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Block Set Gripper Wild Card Submissions


I was away most of the weekend and with today being Father’s Day, I waited until the afternoon to get caught up with last week’s video submissions for the Grip Strength Challenge and the Wild Card Submissions for Nationals.

Let’s look at what everyone sent in this week…

Mike Turpin – #1 COC Gripper

Mike came in with the lowest entry this week, but I think he has more in him once he gets more experience on the Grippers. Good job Mike!

Paul Tompkins – #1 & #2 COC Gripper

Paul tied for second place with Darrin Shallman with a #2 close. I think once he improves his set, he will be up to a #2.5 very soon. Paul, try pinning the back handle with your thumb and grabbing the front handle with the hook of your index finger on the set, brother!

Darrin Shallman – #2 COC Gripper

I thought we might have to invoke the hand size tie breaker on this one when I got Darrin’s video. His hands seem to be much smaller than Paul, so if push came to shove, Darrin would have won the challenge. Great job bro!

Chris Vaughn – HG 250

Chris sent in a good submission, making the challenge a bit harder for himself, closing the gripper down fully, then inserting the block, and closing it again. With the variation in the HG Grippers being quite substantial they were not built into the standings for the week. Chris, try the thumb on back leg, finger hook on front leg technique for your set and I think you will be able to come pretty close on the HG 300!

Daniel Reinard – #2.5 Gripper (Both Hands)

Daniel’s close of the #2.5 Gripper qualifies him for first place this week, but he actually closed the #3 as well, in the second video submission, below! Congratulations Daniel! Please contact me if you need additional information on Nations, because you just qualified, SON!

Daniel Reinard – #3 Gripper

Next week’s Wild Card Qualifier should be up tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Thanks and all the best in your training, and of course, Happy Father’s Day!!!


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4 Responses to “Block Set Gripper Wild Card Submissions”

  1. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Congrats Dan. Happy fathers day to the dads.

  2. Daniel Reinard Says:

    Happy Fathers Day! Thanks Josh. You coming to Nats?

    Thanks Jedd and DieselCrew! Very cool Wildcard chances here. It’s downright awesome to be able to compete in Nats! I’ll try not to get spanked too hard there.

  3. Mike Turpin Says:

    Crazy how much going off the block makes a difference. I was wondering if thats common for larger handed guys to struggle with a thinner item. but reading the tie breaker goes to smaller hand makes me think im totally wrong. Just being ignorant to the sport, i was thinking grippers would be easier for smaller thick hands. but that is probably just me trying to make myself feel better about not getting the 2 lol.

  4. Jason Steeves Says:

    Congrats everyone!

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