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Results of the Horseshoe Bending DVD Contest


You know that a few weeks back Mike Rinderle and I released a new DVD called Hammering Horseshoes: How to Bend, Mangle and Destroy Horseshoes.

This title is not just some unfounded hype. What we put together will soon show hundreds of people how to cause severe damage to perfectly good horseshoes.

After the introductory sale of our DVD was over, a superb horseshoe bender from Florida, named Carl Ansara, offered to purchase an additional DVD to be given to a winner of an essay contest.

The rules of the contest were simple. Send in an essay of 250 words or less describing why you should win the free copy.

Horseshoe Bending DVD Contest Submissions

Below are the four entries Mike and I received. I wanted to post them here for everyone to see. Thanks to those who sent in submissions!

From: Kevin Greto

Over the past two years I have been getting more and more into grip training, and I couldn’t be happier. Strong forearms, hands that can bend steel and/or tear phonebooks/decks of cards in half; it really is the small (roughly 7inches from base of my palm to the tip of my middle finger) things in life that make you happy.

Jedd Johnson always puts out great products; I’ve been lucky enough to pick up both his steel bending DVD and his card tearing ebook, which have helped me greatly in becoming inspired and excelling with more odd training in the world of grip.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mike Rinderle twice via the World Strongest Hands competitions, and it was very inspiring watching him coach another student new to horseshoe bending through his first 180 degree shoe bend. Both these men have exposed me to feats of strength in the grip world that I have never seen/imagined accomplishing before, and now I cannot wait to smash through them.

The simple answer for why I should be entered in to win the Hammering Horseshoes DVD: Because I will use it. The full body, explosive nature of bending horseshoes is extremely interesting to me. I love the idea of taking on horseshoes with my bare hands, man versus steel. I would love to win the DVD because I would love to cut my learning time in half to accomplishing the awesome feat of strength that is horseshoe bending.

Thank you for this opportunity, Carl Ansara.

Kevin Greto

From: Cameron Bailey

I think I need the Hammering Horse Shoes video because I think the Lord gave me a gift with strongman and he put people in the world like Mike and Jedd to give me enough knowledge to get better at these things.

I want to one day be one of the best benders in the world, all around benders not just one style. I am not very good at anything braced and since Horse Shoes are braced it would be a big help with the knowledge on this DVD. The DVD would help me a lot for the goals I am aiming for. I ask humbly as an amateur to consider giving me the DVD. Thanks for you time.

Cameron Bailey

From: Matt Logan

First off, I have been a big fan of the Diesel Crew and I have been directing anyone that wants to know or needs to know about grip strength to you guys. Over the summer break, I bought a bundle of horseshoes at a tractor and farm store. I have been performing max effort isometrics on them with some contour wraps.

So far I cannot budge them; maybe it’s a flawed technique or insufficient levels of strength. I can bend a 60 penny nail so my wrists are decently strong [but can and definitely will improve], I’m not exactly sure where I’m lacking in strength because I know that bending horseshoes is almost a full body movement and there isn’t a lot of information out there about bending shoes.

I’m also a college student and am taking 18 hours [which is the maximum amount that you can take] of computer science and engineering classes. So needless to say, I have absolutely no time for a part time job and no income aside from student loans and various grants. Thus unfortunately I cannot afford the DVD. I know that this DVD is targeting someone that is new-intermediate at bending the shoes and it would be amazing to receive. I give my word that if I win the DVD then I will not only study and put this DVD to use, but I WILL bend horseshoes and in time bend BIG horseshoes.

P.S.- All I have in this world is my word and my balls. And I don’t break either of them.

Matt Logan

From: Matt Cannon

A Poem Entitled “Horseshoe Have Nots”

Have you
had to
half-hank a horseshoe?

I have not,
but would like to.

Why? Says you.
Why half-mangle
what used to dangle
upon equine ankle?

Fine query! Says I.
Have fists have I?
Have wrists have I?
Indeed I have the
apparati to try!

Vim I’ve got.
Vigor I’ve got.
Horseshoes I’ve bought.
But know-how
I have not

Matt Cannon

Again, thanks to everybody who sent in submissions for the contest.

In case you all have not heard, Carl has been kind enough to award each person who put in a submission to the contest with a copy of the Hammering Horseshoes DVD. Carl said, “I want to do what I can to promote the support.”

Thanks Carl for doing this!! This kind of generosity makes a huge difference in relatively small sports such as Grip and Bending.

In addition to this contest, I also want to show you all how big of a difference this DVD is making for those who have bought it.

Check out the video clip below, from Christopher Smith…

Christopher competed in his first Grip Contest on August 12 and afterwards bent his first horseshoe to completion. It was a siege that lasted nearly half an hour and afterwards Chris was battered but the horseshoe also lay beaten. Tonight, he took the same shoe and bent it just over one minute.

Here’s a note from Christopher:

“I started bending steel in 2009 when I got a beginner’s bundle of steel, which included a couple horseshoes. At the time, and until a few weeks ago, I had no idea how to bend a horseshoe. I watched videos of others doing it and picked up bits and pieces but I struggled to get shoes past 90 degrees. A few weeks ago (and with some instruction) I bent my first shoe in about 25-30 minutes. After watching the DVD a few times I bent the same type shoe in 70 seconds. Thank you Jedd and Mike for giving me this incredible resource.”

Christopher Smith,

Mike and I worked hard to make this a special DVD and when you pick it up, you’ll see just what I mean!

Go get the Hammering Horseshoes DVD and learn how to bend horseshoes.

All the best in your training.


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  1. Mike Rinderle Says:

    Amazing how fast Chris has improved! Great stuff Jedd!

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