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BJ Penn Working Out

Everyone knows I love MMA and combat sports. We’ve profiled Houston Alexander, Dana White and the US Wrestling team on the site.

Today, we’re looking at a quick BJ Penn workout.

First impressions:

– The guy showing BJ how to clean needs instruction

– Get off the smith machine for the front squats

– Good job stretching the quads

– Back looks good on the RDL’s

Weigh in with your thoughts!

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12 Responses to “BJ Penn Working Out”

  1. david larkan Says:

    b.j has one of the worst bodies in mma. no wonder, his coach teaches a nice reverse curl, if you notice the coach looks as though he has little faith in himself. funny how some guys get hooked up, b.j. if you read this give disel a call or jason ferruggia.

  2. Barry Says:

    AAAAGHHH!!!! Smith machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jhashey Says:

    Even though it goes into fast fwd, Im not sold on the depth of the RDL’s. Much to lax of a workout IMO. Even though he could probably tap me out with his toes, BJ Penn has one of the few physiques in MMA I would not like to have.

    I’m a bigger fan of Couture’s grip integrated into his workout and Franklin’s intensity.

  4. Mike Says:

    Are you kidding me? I thought these MMA guys would have elite trainers. I agree with david, it looks like his trainer has very little confidence. I’m not claiming to know everything, but definitely not the way I would train an MMA athlete.

  5. Bill Long Says:

    WTFO!!! What was that? For being a good fighter that was a shitty workout with horrible form and B.J. you know must trust what this guy says cause he don’t know much about working out. But I guess you can’t blame him…although if I was in his shoes I would want to know everything about what I do to include working out. Hope he finds a new trainer cause I’m sure he is paying him good money.

  6. Barry Kinsella Says:

    This goes to show that an athlete can succeed in spite of their training rather than because of it. BJ is such a skillful fighter and this is what he relies on. God knows what condition he would be in if he had a strength and conditioning coach rather than a lackey like his current coach.

  7. Max Shank Says:

    Oh my…

  8. Josh Hoover Says:

    I’ve always stretched my quads, cause that was what I saw everyone else doing, but I just read an article where the guy was saying(forget who it was) that stretching your quads like that is harmful to the knee(ham to calf creates leverage on the knee joint, stretching it open). Don’t recall any alternatives offered.

    On the flip side, it seems like every other article these days is telling you how stuff athletes and trainers have used to reach elite levels is bad for you.

    But as to the video, just goes to show you that awesome technique makes up for pretty much everything else. BJ’s a Crossfitter, a system notorious for dubious exercises and poor form as a way of life.

  9. Travis Gordon Says:

    I am not trying to validate anything that they were doing, Lord knows that I was SERIOUSLY disapointed with the workout. The one thing that you should think of is at what point in his season was this video shot? If it is mid-season, it would make since for BJ not to have alot of weight/volume/intensity/etc…

    I am with everyone else on the Psuedo-Cleans. I am not sure what the mind set of his coach was in asking him to do that. Sadly, this video shows one of the worlds worst machines (all machines a horrible, but there is a scale), the Smith Machine.

    On a side note: BJ Penn is one of the most technically sound MMA Athletes in the world. He can get away with a limited strength and conditioning program, but that is no excuse for what we all saw.

  10. Graeme Says:

    that’s some of the funniest s$%t i have seen from an ‘apparent’ professional athlete. I’m far from a Paid Pro and i will never train like that, or even more so record it then place it on the web for the world to see…. If i fought MMa in BJ’s class, that would insprire me to train that little bit harder and hook up a fight against him to kick his arse and give him lesson about having a good coach and a good training ethos…

    Until now i did rate BJ and enjoyed watching his fights, not any more…

  11. Travis Gordon Says:

    Another thing, BJ is NOTORIOUSLY lazy with his conditioning. He is known as the guy who will roll out of bed, cook breakfast and sit on his a$$ for hours until his has to roll. Most of the time, he only trains the month before his fight not the standard 3.

  12. aaron sexy man Says:

    i 14 and my workout is way more hardcore than this

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