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Bad Trainers Will Injure You!


Check out my latest video rant on why it is important to know who you are buying from and what to look for.  Not all trainers and not all products are the same.

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4 Responses to “Bad Trainers Will Injure You!”

  1. D-Rock Says:

    Amen, Smitty!

    You have reminded me yet again of the importance of proper technique– including my own! The last thing I want to do is teach a new client improper form.

    Question to the readers: When without a training partner, how do you monitor your technique and minimize improper form?

  2. Joe Hashey Says:

    We use form commands as a reminder with every primary lift. Gets people used to hearing it.

    -Smitty, I got into a discussion with a bodybuilder today on the topic. Worth checking out the video!


  3. Jim Smith Says:

    Joe’s right, always throwing out cues is your job when you’re training in a group or training a client.

  4. mike stehle Says:

    Farmer walk up the down escalator with heavy kettlebells!

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