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Blob Plus More Weight

Here is the Blob plus weight for a calibrated total of 74.95 lbs. At the time of lifting this weight and writing this post, it puts me in 2nd place, right behind Wade Gillingham with 77lbs and Richard Sorin with 74.25 lbs.

As you can see, this one didn’t come easy. Several times the string kept sliding off the blob, ending up in my hand instead of directly on top of the blob. I missed it almost 10 times (some of them I deleted). Finally, when I added duct tape to the top of the blob, it kept the strong in place so it wouldn’t shift around on me.

Keep checking back. I usually try to add a little more weight each weekend. Next weekend, will be with Rex and Paul at the Arnold Classic, so I am hoping to push the total a bit higher yet!

Anybody else going?

See you there…


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8 Responses to “Blob Plus More Weight”

  1. Bigmatt Says:

    Jedd you the man!!!! Good job!!

  2. Niko Hulslander Says:

    Awesome Job! We will see you at the Arnold!!!! Go kill it at the Gauntlett!!!!!

  3. Brian Oberther Says:

    Great Job Jedd! Huge feat.

  4. odin Says:

    That was really impressive Jedd! Lots of strength and your persistence was great! Congratulations!

  5. Paul Knight Says:

    Freakin awesome! You look like me when cussing at the Blob – lol

  6. Alex Graves Says:

    That was AMAZING !!!!

  7. David Frost Says:

    Hey Jedd, Why don’t you cut a groove in the blob to hold the weight string in place?

  8. RiseAboveStrength Says:

    awesome, I like how you get fired up and Own that thing! good luck at the Arnold

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