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Wild Card Qualifier #2 – Block Set Grippers

My Mash Monster Level 1 Certification – 2004

Hello DIESELS!!!

As announced, this week’s Grip Strength Challenge is a Qualifier for the National Championship, so if you have not qualified yet and want to get a spot at the Big Dance, then this is your chance.

This week, the test of Grip Strength is Block Set Grippers. This will be done by taking a torsion spring gripper from either the Captains of Crush or Beef Builder varieties, setting it with the off hand, and then passing through the handles a deck of unopened and plastic-sealed playing cards. Then you must close it down, getting all of this on video.

This is an incredible opportunity, qualifying for Nationals without having to attend a contest, so if this is something you have been dreaming about, but have not had the chance to make it a reality due to the limited number of contests in your area, then it is time to step up to the challenge, Grip your destiny by the throat, and make it happen.

Here is a video showing what you have to do for this week’s challenge, using a Vulcan Gripper. I am starting it in the middle just before I demonstrate the lift. If you would like to watch the entire video you can view it here: Block Set Grippers.

Here is the progression list of Grippers that can be used for this week’s challenge, listed lightest to toughest:

Beef Builder Master
Beef Builder Super Master
Beef Builder Grand Master
Beef Builder Elite
Beef Builder Super Elite

Common Gripper Questions…

Why do you set the gripper beforehand?

Hand size plays a role in the strength of a gripper you can close. To keep the playing field more even between individuals of difference hand sizes, a set is used in order to get the gripper handles to a near parallel position. A block is also sometimes used to be sure that everyone’s set is roughly the same and does not exceed certain distances. In this case, the suggested distance would be about 20-mm, very close to the thickness of a deck of cards.

I have heard Grippers vary in difficulty. Is this true?

Yes, Grippers can vary in difficulty. There are many factors that dictate how tough a gripper will be to close, including spring strength, spring depth, roughness of the handles, width of the handles, etc. For Grip Sport, we have a rating device that measures the pressure to close the handles together, called an RGC, which now stands for Rating a Gripper at Close. This is the best know way to rate Grippers and it is used in most Grip Contests. For this week’s challenge, however, I am using a general progression for the Grippers. Although one person’s #3 Gripper might be slightly tougher than another person’s, it is the best way to do it for this contest. To see the Gripper Rating Device, click this link = > How to Measure Gripper Strength.

How do you set a Gripper?

I want everyone to have the best chance of winning this week as possible, and yes the correct setting technique will make a huge difference. I explain how to set a Gripper in detail here = > Gripper Setting Technique

If you have any questions regarding how this week’s challenge works or what is expected, please contact me or leave a comment below.

Thanks and all the best!


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4 Responses to “Wild Card Qualifier #2 – Block Set Grippers”

  1. Chris Says:

    Jedd I know you specified the CoC and BB here but what about a Vulcan if we have one?

  2. Jedd Johnson Says:

    In this case the Vulcan won’t work because it is much more difficult to place it amongst the levels of Grippers shown here, especially depending on the Spring used. I thought for simplicity’s sake that I would exclude the Vulcan on this one. If you want to submit a video, we can compare it against others who might try the Vulcan and you can go up against them specifically, but it won’t count as the qualifier, unless you hit the very top setting with a gold spring or harder – cool?

  3. Chris Says:

    Sounds good man. I know I always have to be difficult! Ha!

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