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Blobzilla – Biggest York Block Weight Ever Lifted

BLOBZILLA – Laughing at my past attempts to lift him.

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, or following the sport of Grip for a while, then you have heard the name Daniel Reinard.

Daniel Reinard found out about the sport of Grip in 2010 and within less than 2 years has made it his home.

Daniel has accomplished many amazing feats of strength up until this point, including attaining the World Record for the 83-kg class on the Two Hands Pinch at one time, lifting a Fatman Blob in the normal fashion, backwards, and by the face, and he even coined a new Griplement, BLOBZILLA.

You see, after mastering the York Fatman Blob quicker than most people with much more experience and much more bodyweight (Daniel weighs only about 200), Daniel was “looking for a project.”

This project was to be a block weight that would take him several months or even longer to train on in order to accomplish – a true “long range goal.”

Well, Blobzilla, half of a 130-lb York Legacy Blob, proved to be no match for this climber from Southern California either, because within about 2 month’s time, he lifted it as well.

Daniel Reinard Lifts Blobzilla

Daniel was readily posting training videos of his sessions working on Blobzilla and the more I had Blobzilla thrown in my face, the more I knew I had to have one. So I arranged a pick-up of two 130-lb York Dumbbells through my cohort in Braced Bending mischief, Mike Rinderle. He went to York and got them. In the words of Johnny Cash, he went “right up to the factory and picked them up – it’s cheaper that way.” Mike picked them up and even chop-sawed them and shipped them to us. What an awesome guy!

Another perennial Giant in the Block Weight world is Wade Gillingham. He was actually the first person in the U.S. to lift Blobzilla, doing so the first workout he did after receiving it in the mail. He was in on the group that got them along with me.

Another HUGE star of Block Weight Lifting and also Thick Bar Lifting is Laine Snook. He gave the European Kilogram-equivalent version a serious ride, cleaning it to his shoulder with EEEASE. This actually happened many, many months ago, as Laine is an ELITE Block Weight Lifter.

Finally, after several months of having Blobzilla laugh and blow flames in my face, I was able to tame this sucker in my gym, the first workout after the recent Mighty Mitts competition.

Completing this feat on this particular day was totally unexpected. I pretty much brought Blobzilla to the lifting area between lifts, tried to pick it up, and it broke off the floor. I would have been happy just to get that on tape and show some of my friends I was making progress, so I filmed it and pulled it off the ground a few inches with each hand.

That was when I knew it just might be the day for a Blobzilla showdown.

I had just finished several months of INTENSE thick bar training for Mighty Mitts with very little work on Blobzilla the last few weeks as I was passing through a high specialization phase of my training.

Here are the videos showing how it all came to be…

My First Ever Full Lift of Blobzilla

Several years ago, I was told by someone who doesn’t even train Grip anymore that “going off” like this was unprofessional. Well, I am sorry, but if this offends anybody they are just going to have to get used to it.

About a year ago I suffered an injury that I wasn’t sure I would ever come back from. It kept me from competing in Mighty Mitts 2011 and I was unsure of whether I’d ever be top-form again. Grip Training is my favorite part of of training and I do it to push myself to higher and harder goals. And after all these years, big PR’s like this come fewer and farther between.

The training and the constantly dealing with failure for weeks, months and sometimes years at a time can get down right emotionally draining, so when something big like this finally happens, I am NOT ever going to restrain myself again. To me, accomplishing something like this is damn close to winning the lottery, so shoot me if I carry on like a lunatic when I finally succeed.

First Time Lifting Blobzilla Lefty

It’s always more impressive when you can do a feat with each hand, so I was again extremely excited when I was able to lift Blobzilla lefty as well.

Comparing Blobzilla to Other Blobs and Blob-like Implements

This video shows you just way Blobzilla is so damn tough to lift. To be 100% honest, I originally thought this feat would be fairly easy, due to the flat side for the thumb, but when 65-lbs bulges out on the finger side like this one does, it makes for a damn tough feat.

One of the comments I got when I posted this at was that it reminded them of my first Red Nail Bend from 2004 and my first Blob Face Lift from 2006, where I obviously blew up on camera and went nuts. I never thought about it that way.

Pretty much the only time I have “let myself go” on big feats the last few years has been when breaking the Two Hands Pinch Record. Other than that, I have been locked in this “stay professional no matter what” mode that I was told was more appropriate.

