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How Do I Get Started with Feats of Strength?

When it comes to Feats of Strength, people know where to go in order to get the proper technical instruction they need.

They come to me.

They know I most likely either have an ebook or DVD showing them the exact techniques for the feat of strength they want to accomplish, OR I have explained it at The Grip Authority.

Common Questions about Performing Feats of Strength

One of the topics you been asking about lately is “how do I get started with feats of strength?”

You want to know what wraps to get for bending. This is very important because there are many options out there and some are better than others.

You want to know what kind of protection to use on their body, especially when doing things like braced bending or horseshoe bending which requires you to press the object against your body.

You want to know what kind of steel to buy. This one REALLY varies, depending on what kind of feats you want to do – Braced? Unbraced? Log bars? Mid bars? Short bars? When you get into shapes, then it just gets even more confusing.

How to Get Started – The Essential Basics

To continue with this tradition of being the go-to guy for learning feats of strength, I asked my good friend, Mike Rinderle, to put together something that will cover EXACTLY these principal topics:

  • What Kind of Wraps to Buy
  • Where to Go to Buy Your Wraps
  • What Steel to Buy for Bending
  • What Kind of Steel to Avoid for Bending (Safety-Wise)
  • What Kind of Odd Objects the Pro’s Bend

If you are into Feats of Strength and you want to learn the basics from one of the best all around benders in the world, then you need to check out the video that Rindo put together.

Braced bending Basics

Why This Video is Awesome

The best thing about this video is that it is no fluff. I do a quick Intro, Mike covers everything in about 8 PowerPoint slides, and then I close it to give you an important message, and that’s it.

Once it is queued up, it will take you like 5 minutes to watch it and take notes, then it is just up to you to get the stuff.

Plus it costs you nothing – $0.

All the best in your Feat of Strength training,


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