plain and simple.

Examples include:  close grip bench press, log press, floor press, neutral grip db bench, wheel barrow plyo hops, inverted wall bodyweight press ups

And you can’t forget about balancing the joint, anterior and posterior.  That improves the integrity of the joint, the strength potential and decreases the chance for injury, chronic or acute.  So you have to hit movements that target the muscles involved in stabilizing, antagonistically counteracting and keeping the shoulder joint healthy and strong.

Exercises like:  face pulls, posterior flyes, push-ups plus, standing scarecrows, external rotations, reach roll and lift, Y,T,W and L.

Here is a two part, big power workout for improving pressing power.


Exercises include:

log clean and press
log floor press


Exercises include:

Suspended Push-ups + Chains
Log Curls
Standing Scarecrows
Barbell Shrugs

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4 Responses to “Build Strength, Power and Mass for Triceps”

  1. Mark Young Says:

    Great stuff! Makes me want to train right now!

  2. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Mark.

  3. Steve Says:

    Great stuff. Been doing bodyweight for 56 years. Would you please describe the chains used doing suspended push ups? Length, weight and size of links? Any suggestions where to buy them? Thanks Steve

  4. Wazzup Says:

    What about dips ?

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