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Block Weight Training – Taking It to the Next Level

Straps? He was probably shrugging 950lbs

This site is about getting you STRONGER.

Being STRONGER will lead you to becoming more powerful, faster, help you become more resistant to injuries, and help you recover more quickly if an injury does take place.

We’ve established many times over that when your hands are stronger, all your lifts will go up. Bigger curls because you’ll be gripping the barbell harder. Bigger Bench Press because you will be able to control the barbell better. Bigger Squats because you will be more confident under the barbell.

For all these reasons and more, you must begin training your grip if you are not already.

If you have begun training your grip – AWESOME.

However, if you are not doing the right stuff, your gains will be limited.

If all you are doing is Gripper work, it’s time to step it up.

If you are hitting your grip from multiple angles, working many different facets or disciplines over the course of each week, then you are one step ahead of everyone else.

If you want to take another step ahead of everyone else, then I have a few movements for you to try with Block Weights.

Block Weight Training for Grip Strength

There should be no confusion as to how much I love Block Weight Training for developing Grip Strength. Ever since I read about it in John Brookfield’s manuals, I began implementing it. And any time my Block Weights are rolling strong, all my other lifts are going strong as well.

What is a Block Weight?

Block Weights are generally one head from a broken or cut dumbbell. However, they do not have to be dumbbell heads. They can be whole dumbbells that are stood on end (Inverted Dumbbells), scale weights, stones, throwing weights, shots, plates taped together – ANYTHING in a block-shape that forces you into a no-wrap, open hand position, is a Block Weight.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Here’s the problem with most people’s Block Weight Training when I work with them. Once they deadlift a Block Weight, they think they’re done.

No way, brotherrrrr.

Once you deadlift it, then you train to walk with it. Then you train to high pull it. Then you train to clean it. And then you Snatch it.

In an effort to push myself in my Block Weight Training, since anytime my block weight work is solid everything else is solid, I have been striving to push my Block Weight Training to the next level.

Below are some clips of some recent work with the Blob, a particularly special block weight that is cut from a 100-lb York Dumbbell. Not only hard to find because they are so rare, Blobs are hard to lift due to their sloping edges.

Double Blob Clean

This feat requires speed on the Blob with both hands. Often, people are strong enough to control the Blob with one hand, but are lacking in their off-hand, making this a rarely seen feat of strength.

Blob Snatching

The difference between a Clean and a Snatch is that the Blob is brought to the shoulder position for the Clean. It is then put overhead with some type of shoulder action, be it a press, jerk, or hybrid movement. With the Snatch, the Blob reaches the overhead lock-out position in one movement from the floor.

What you want to look for is no press-out for an absolute snatch. I had a bit too much arm action going on in this video, so I called it a Near Snatch. Call me the Feat Police. Who cares.

Get Crazy

Recently, I saw my friend, Rick Geise, get into a One-Arm Handstand propped against the wall and lift a Blob in the inverted position. That is the kind of stuff I love to see – people thinking outside the box and taking their Grip Training to the next level.

The chances of you seeing me try a One-Arm Handstand are ZERO, so I grabbed my Inversion Boots and did some attempts with Blobs that way.

Just lifting the Blob or rowing it in this manner is pretty easy for me, so ultimately, what I would like to do is “clean” it while in the inverted position. This would be an extremely fast lift where I could essentially create enough momentum to flip it over and catch it. Some day. Stay tuned.

As I’ve said before, you don’t NEED a Blob in order to get the benefits of this training. Hex dumbbell heads work great, as do any other block-shaped implement that keeps your hand open.

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    Jedd!!!! Your shit is always the real deal !!!!! Love it! 100% True!! Adding this and ALL other grip and forearm work will help you blast throgh your plateaus like an 18wheeler driving through a glass house!!!!

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