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Great Tricep Finisher – Improve Pressing Power


Arm Workout

Effective Tricep Finisher

During last nights workout the energy was lagging.

It was a great workout and everyone was pretty run down.

So I decided to challenge my workout partner on one of our last sets.  We were finishing up with triceps after an upper body workout and we decided to hit a giant set.  But, little did I know.  When Brad stepped up, he not only increased the weight, but did more reps!  That bastard!


Team challenges with the workout can make all the difference when the workout is running down.  Who knows why?  Maybe everyone didn’t get enough sleep the night before, maybe they were just run down from the last workout, maybe their nutrition wasn’t that great OR maybe it was just a pretty intense workout.

When engaging a team or workout challenge you have to play off that male ego.  Push them against each other and they will step up because no one wants to lose, especially a guy.

And it doesn’t matter what you are doing it works for any exercise or combination of exercises.

Here is the entire workout.  You can see the flow moved from compound movements to isolation.



  1. Warm-up
  2. Flow
  3. SMR


1)  Axle Bench off foam

2)  JM Press

3)  Giant Set

  • Tates, 10 reps
  • Rolling DB Extensions, 10 reps
  • Crush Press, 10 reps
  • Bodyweight Extensions, 10 reps




Try this for your next upper body workout and let me know how it goes.

Here are the exercises in the giant set:



Rolling DB Extensions


Crush Press


Bodyweight Extensions


movarrowLeave your best upper body “finisher” you like to use with yourself or with your team in the comments.

Big Tricep Finisher

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9 Responses to “Great Tricep Finisher – Improve Pressing Power”

  1. rees Says:

    That’s good shit.

  2. Skibird93 Says:

    Ha ha ha…love it! I think you should get a redo smitty….there were some partials in there, lol. JK, nice work guys.

    For an arm finisher I really like high cable curls with both arms at the same time…not only hits the bi’s but th eshoulders end up on fire too. I go for reps and do as many as i can from 70,60,50,40,30,20lbs then follow that with a burnout of DB hammer curls…sick pump to end with.

  3. D-Rock Wilson Says:

    lol, bumped the weight and reps that son of a bitch! I like cable curls, incline and decline and flatbench flys, and standing shoulder press. One time my bro and I just went around doing our normal sets for everything (5,8,10 reps for so any sets) but on the last set we would make out on reps and made it a competition. It could get fierce!

  4. Tom Says:


    Can someone please explain what “flow” is? It is listed in the pre-workout and recovery sections of the above workout. Thanks very much.


  5. Jedd Says:

    Brad – Topping is your business and business is good!

    Tom, if you look up Scott Sonnon, you’ll see that he is pretty much the originator of the term Flow. To summarize it, it is a form of dynamic warm-up with involves stretching, mobility work, and activation. How it is by no means just some passive time laying down on the mats. Some of the movements are rather challenging and fun.

    All the best!

  6. Ted Says:

    I love to finish off an arms day with a rack clear- 65’s to 20’s, 1-10 reps. Also for the tri’s I do hanging towel scull crushers(similar to your body weight extensions but with towels off a bench bar on a squat rack) works grip, tri’s abs’ and when you watch your friends trying and squirm its satisfying.

    cheers to ’10

  7. Zun Says:

    Tate presses are awesome!!! people look at me like I’ve gone cuckoo in the gym

  8. Paulius Says:

    Before bodyweight extensions throw in some dips, that kills me 🙂

  9. Remy Says:

    my finisher: superset skullcrushers and swords, leaves arms shakin’ and quakin’

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