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Barbell Snatch Submissions


This week’s challenge was the One Arm Snatch with a Barbell, no hook-grip. The measure was the heaviest snatch done. Volume was not a factor this week. We had one new entrant, Mike Turpin, from Niko Hulslander’s gym in Brogue, PA. Welcome to the fray, Mike and goo job with 40-kilos. You had a lot more weight in you!

Mike Turpin – 88-lbs X 16 Reps

We also had the line wolf, Gregory Jimenez come back for some action from the way down under, Australia, knocking out a snatch of 99-lbs. Great job, brother!

Gregory Jimenez – 99-lbs X 1 Rep

Next we had Paul Tompkins, who by a quick count in my head has taken part in the second most challenges of all combatants and has also won the second largest amount as well. Below he rips 110lbs overhead for 8 reps. He had a lot more in him as well.

Paul Tompkins – 110-lbs X 8 Reps

And finally, we had the reigning champion of both the Weekly Diesel Grip Challenge, and also the reigning rule-breaker of his gym in North Carolina, Josh McIntyre who blatantly disregards his Big Box Gym’s rules and brings chalk into the facility in true DIESEL style, AND knocked out 140-lbs for a set of 2 twice. Awesome job once again!

Josh McIntyre 140-lbs X 2 Reps X 2 Sets

Next week is the first of four Wild Card Qualifiers for the North American Grip National Championship on July 16th. You will all have four chances to win one of the weekly contests and qualify for Nationals.

Check out the site next week for further details.



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16 Responses to “Barbell Snatch Submissions”

  1. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Great job everyone!

  2. Mike Turpin Says:

    Man, paul and I were confused. We thought it was all about the most impressive weight and reps you can do in a minute. That’s why we picked lighter weight, to make for an impressive minute. Haha, oh well. Either way, no worries, I couldn’t do 140 anyway. After my 16, I just about got a 130. Paul would’ve been a little better than myself I think.

  3. Jedd Johnson Says:

    I figured that is what had happened. There was a week where the scoring was by volume but not this past week. It was as many of the heaviest weight as you can in a minute. Multiple reps of the same weight would have beaten fewer reps.

    Next week, it is max weight again and multiple reps will beat singles.


  4. Josh McIntyre Says:

    You boys will get a chance next week to read the rules haha. Good job.

  5. Paul Tompkins Says:

    I’d have to say that Mike and I did pretty well since were just “boys” and don’t train grip. It must be hard almost getting beat when you put so much work into your training and we just do these videos for fun.

  6. Mike Turpin Says:

    Lol, its not like I was complaining, our mistake. Just explaining why I sent in a video of 16 reps in under a minute at a weight that is my assumed 1RM. As paul said, I did this for fun. No disrespect to jedd and crew, but my main focus is powerlifting, all the rest is fun. And when I do eventually win one of these, remember it’s some 22 year old ‘boy’ who has never trained grip in his life showing you up 🙂 until next week….

  7. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Well, at least you’re humble about it…

  8. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Also, here’s a tip. Win first, then talk about winning. Even If I banged out 15+ in a minute with my hand glued to my leg, I still wouldn’t be so sure about next week. Insert smiley face gif here.

  9. Mike Turpin Says:

    Im not so sure about next week or any week for that matter, just thought you were being a prick, and I was adding some perspective. Maybe I misinterpreted your response. Oh, and about the hand on my hip, you’re right, I didnt think anything of it. I didn’t watch or read anything about the challenge, just saw paul doing it and figured i’d have some fun and join in. Not bragging about anything, I made it clear I couldnt even get a clean 130 at the end, let alone 140.

  10. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Yeah, I misinterpret “good job” all of the time too. I don’t enter every challenge, and I don’t win every challenge I do enter. But when I don’t win, I don’t make excuses or speculate that I could have won, I congratulate. I would expect that of a mature sportsman, especially if it just for fun. Good luck to you in future challenges. Paul won’t need it.

  11. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Paul, I said great job. Don’t get butt hurt, it’s the internet. If you’re still upset, try to win next week. I’ll work really, really hard do the same. I’ll also prepare some excuses in case I lose…

  12. Mike Turpin Says:

    This is the guy trying to explain how to be a noble, mature adult. Get real.. ‘No, but guys really, I said good job..’ Lol.

  13. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Yeah, thats what a good competitor does. What I wouldn’t do is cop out by saying that I don’t train grip. That way if you lose, you have an excuse, and if you win you can be the big bad PL who can win without trying. I think that’s disrespectful to all of the competitors and to Jedd. Alot of people train really hard for this for 2 guys to brag that they don’t try that hard and still place well. Well if coming in second and last is something you boys can hang your hats on, then more power to you. I’m going to keep entering, I’m going to vote for the best whether its paul or whoever and I’m going to tell people they did a great job if they did. If I win, great. If not, I’m not going to make the point of explaining why I could have won but didn’t. Thats what makes you boys.

  14. Paul Tompkins Says:

    Let’s just stop complaining about each other, continue to post videos, learn more about the sport of grip, and have fun! I lift, whatever it may be, for enjoyment, if I hit a new PR and lose the meet or challenge, in my mind I still won.

    Thanks Jedd for having these challenges, I’ve learned alot over the past few months and look forward to learning more and getting stronger!

  15. Mike Turpin Says:

    Was about to say something very similar, paul

  16. Mike Turpin Says:

    I would also like to say I do respect grip training, just like strongman and olympic. I have great admiration for anyone who excels in any of them. Grip training is no joke, and its why I struggle with most of these. I couldnt even do last weeks. I dont want to give the impression I think im some PL who can do anything. Hell, im not even a top level powerlifter. These are really cool, neat challenges, and i’ll keep giving them a whirl. Who knows, it might make me start dedicating time to my grip. Jedd, again no disrespect. When I say I do these just for fun, I am no way minimalizing what you all do. I saw first hand how impressive it is.

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