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Brutal Training Meets Combat Core! decides to give a few exercises from Combat Core a try. Looks like it was a killer workout! These guys are intense and we’ve been following them for a while. No fancy gadgets, no BS machines – just hard, consistent training.

If you want to see step-by-step instructions on all of the exercises in this video + 100 more, check out the Combat Core site or click the manual or DVD package to the right.

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One Response to “Brutal Training Meets Combat Core!”

  1. Max Shank Says:

    I really like the plank variations mixed with punching–a lot.
    I think the kettlebell lifting is poor, his wrist is broken (just asking for wrist/elbow problems), and the getups are very sloppy. I like my workouts as intense as possible, but no matter how intense you are, banging your head into a wall probably isn’t going to leave you painless. Intensity is not an excuse for compromising an exercise.

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