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Beast In The East Steel Bending Comp

The “Beast In The East” Steel Bending Comp
Promoted by Mike Krahling
Submitted by Mike Rinderle

The Beast in the East Steel Bending Competition will be held this Saturday, May 14th, at 10AM. Some of the best steel benders in the United States will be converging on Exton, PA to compete for hundreds of dollars in cash and prizes.

There will be unbraced, braced, and horseshoe bending events that will leave the most well rounded bender of steel standing atop the podium when the dust settles.

First prize is $200 in cash and $50 in calibrated bending stock. There will be cash prizes for the top 3 spots and the top spot in the novice category.

Everyone is welcome and good times and great food will be had by all.

The Reverse Strongman Point System will be used and the events that will be contested are:

Ostlund Style Double Underhand Bend
7” calibrated 0-1 drill rod using IronMind wraps folded, not wrapped – 1 minute to 2” between
the ends

Reverse Bend
6” calibrated 0-1 drill rod using 1-1/2” double wraps – 30 seconds to bend it to 40 degrees

Double Overhand Bend
6” calibrated 0-1 drill rod using IronMind wraps – 1minute to 2” between the ends

*** 2 bends per style
*** 1 wildcard bend per contestant – before the style is completed you can decide to use your
wildcard bend but there is only 1 total so choose it wisely

Braced Bending
5/8” Braced Bar Bend
5/8” Hot Rolled Steel per David Horne’s World of Grip Braced Bar Rules. 2 attempts and
shortest bar wins – 5 minute time limit to bend the bar in a U shape with the legs parallel or

Horseshoe Bend
We will have 5 different levels of horseshoes. 2 attempts and hardest horseshoe wins.

Think you want to try your hand against these maniacs?

Email Mike Krahling or Mike Rinderle to throw your hat in the ring.

Best of luck to the competitors!


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3 Responses to “Beast In The East Steel Bending Comp”

  1. Shane Says:

    Where is this event held?

  2. Andy Thomas Says:

    Good luck to all! Great to see a steel bending competition going down! Some steel will be hurtin’ tomorrow! Have fun guys!

  3. Andy Thomas Says:

    Exton PA

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