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Blob Plus 20 Pounds…Again!

The blob is 1/2 of a 100lb York dumbbell. Currently there is a major push in the grip community to lift as much weighted added to the blob as possible. The current top lift is about 75 total pounds. My best ever is blob plus 20 but I haven’t done it for about a year. Just this past weekend I worked up to 20 lbs added again and was able to hold it easy at the top.


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9 Responses to “Blob Plus 20 Pounds…Again!”

  1. Bill Long Says:

    Sick! With and Injury!! Good job Jedd!

  2. Al in Vancouver Says:

    Injury must be coming along! Great.

  3. John Eaton Says:

    Great work Jedd!!! Glad to see the thumb is holding up.

  4. Mike T Nelson Says:

    Whoooo ha! Nice work! Killer grip.
    Did any of the big toe stuff help?
    Rock on
    Mike N

  5. Adam T Glass Says:

    You’re a bad man Jedd! Very strong lift, you look good for much more weight

  6. RiseAboveStr Says:

    That was impressive, how often do you guys train your “weak side?” Would you attempt that with the other hand too?

  7. Jedd Says:

    Sorry for not responding to the comments in a timely fashion.

    The left thumb is the one that is hurt guys. It is coming a long. I am trying all the stuff I mentioned before, plus I added some sand bucket work and I am also trying the toe stuff, Mike. Thank you for that suggestion.

    RiseAbove, I could probably do more with my left hand if it weren’t currently hurt, so the side in the video is normally my weak side.

    Thanks guys.


  8. Josh Dale Says:

    Great lift Jedd! Looks like somebody is training the rim lift for MGC..

  9. RiseAboveStrength Says:

    Thanks Jed
    I am trying to train my weak side more and at least attempt the weight that I can do with my right side (strong side. My left thump is messed up too, small fracture, but I am training more and more and it is feeling better. Can’t wait for the card tearing book!

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