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Zercher Squats and Huge Feedback!

Heavy Zercher Squats


She must do zerchers!

In this video you see a glimpse of one of our lower body training days.

These are zercher squats; great for building insane overall strength.  They can replace your primary movement for lower body day.

Potential Primary Lower Body Day Exercises:

Full Squats
Box Squats
Zercher Squat
Conventional Deadlifts
Sumo Deadlifts

We are using an Elite Fitness Giant EZ curl bar to ease the pressure on the biceps.  If you don’t have this bar use a regular barbell with elbow sleeves.

Other Zercher options:
Sandbag Zercher Squats
Sandbag Zercher Step-ups
Barbell Zercher Lunges

Robert Dos Remedios

Talks about AMD

Dos is a renowned strength coach and is highly respected in the fitness community.   As I always say, your work MUST stand up to scrutiny and your peers. 

Here is some more AMD feedback I got in my inbox tonight.

the AMD program is sick as are all Diesel products I own.

The Accelerated Corrective Strategies manual is worth the price alone.

This package is worth double or triple the price.

There is no one else in the performance industry that puts as much value as you guys do in your products…nobody.

…for that…Thanks!”

Jorge Carvajal


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4 Responses to “Zercher Squats and Huge Feedback!”

  1. dilly Says:

    i got a hernia just watching this

  2. dave van skike Says:

    Zercher love!

    Great option, did them tonight is zerchers with a cambered squat bar. bottom up from floor puts the bar right on top of my knees. I love this lift, huge carryover to tire and loading type events.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Smitty, I don’t currently have a Giant EZ Curl Bar, but would using a 2 or 3-inch diameter barbell help take stress off of the biceps versus using a regular bar? I ask because I do have access to those.

  4. Doug Fioranelli Says:

    Like the Zercher variations,thanks Smitty. Going to hit some Zercher Farmers Walks with the cambered bar today!

    Re: Jeff
    Yes, in my experience, the thick straight bars do take the stress off the biceps.

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