Well, it isn’t going to be like that anymore. To me, lifting is something I do to enjoy. No matter how many partners come and go, how much distance keeps good friends from visiting, or how much I would rather stay home to train than miss time with my little girl, nothing will stop me from enjoying my grip training, and when big sh*t like this goes down, don’t stop the clip – you might just see a madman speaking in gibberish, cutting promo’s, clotheslining training partners, and slapping benches.

If that kind of emotion doesn’t seem professional to you, then I guess you won’t enjoy my PR videos.

Now, there are still a handful of other people who own Blobzillas in the US (and there may be more soon), so there will be more guys who tame the York Beast with time: Paul Knight, Fernando Rodriguez, Andy Thomas, and Russ Farver all own Blobzillas, so it is really just a matter of time.

I can’t wait to see the videos.

All the best in your training,


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10 Responses to “Blobzilla – Biggest York Block Weight Ever Lifted”

  1. youthser Says:

    Hey Jed, congrats on the lifts! I’m not primarily into grip training but I do work it secondary – have outfitted my bar and pull up bar to be thicker, so always challenging the grip even though I’m “doing” other things like pull ups, etc.

    Anyway, just wanted to comment regarding your showing of emotion. I don’t find it unprofessional in the least. I’m assuming that comment was made regarding competitions? because nobody should have the nerve to tell you how to behave in your own damn garage.

    I can’t think of any sport, except maybe gymnastics, where showing emotion after a good performance or feat is discouraged. Even in gymnastics you can tell when an athlete KNOWS they killed it and they let it show a little bit, so, more power to you.

  2. daniel reinaard Says:

    I must thank Jedd for enabling me to go to 2011 Nationals, where I fell in love with the sport. Along the way he has been like a mentor and a HUGE source of inspiration. He has given so much help not only via his products but personally as well. Keep doing exactly the same thing bro. Your vids are the best, not just entertaining but inspiring. Your Blobzilla vids will go down in grip history as one of the best, along side your Red nail reverse and facelift vids.

  3. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Thanks Daniel. I didn’t realize that Nationals was such a catalyst for you, but I am glad to have amongst the fold. Kick some ass at the competition this weekend.

  4. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Thanks for the support youthser. The idea was mainly that by being so “over the top” I would cause people to think I am weird and they would not be comfortable working with me or doing business with me. I’ve since come to find out that this could not be further from the truth.

    Thanks for posting – please feel free to do it more often. I really like getting feedback from people here at the site.

  5. Rick Walker Says:

    Those who are offended by a show of emotion do not have a reason to become emotional with their own training…

    Keep it up. The world needs more crazy.


  6. Kevin Knapp Says:

    Congrats man on the huge PR! Don’t change a thing buddy, you’re energy, passion is a huge motivator at least for me. Keep on crushing it Jedd!

  7. Man responding to child Says:

    Yeah you are about as professional as a 12 year old on your best day, so not suprise there. Just keep walking around saying crap like “that’s so badass,” and I’m cool,he not because I do grip and he doesn’t.” Wow…..

  8. Jedd Johnson Says:

    I don’t have any idea what you are talking about. I have never said anything like what you just posted.

    Please keep posting under an assumed name and I like how you are changing up your email address as well. Thank you for dedicating so much of your time and energy to hating me. I am sure you must have an awesome life.

  9. Youthser Says:

    Jedd, just saw this on Ross Emanait’s blog, and it reminded me of this post so I wanted to share (in case you haven’t seen it)

  10. Youthser Says:

    Sorry for the double-post (comment?) but I hadn’t finished reading Ross’ post when I stopped to share here.

    Regarding his thoughts on music preference, for himself, it’s heavy, loud music (metal, rock are my assumptions, though I think he shared a playlist once that was mostly hardcore rap)

    It got me thinking, I mostly train with “soft” music, so to speak. I’m not sure why, I’m actually a huge death/black metal fan, but I don’t always go for heavy music when training. I also train alone, so I feel comfortable to listen to whatever I please (I assume some bros would have issues with my musical preference haha) but I’m going to experiment with listening to “super charged” music to see if it has a noticeable impact, perhaps in the psychological department.

    I did read Henry Rollin’s “ode” to the iron (a truly great read, for anybody unfamiliar: in which he says he listens to ballads while training, though given his career as a punk rocker, I’m sure some heavy stuff also found its way there.

    There are a few paths to find that “rage”, that focus and intensity. Happy (intense!) training everybody.

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