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Video – Barbell Variations

This video has several 2-hand bar movements, including high pulls and different variations of the snatch, clean, press, high pulls and others. Also notice some of the varied stances. These lifts can be used very easily to change things up for yourself or your athletes to add a bit of extra challenge.


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2 Responses to “Video – Barbell Variations”

  1. Karsten Jensen Says:


    I will shoot straight from the hip: What’s the point of the thumbless grip? Only weakens the grip and the load handled and thus the stimulus on the legs.

    Also, there is way to much neck movement. Cervical spine is supposed to be stable in pulls.

    Anyways, I know you guys at diesel know what you are doing, so I am sure there is an explanation 🙂

    Karsten Jensen

  2. Jim Smith Says:

    Didn’t even notice. Not sure why he went thumbless, but grip is not a delimiting factor for Jedd, so it really didn’t matter with that weight.

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