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Bands for Triceps – Awesome Workout Add-in

So here is my problem.

Like many people who train in their own home gym or garage gym, space is often limited.

For instance, I train in a two-car garage, but for the most part, the equipment is only on one side of the garage, because the other side is for the car that belongs to the lady of the house.

The result is that I can’t get everything that I want to have, inside the small space that I have available for me.

For instance, I would love to have a separate bench set-up and squat cage, but I simply don’t have the room, so I bench in my squat cage.

It would be great to have a complete set of dumbbells from 5’s all the way up to 150’s, but I just don’t have the room.

I’d also love to have my cable / weight stack machine right there where everything else is, but the damn thing is so large, it just isn’t going to work, so that unit is pushed off to a completely separate room.

Much of my auxiliary training recently has been based on Super-sets, Pairings, whatever you want to call them… two or more exercises done pretty much back to back.

However, the walk from the main platform to the cable machine I was using for supplemental tricep work was making me crazy, so I needed to find a different way to get the Tricep work in without having to walk a mile during my workout. I mean, the purpose of doing exercises back-to-back is to NOT rest between sets, and the walk between movements was killing my pump.

And let me just say, there is no way I am going to do Dumbbell Tricep Kick-backs. All I can think of every time I have thought about doing them is that there is a paparazzi in a bush outside my house with a camera trying to get a picture of me doing them.

Beyond that neurosis, no matter how heavy or light I go with kick-backs, or how controlled or uncontrolled I do them, I never feel anything the next day. So they are out!

So, I was trying to think of something else I could do that would be easy to set up and that would take up very little room and I came up with this little exercise…

Banded Tricep Extensions

I don’t know why these never crossed my mind before, considering how much I already use and love bands, but I am happy that the idea finally slapped me in the face.

This movement is perfect for anyone looking for a different Tricep Exercise to do. Here are a few reasons to give it, and bands in general, a try.

Minimum Equipment Needed
In the video, I use my squat cage to harness the bands down, but really any sturdy object will work. I could easy use the jack-pole that supports the roof and guys who train in their college dorm room could use their bed, desk, or a door knob.

Great Value in Bands
Bands are sort of expensive I guess, running from $20 to $40 apiece, but when you consider how versatile they are, the price per exercise plummets. I use bands for tons of different ways. Here’s an older clip using bands in a different exercise pairing, Upper Body Finisher: Push-ups and Pull-aparts.

Easy to Set-up
It takes about 10 seconds to tie the loop-knot between the two bands and 2 seconds to wrap them around the sturdy object.

Little Space Required
Using the purple bands I only needed to step back away from the tie-down about two feet and that was enough tension. And if you were in a tighter space, all you’d have to do is choke up on the bands and you’d be set.

Full-ROM Tension
The main difference, functionally-speaking, between this movement and Kick-backs is that there is tension on the muscle the entire time. Momentum is very little of a factor as long as you concentrate on minimizing it. I was mainly just demonstrating reps in the video, but when I have done these in my workouts, I’ve focused on performing them more strictly.

This is just the start of what is possible with bands. If you get a set I am sure you’ll be able to think up a ton more stuff you can do with them.


In closing, don’t get tunnel vision in your training. Take a moment to think things through when you are stuck on something, because the answer might be as obvious as replacing the normal implement with a band. Awesome.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

All the best in your training,


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  1. Frank DiMeo Says:

    Good advice, Jedd! Bands are one of the most versatile training tools I’ve found.

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