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Major Grip Feat: 50lb Blob Plus 20

In a recent workout, I decided to try going for a PR with the Blob. I was able to lift the 50-lb Blob with 20 pounds worth of 5-lb plates hanging from it on a string. The record for this lift is 25.5 pounds added to the Blob by Wade Gillingham. However, he did his lift with the weight attached via a bungee cord on the bottom. In my estimation, that would be a much harder manner to lift the Blob plus weight. Very Impressive! Here is my video.

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3 Responses to “Major Grip Feat: 50lb Blob Plus 20”

  1. Mighty Kat Says:

    Oh hell yeah! Way to go!!!

  2. thefightgeek Says:

    Good lift.

    I’ve really got to get into this whole ‘grip training’ thing. Never done any of it before.


  3. Jerry Shreck Says:

    Awesome Jedd!! I know you will break the record!

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